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In Topic: SJ 7 men on ice for GW OT goal

05 May 2010 - 10:21 AM

The two from the back are going to the bench. The two in front of them just came off and are not in the play. To me, that's not too many men.

The penalty is a technicality it doesn't matter where they are. If San Jose has posession and is making forward progress with the puck, and there's more than 6 (including goalie) guys on the ice, it's a penalty.

In Topic: There are 7 games in a series

05 May 2010 - 12:10 AM

I was feeling like s*** and starting to think about next season. Now I realize that's a ****** bag thing to do, 'cause our season isn't over. We have at least 1 game left, let's stop crying and support our f***in' team.

In Topic: Why DID we play tonight?

30 April 2010 - 11:40 AM

"I had a rough night, and I hate the f***in' eagles, man."


In Topic: It's Official: Happy Hudler is Back

30 April 2010 - 11:30 AM

Lets leave that shinannigans in last off season as water under the bridge, welcome back Huds.

In Topic: I'm eating Crow for Breakfast

29 April 2010 - 11:28 AM

Because the Internet is serious business brah.

The internet is for porn.