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#2178040 Changes in the offseason

Posted by Buppy on 21 May 2011 - 09:07 PM

I understand, and I have no doubt that he whatever happens, the Wings will be contenders again, but I do not want to be one win away from being eliminated so early in the playoffs. To sweep Phoenix and then to be on the verge of being swept is not where I want to see this team next season. I know, a bounce here and a bounce there and if Franzen was healthy...

Those contracts do look good, but having extra cap space allows him to give a big UFA some big cash to come here. And really Wisniewski is not that big of a UFA, it's not like what it would cost to lure Weber here, but Wisniewski is better than Salei and Ericsson combined. Unfortunately, if Holland sits on his hands until August, Salei and Ericcson (maybe not even Ericsson) will be the only OKAY choices he has... I just want to see Holland make some changes instead of saying, if this guy was healthy or that guy was healthy. Fact is, Franzen gets injured EVERY season, even in 2008 he missed almost the entire Dallas series if I remember correctly...injuries happen, BUT it happens to Franzen TOO MUCH.

I think you're really misinterpreting Holland's philosophy and comments. I think you're so emotionally invested in change that you're assuming the worst; as if Holland said we're bringing the exact same team back.

Like every year, we'll make some tweaks. Wisniewski, though pretty good, would still be a tweak. One that Holland will certainly consider if it looks like a realistic option. Personally I think he'll want too much. After Nick, he's the 2nd highest scoring UFA defenseman available. Montreal has a ton of space, and no one but Subban signed. Wis may not even make free agency. Even if he does all the other good FAs create holes on the teams they played for. Many of those teams will have as much or more money than we will.

What I get from Holland is that we're not going to blow up the team. We're not going to trade guys just for the sake of change, but he's said we're open to making a trade if it makes sense. We can't go out and spend like crazy, but that doesn't mean we won't spend up to the cap. We have every year, we will again this summer. This year we're in better cap shape than the last two years, so we should expect the moves to be a bit more impactful.

The prime guys like Ehrhoff, Bieksa, Wisniewski, Richards, maybe even Laich and Cole, might be out of our range. But we should be able to do better than Salei and Modano.

#2177476 Atlanta Thrashers move to Winnipeg

Posted by Buppy on 19 May 2011 - 10:38 PM

So if the Wings do move, which division do we move to?

Can't be the Southeast. No matter who moves there, only 3 teams will actually be located near the Southeast. Remember, Washington is already there and are hardly located in the Southeast geographically.

That's why Nashville makes the most sense. Geographically, they're closest to Carolina and the Florida teams, and about the same distance to Washington as Atlanta was. Minnesota then joins the Central, and Winnipeg takes their spot in the NW.

#2177026 Holland or Yzerman?

Posted by Buppy on 19 May 2011 - 12:59 AM

Well,if you're going to talk about success then the Penguins have had as much success as the Wings recently, but you rarely hear people mention Shero as the best GM due to the fact that they have Crosby/Malkin and the perception is that it's much easier building a team when you have those 2-yet Holland has comparable pieces to build around with Datsyuk/Zetterberg and in fact has an extra advantage with Lidstrom.

I'm not saying that I think Holland is a tad overrated because the Wings didn't win a cup the past 2 years. I'm saying that the big moves he did make like Hossa and Rafalski you can question whether they paid off-has Rafalski been worth 6 mil the past 2 years,did Hossa perform as well as people thought he would? When you have a good core you're ultimately judged by what you add around it and the only player I would argue that has been a home run addition(post-lockout) has been Cleary. There have been plenty of misfires such as Hudler, Modano,Williams and one can argue he held on to players like Maltby, Draper, etc for too long.

Again, he's a very good GM. However, I don't think he's quite the genius some make him out to be.

