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In Topic: The Holiday tradition: 2016 Draft thoughts.....

24 June 2016 - 09:56 PM

Cholowski was the next D after Stanley. Seems the organization just really wanted a defenseman. My philosophy is always best-player-available (other than goalie), but I can understand the rationale. Our prospect pool is very thin on defense.

In Topic: Fixing this mess....

06 May 2016 - 04:28 PM

Disagree. We are getting worse because we are drafting worse. Go back a page and look at all the top 20 Dmen taken after the 1st round. Guys that we could have taken in the 1st etc.... Look at all the euros we have drafted that haven't even panned out at the AHL level.

Yes I agree with you on the building through the draft should not mean we are 100% drafted players. In fact we have too many guys on our team that we drafted overall. 12-15 draftee's should be the max. The balance then picked up via trade/UFA which is becoming tougher overall. But just because something is tough doesn't mean we shouldn't be doing it.


So wait, your original argument was that we were relying too much on the draft, now you're saying that we didn't make the right picks, but then in the next paragraph you go back to drafting too much.


I don't think you even have any clue what it is you want to say.

In Topic: Fixing this mess....

06 May 2016 - 11:49 AM

Yes we have increased our % of players that we drafted, and our record has gotten worse. Yes those things are related. As for your list why didn't you list every player we drafted? The only players that matter are in fact the ones on the team. Ok one can make a case for those traded away to bring in other assets. But how many of those assets are here? How many of our former players are even average NHL players? Very few. You yourself call Andersson a non-NHL talent.

You are correct about the 1st round picks. That does hurt us now after helping us in the past. Which is why I said the next 5 drafts are important to see how well we draft.

It is possible-not likely but possible than come next fall we will have a grand total of 4 players on the team from the 2001-2010 drafts: Abby, Sheahan, Mrazek, and 1 of tatar/nyquist/pulk. If Ericsson was bought out, and we make trades with Howard, Smith, and 2 of the 3 forwards, that is all that is left. Depending on the moves we could be a better team however.

Building through the draft doesn't mean every player on the roster. It doesn't even necessarily mean most of the team. It mostly means the top players. It is far easier to get top end players through the draft than by trade or UFA. In the entire lockout era there have been only a small handful of the type of top players we need who have moved teams. We're not worse because we've been drafting too much. We've gotten worse because the players we need aren't available. 

In Topic: Calder finalists

03 May 2016 - 04:46 PM

Eichel had only 8 more points than McDavid, in 36 more games. I don't think it takes any ifs and assumptions to say that McDavid was the better player. If he wins it I wouldn't like it, but I think he deserved the nomination.


I also think Gost should win. Phenomenal performance for a rookie defenseman.

In Topic: Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

02 May 2016 - 03:03 PM

I really don't get the stuff I read online about how the wings have to give up a good asset to get rid of datsyuks contract like its a big burden on a team

If a budget team like Ottawa/Arizona want to spend the least amount of money possible then adding datsyuks contract is golden for them , they get to spend to the minimum which is a requirement and save 7.5 million dollars ... How is this datsyuks contract a big burden and we have to add a top draft pick or good prospect?

If that's the actual asking price then obviously we suck it up since there's only one year left on his contract

My thinking is datsyuks contract and a 4th in exchange for a 7th should be more than enough

As of now, it looks like only Arizona, Carolina, and NJ might need help getting to the floor. All of those teams have a lot of spots to fill, so they might get there anyway. We can hope that more than one of them needs help, but if there's only one team that ends up having any interest, they could ask for a lot if they think we're more desperate than they are.


Most likely it will be fairly cheap. I would think less value than even Pulk. But you never know. Could be that no one even needs it.

Ducks' Vatanen is RFA so throwing an offer sheet his way might work, ducks are close to the cap limit

Ducks are nowhere near the cap, unfortunately. Like $20-22 million, and not much they need to do. They are a budget team though, so they probably don't want to spend to the cap. Though if they're worried about that, they'll likely move someone at the draft.