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#1932992 Draper.....

Posted by talex on 05 April 2010 - 06:44 PM

Draper adds experience and you do not see his line making nearly as many mistakes as the other lines, he always seems up on the forecheck and you can feel pretty good a safe when he is out there that there will not be mistakes, that is a great thing for a grind line. It would be nice to see his line score a bit more, but Draper is doing a good job, I will say the same about Malts, not many mistakes that cost at crucial times, although it is time for at 1 to move on and I think that is happening. Draper is an excellent leader and has an amazing conditioning routine which shows the young guys what it takes, they need to keep him in, next year as well and then take a good hard look at things then, if the kids are ready to play mistake free 90% of the time then it will be time for Drapes to hang them up, but not until then, we need mistake free players on this team, not fast mistake prone players.

I say sit Willimas when Abby can come up, then possibly Bert unless he starts to do something, Bert can be great but when he is cold, he is a big liability, does not score and cough's up the puck way to often.