Shero has been GM for 5 years. If he maintains a similar level of success for another 3-5 he will almost certainly earn similar praise, and deservingly so. Holland has done it for 13 years. Secondly, Pittsburgh has not been quite as successful, unless the only thing you consider success is Cup wins/trips to the finals. This year was the only year they finished ahead of Detroit in the regular season. One division title to Holland's 4 in the same span. Playoffs the Pens have 1st-round loss, Finals loss, Cup, 2nd-round loss, 1st-round loss. Wings have 3rd-round loss, Cup, Finals loss, 2nd-round, 2nd-round.

One thing to keep in mind with all these mistakes you say Holland is making, you can't judge them by comparing them to some imaginary results you think we'd have gotten with some hypothetical move we didn't make. Rafi maybe hasn't been quite worth $6M the past couple years, but he has been very valuable. Maybe $5M-ish. What, really, could we do without Rafi? Name any realistic move that would guarantee a Cup. Hossa was a great move that made a championship team even better. Stuart, Cleary, Eaves, Miller, Bert 2.0, Ozzie 2.0, Sammy, Conklin, Salei, Drake...all solid moves. And that's just post-lockout. Calling Hudler a 'misfire' after one s***ty year is premature, especially when he signed his contract after a fantastic season. Flip and Mule had sub-par years, are those mistakes? Modano had a freak injury and so never really had a chance here.

Part of what makes Kenny so good is that he's not so fickle as the fans. He won't cast away every player that has a bad stretch; won't gut the team after every failed Cup run. Some people might think those are mistakes. I think it's the reason we've been so consistently successful and the most respected franchise in the league. I'm not saying he's perfect. Just better than anyone else.

Again, I think you're so spoiled by the success Kenny has helped create that even that success isn't enough.

#2176924 Holland or Yzerman?

Posted by Buppy on 18 May 2011 - 10:00 PM

That's fair, and as I said the GM does deserve credit for draft picks. What I meant was that as opposed to trades or free agent signings, the influence the GM has on draft picks is less. For example, if you go back to the 90's when the Wings traded for Shanny, Vernon, Murphy, Maltby,etc you can say without hesitation that those are moves where all the credit goes to the Devellano/Bowman tandem.I personally don't think Holland's tenure compares to that period from '94-98 where the Wings clearly won blockbuster trades and found bargains. Should Lidstrom retire, I think then we will really see the ability of Holland as this will be the first big challenge he's had in the post-cap world.

Holland was also an assistant/co-GM during that era. And don't forget that our emergence in that time owes a lot to the emergence of late round gems Lidstrom, Fedorov, and Konstantinov. Not to mention Yzerman, Kozlov, Lapointe, McCarty, Osgood. Also, developing our draft picks properly is as important as drafting right in the first place. Maintaining a high level of depth lets us avoid putting too much pressure too early. Who can say how that affected Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Kronwall, Howard, Filppula, Helm, Abby, etc. Even guys that haven't worked out so great like Ericsson, Kindl, and Hudler are in limited roles so their flaws don't really hurt us. A lot of GMs might have made a #19 pick like Kindl a key part of their plan. With us it really doesn't matter if Kindl is a boom or bust.

I think what says the most about Holland is that he's played a major role in creating a standard of success so high that some of you consider Hossa and Rafalski bad moves. Try judging any other GM in the game by the same standard you're holding Holland to. If Stevie falls short of a Cup this year, are you going to say all his moves were failures? Because that's basically what you're doing to Holland.

With the moves Holland has made and, just as importantly, not made, he has kept this team a legit contender every single year he has been in charge. It may have been a pretty easy gig to start, but his success over his tenure can't be overlooked. Steve, as much as I love him and believe he will be great as a GM, has barely proven himself worthy of shining Kenny's shoes, much less filling them.

#2175837 Hudler's Future

Posted by Buppy on 15 May 2011 - 11:42 AM

A lot of people really seem to under-appreciate Homer's contributions.

He's still one of our best forwards working the puck in the corners. His vision, passing, and hockey sense are much better than he gets credit for. He's a great compliment to skill players like Pav, Hank, Flip, Hudler, and Mule.

