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In Topic: LA puts Mike Richards on waivers

Today, 09:50 PM

Chicago made the playoffs by 2 points after they won the cup the first time. They weren't in any better shape than la is now

As did the Ducks a couple years after they won, and then they did miss the year after, and again two years after that...

In Topic: Give Patrick Hersley a shot?

Today, 03:57 PM

Do you really think Sproul or Jensen can fill that part? none of them seems to be putting up points at all so far at the pro level.


I do agree that we have a bit of a log jam on defense right now and he probably won't get a shot here but I don't think we have a good powerplay dman in our system and I really wish we did.

Sproul has 16g and 49p in 122 AHL games. At the same age, Hersley had 1g and 9p in 47 games. When he want back to Sweden he immediately began scoring at a rate similar to what he's doing now. I don't see any reason to think Sproul is any less promising. Maybe not quite as developed or well-rounded yet, hard to say since the situations are so different, but easily as much potential.

In Topic: LA puts Mike Richards on waivers

Today, 03:39 PM

Being waived doesn't mean they have to send him to the AHL if he isn't claimed. They may just be throwing him out there in the hope he gets claimed, and if not they'll just keep him.

In Topic: Greatest US-born NHLer of all time?

Today, 03:41 AM


In this order:


Chelios, Modano, Hull, ...

I hope you demoted Hull here for being born in Canada.


Otherwise I have to assume you've committed some horrific crime and now you're trying to prepare your insanity defense...

In Topic: Give Patrick Hersley a shot?

Today, 03:20 AM

Rafi  :lol:


Looks like Hersley was 22 or 23 when he went back to Europe, btw, not that it really makes that much difference.


But the Euro leagues have a ton of players who didn't make the NHL, many who did fairly well in the AHL, who do well over there. And it's not unusual for players to get better in their mid-late 20s. I still don't see any reason to be particularly optimistic that he could be an NHL player at all, much less a good one. Three teams have already owned his rights, and I'm sure plenty of scouts have seen him since he's been back in Europe. His numbers have been pretty good since his first year back there, which doesn't really scream "late-bloomer" to me. 


More than welcome to try out. Like I said, nothing to lose. But if he's really any good he's probably already had that offer. I have to think that even if he does have the ability to play here, he doesn't seem to have any real desire.