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In Topic: What's with the "giving players hamster names" obsession?

Today, 09:24 PM

My wife has nicknames for a bunch of players:


Zoidberg, Gadzooks, Fornicator, Nyquil, Tater, Frozen, Jerkoff, Pokemon, Cornhole, Dick, Quimby, Wallet...


For the most part it's because she doesn't (or didn't at first) know the real names. I think she still doesn't know that it's Weiss and not White.

In Topic: Pulkkinen sent back to GR

Today, 07:59 PM


I'm not sure that I agree with you in saying that "he's not being sent down for lack of production".  He was called up for exactly one reason, as the rest of his game isn't anything to write home about.  If he's not doing that thing, then he's got very little value to the club.  But given that Jurco can be sent to GR, and Andersson is a frequent healthy scratch, I'd imagine they'd make room for him if he was contributing regularly.  The fact that he isn't just makes the decision easier.  

Lack of production in the sense that if he had 8 goals right now, yeah, maybe they'd find a spot for him. And if he had 38 they'd keep him over Datsyuk. But I don't think it warrants the negative connotation, as if he's being punished for sucking.


2 goals in 12 games is not particularly bad given his limited role. Hell, it's not all that far from where Helm and Abby are, and for the most part better than what we've gotten from other players in similar situations. Nor is it accurate to say goals are the only things that should be considered a contribution. He is generating offensive opportunities. Over the limited sample size, and albeit a significantly sheltered role, he's actually been better than most on the team.


But he isn't a center, isn't big or physical, not particularly good so far along the boards or in the corners, nor great on defense. Two-thirds of the forwards are filling a different role than what he provides, and two of the remaining four are our two top goal scorers. The only real options for him to replace are Weiss and Jurco. Weiss has been very good for his limited role, and Jurco does have a dimension that Pulkkinen lacks.


Basically, the positives of others on the team should not be construed as a negative against Pulkkinen's play.

In Topic: Pulkkinen sent back to GR

Today, 03:55 PM


Fair enough.  I'll concede.  He needs to work on getting off better shots, as the blocks and missing attest.  Not necessarily quicker shots. 

To clarify, he's not actually missing the net unusually often. ~22% of shot attempts, which is not out of line with other goal scorers. The low shooting% is factoring only shots that are actually on net. So he's having a slightly high % of shots saved, rather than missing.


And also remember it's a small sample size, thus easily skewed. He's had two shots that he put basically right through the goalie, but just didn't bounce quite the right way to make it into the net. Hit a post at least once too. A little more luck and one of those goes in, it bumps his shooting% from 7.5 to 11. It's not like he's shooting 2% for half a year. There isn't really enough readily available information to say his shot selection is particularly poor. Thoguh of course that doesn't mean he can't still work on it. 


And I don't think anyone has suggested that Pulkkinen should stay in the lineup, but I don't think he's being sent down because of a lack of production. He was an injury replacement, and now we have someone who should be able to fill that role better. But at some point, you have to put guys in situations where they can grow, even if you might have a better option for the short term. I wouldn't object to going with Pulkkinen over Weiss, even though it makes us a bit worse atm, it may pay off down the road. But I also don't have any problem with him waiting for next season.

In Topic: Pulkkinen sent back to GR

Today, 01:05 PM


You've provided quite a lot of evidence, and observation, that seems to support the theory that he needs to work on getting his shot off. 


1.  As you've said, he's got a higher than average rate of blocked shots. 

2.  He's got a low shooting percentage, so he misses a lot.

3.  Poor shot quality as a result of the coach favoring quantity over quality.


You've also suggested he needs to improve a couple of things, which are directly tied to shooting as well. 


1.  You've said he's unprepared when the puck gets to him.  Unprepared for what?  To get the the shot off?

2.  You've said he needs to work on "beating NHL players".  Again, beating them and do what?  Drive the net and bang in a rebound goal?  Probably not.  Beat them and get a shot off?  Probably. 


I'm not really sure you're disagreeing with anything we've said above.  He's got one offensive weapon.  By your own admission he's unable to beat defenders to use that weapon, and he's unprepared to use it when his teammates set him up.  Further, you've stated that when he does use it, it's got a higher than average chance of being block, or missing, as a result of poor shot selection. 


Doesn't that all suggest that he needs to work on getting his shot off?  Or at least, he needs to work on getting BETTER shots off?

You said he needs to work on getting his shot off quicker. That isn't true. It's just a cliche, "He's a rookie, so he must need to learn that...". But it isn't true and the stats show it.


And no, the things he needs to work on are not just related to shooting. No player, no matter how well he shoots, is going to survive in the NHL with just that. Sometimes he's been unprepared to take a shot when the puck has come to him, but because it seems he didn't expect to get the puck, not because his shot is too slow. Beating NHL players means beating them on the boards, beating them on breakouts, beating them to open areas without the puck, beating them with passes, etc., just as much as beating them to create a scoring chance for himself, and does not at all mean that he needs to shoot quicker.


Shot selection might need some work, though that's not what you said and not what I was refuting. But even that, if he can maintain his shooting volume, would be fine with me. 

In Topic: Pulkkinen sent back to GR

Today, 01:07 AM

I think some people just quote things straight from a cliche book. Say what they think seems like it should be true rather than doing any actual analysis.


He has the best shots/60 on the team, 10th best among all forwards in the league in fact (and 4th best 5v5 ZS adj.). The % of his shot attempts blocked is a little on the high side, but not terribly so (and having a shot blocked does not necessarily mean he didn't get it off quick enough). He's not really missing an unusual amount of shots either, so I'd say his aim is fine. The low shooting% is probably from poor shot quality (I would guess Babs has told him to just shoot the puck whenever he can). He's also had a few shots that have gotten past the goalie but just didn't quite make it in. The stats could be skewed by the small sample size, but that goes for the negative ones as well.


He doesn't need to work on getting his shot off.


Biggest need for him to work on from what I've seen is working with his teammates. Seems often to be unprepared when the puck gets to him, especially on the PP. Needs to work on beating NHL caliber players too. Unfortunately, he can't do either that well in the AHL and we have better options now. But at least he gets to be a major player in GR, and hopefully have a nice playoff run. Next year will be his opportunity to take his game up a notch.