With the roster we have, it's tough to find real good combinations, but it's not because of Homer. At least not to any greater extent than it is Hudler, Flip, Cleary, or Bert (and Modano this year). Flip and Cleary will fit in the bottom 6, but at the expense of their offense, and that also leaves a very slow and defensively weak top 6. Homer doesn't really work in the bottom 6 at all. Bert is mostly wasted too, though he could maybe bring some toughness. Hudler doesn't work very well, though he could add some scoring threat like he did with Helm and Maltby in 08.

You can replace any one of those guys with someone else and get line combinations that look better. We have 5 guys who need to be in the top 6 (at least for offense, and/or to earn their salary), but only 3 open spots.

We can get a 9th (like we tried to do with Modano, and Willy and Leino the year before) and try to build 3 lines. We can suffer some guys being in 'bad' spots, and juggle around depending on injuries and who's hot (like we did this year). We can try to move some guys for someone that 'fits' better, but likely at the cost of depth and flexibility.

You can't build a perfect roster that's guaranteed a Cup. Every option has its pros and cons.

#2172203 Where to buy Octopus near HP Pavillion

Posted by Buppy on 11 May 2011 - 12:28 AM

Hopefully my fellow Bay-Area Red Wings fans can point me in the direction of a store where I can get an octopus.

I'm not from there, but I would be somewhat surprised if any place would actually sell one right now. Might have to head of town, or rent some scuba gear and catch one yourself.

#2172155 Finish these fuckers off

Posted by Buppy on 10 May 2011 - 11:19 PM

Game 7 - Wings/Blues 1996. Get a hold of that tape if you can. EPIC.

Games 6 and 7 - Wings/Avs 2002

#2162417 Reasons why Wings are down 0-2

Posted by Buppy on 01 May 2011 - 04:55 AM

... There may be something to Grypho's theory ...

It's not 'his' theory. It is literally discussed every single time any team has a long layoff in the playoffs, even before the very game we're discussing. I'd say it's even common knowledge. Give a team a week off, they'll probably be a little rusty.

...Many fans described the Wings' Game 1 play using different synonyms for "lethargic" (implying physical limitations), while twice now in this thread that same play was referred to as "passive", which implies a mental state, obviously meant to infer that it was a kind of deliberateness on the parts of the players, and therefore within their control -- like a strategic move, of sorts ("Trying more to 'weather the storm' than increase our lead."). It didn't look that way to me, but if that is true, then I find that very sad for the Wings. If that is true, then Babcock has every reason to be angry at the majority of players on the team (all but, what, three?) for not "deciding" to flip that [purely mental] switch, and for essentially giving the Sharks' defense most of the night off!

Don't be so melodramatic. It's not like the Sharks dominated the entire game. It was a portion of one period. Teams sit back all the time, especially when leading on the road. The home team comes out firing, the road team gets over-cautious...no one wants to be the guy that makes a mistake, or takes a penalty that leads to a tying goal. Every single team in the league does it at times. We got better toward the end of the second and in the third. That wouldn't have been possible if it was all some physical handicap from the layoff, as you seem to think.

The layoff was probably a small factor, mostly for Zetterbarg, who hadn't played in over 3 weeks. Next game it shouldn't really be a factor at all. You're acting like the Wings are doomed and incapable of playing with the Sharks. You weren't half as dominant as you seem to think. You didn't blow us out. You didn't even score during your most dominant stretch.

It was a very close game that could have easily gone either way. A little more luck and the Wings would have won, and there'd probably be a thread here on how much good the layoff did us.

#2162263 Reasons why Wings are down 0-2

Posted by Buppy on 30 April 2011 - 09:02 PM


I hate to detract from all the hard work you put in to patting yourself on the back, but you're kind of stating the obvious here. Everyone already knows that too long of a layoff can have a detrimental effect.

Though I'd say the effect was marginal, no matter how many quotes you picked out of the GDT. Aside from the PPs, which had nothing to so with rustiness, the 3rd period and OT were pretty even. So was the 1st.

I'd say being at home and down by a goal had more to do with the Sharks energy in the 2nd. For our part, I think we were just too passive. Trying too hard to not make mistakes or take penalties. Trying more to 'weather the storm' than increase our lead.

Since we did in fact weather the storm, I'm inclined to say the 2nd period really meant nothing to the game. 1st and 3rd periods were basically even. We scored in one, Sharks scored in the other. The OT goal was a lucky bounce. No need to over analyze anything. Close match between two good teams; the breaks went to the Sharks.

#2151348 2011 Round 1 Photoshop War: Phoenix Coyotes

Posted by Buppy on 16 April 2011 - 10:05 PM

Posted Image
Ok, so I suck at fonts. Sue me.

#2148802 To Red Wings fans in Arizona:

Posted by Buppy on 13 April 2011 - 11:23 PM

My uncle lives outside Phoenix and will be at game 3. In red.

#2148797 2011 Round 1 Photoshop War: Phoenix Coyotes

Posted by Buppy on 13 April 2011 - 11:15 PM

Release the Franzen!! (release the kraken meme)
Someone please, please make this :siren:

Posted Image

Pushing the limits of my meager photoshop skillz...

#2146107 Anyone want to discuss calls/no calls/GI going into the playoffs?

Posted by Buppy on 10 April 2011 - 10:55 PM

I agree with you. The refs just didn't see the call. You know when a ref sees a high stick it is a penalty EVERY TIME. I was listening to the Hawks radio feed while driving through Chicago and the Franzen high stick happened. Even the announcers thought it was Franzen's own stick that caused it. The refs conferred and no one saw it.

Now, if you are advocating that the refs should look at instant replay to determine if there was an infraction, that is a different story. Just make sure you add on about 10-20 minutes of extra time per game for all the instant replays. Then also be ready to see the Wings get nailed for some calls that they otherwise would have gotten away with. I am ok with instant replay being used more often, especially in the cases of high sticking and waived off goals from goalie interference.

Could the games be called more consistently? I do. At the same time though, I do have to agree that the refs are being asked to do an impossible job. Call every game 100% accurately. That just isn't going to happen unless the system changes.

Yeah, yeah, yeah...we get it. You've done some reffing and now you're a ref apologist. I've played some hockey. But I'm not going to excuse every s***ty play because hockey is hard.

No one expects the refs to be perfect. It is a tough job and mistakes will be made. But when a mistake is made people should ***** about it. NHL refs should be the best in the business. They should be striving for perfection. Should always be trying to improve.

If no one complains about the mistakes; if everything is always 'good enough' as you always seem to suggest, there's no incentive for improvement. If you just accept any mistake you remove any responsibility from the refs; then things are only going to get worse.

I don't even blame the refs themselves really. It's mostly the Bettman regime. There doesn't seem to be any expectation of improvement. They refuse to change stupid rules like 'intent to blow'. Goal reviews are wrong half the time. There seems to be a league mandate to make sure all the chinciest s*** gets called at least a few times each game; probably what is distracting the refs from noticing major stuff like blatant high-sticks and elbows. And I don't think anyone, anywhere, really even knows what interference is...or maybe the actual definition does change shift to shift.

...The current system is not a flawed system, ...

...We can both agree on the flawed system. ...

Heh. At least the inconsistency proves that you're a real ref. :hehe:

#2143108 Unbelievably bad goal.

Posted by Buppy on 07 April 2011 - 12:30 AM

Posted Image

After seeing this I'm even more surprised that this was ruled a goal on the ice. How is that ref anywhere near a good position to say that puck was in?

#2140183 Coyotes or Thrashers to Winnipeg

Posted by Buppy on 02 April 2011 - 11:46 AM

If Atlanta moved to Winnipeg, the most logical move would then be Nashville to take Atlanta's spot, Minnesota moving to the Central, with the new Winnipeg going to the Northwest.