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#2356479 Biggest mistake Red Wings have done

Posted by Buppy on 16 February 2013 - 09:02 PM

Exactly. I hate the "hindsight" thing. A lot of us here wanted Hossa over Franzen at the time. Hossa was and still is a better player. For the deal Hossa signed with Chicago, it's not like the Red Wings couldn't have found a way to make that work compared to Franzen's. Holland chose the wrong guy.


Better player, sure, but hardly impactful enough to call it a huge mistake. Goal production has been similar. Hossa has more assists, but also would have created a bigger cap problem in those first two years. Better defensively, yet he's been on the ice for a lot more goals against. Kills penalties, but Chicago's PK has been even worse than ours prior to this year. Their PP has been bad as well. They've finished behind us in the standings the past two years and lost twice in the first round.


They're playing great now, and look capable fo winning a Cup, but it's not because they have Hossa instead of Franzen. Over the life of their deals, Hossa will very likely produce more, but it's hard to quantify the impact of the extra cap hit. If we spend the next several years a couple million under the cap that choice will look worse, but if we spend to the cap who's to say.

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#2356474 Notes from Saturday's practice

Posted by Buppy on 16 February 2013 - 08:29 PM

I didn't say that. Cleary sucks a$$. That being said, why can't Nyquist beat him out? Or eaves or Emmerton, or...... that is the point. Read what is written and stop ass-u-me-ing. I don't think Nyquist will ever be better than a 40 point guy in the NHL. That is my opinion. But I have also said several times, the only way to find out is for him to play in the NHL. Play him. Then he makes it or breaks it.


He's a rookie who can be sent down without losing him. If we had to waive him to send him down, you can be sure it would be someone else on the way out.


Remember Datsyuk only scored 35 points as a rookie. Hank only 44. Franzen 16. Flip scored 23 points in his first 105 NHL games. Even if you assume Nyquist is a star in the making it's still unlikely that he'd be so good as a rookie that it would be worth losing another player over. We don't have Brett Hull to play with him on the 4th line, and we already have one rookie in the top 6. He's not a center nor a physical player. We're not going to waste development time by keeping him up to sit in the pressbox. Probably not a good idea to put him in a spot where we're depending on him on the PK.


It's just not an optimal situation for him right now. If we'd had a training camp and pre-season, maybe he would have won a spot. If we were a better team that could better afford to carry him if he didn't work, or a worse team not worried about the consequences, he might have a spot. In short, the main reason he's being sent down is because he can be.

#2355667 Bertuzzi's continuing back problems

Posted by Buppy on 15 February 2013 - 12:13 AM

If this becomes a career altering injury, he should hang em up this offseason. Would open up a spot for a Tatar or Nyquist + more cap flex


By "hang them up" you mean "take the Ian Laperriere, spend two years on LTIR so we don't get screwed by the 35+ clause, retirement plan". Yes, I agree.


That said, I hope he gets better. Always better if you can retire on your own terms, and few enough get to do it. Plus, chronic back pain sucks. 

#2354167 Silly Ken Holland video on nhl.com

Posted by Buppy on 11 February 2013 - 01:44 AM

That's what he gets for signing a 36-yo remote. Should have promoted one of our young remotes from GR.

#2354070 Condor runs away during Condors anthem

Posted by Buppy on 10 February 2013 - 05:20 PM

I'm glad Utah doesn't do this but it would be interesting to see a grizzly bear walking around on the ice...lol


Even more interesting if Grand Rapids did it. :)

#2353019 Franzen spear on Perron

Posted by Buppy on 08 February 2013 - 06:10 PM

I really hope that Mule's reaction was born from his frustration with his own play this season and that the hit was just the catalyst that set him off.  Maybe it will kick him in gear.  History says no, but I can hope.


Why would he be frustrated? He's played fine this year...

#2352408 Landon Ferraro or Sheahan?

Posted by Buppy on 07 February 2013 - 06:59 PM

Just for the sake of arguing if Tartar has something like 5 goals and a handful of assists when Sammy comes back. Who goes?


Depends on how many games, and how he gets the points.


If it's like 8 games, scoring mostly off his own skill and hard work, we'd probably try to move Eaves, either trade or slip him through waivers if we can't find one.


14 games benefitting from Datsyuk, Tots goes back to GR.

#2351953 Desjardin match penalty on clean hit against Mayers

Posted by Buppy on 06 February 2013 - 11:21 AM

At least there was some head contact on that one...


Major penalties, or at least match, need to be reviewable. Simple solution and they aren't so common that it would cause any real disruption.

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#2351245 Calle Jarnkrok - Does he have a chance to make next season's team?

Posted by Buppy on 05 February 2013 - 09:54 AM

This year about everyone in the Minors is better than Cleary, and Quincey. Why are we wasting roster spots for players like them, when you have kids that can play equal and provide energy while gaining experience at the same time. The problem is Detroit is going to have to start calling up the kids because this team isn't deep anymore, now they have reasons to call them up but they are still not doing it. I know they just called up Tatar but I believe it won't be long until he is sent back down even if he plays better than Cleary.


Who in the minors is better than Quincey? As for Cleary, you only assume Tatar or Nyquist would be any better. You can only assume they will be successful at all, especially if they're put in Cleary's role.


If Tatar comes in and makes a real impact, I think we'll find a way to keep him up. If not, it's better to leave him in GR, at least until the trade deadline. You don't dump assets to make lateral moves.

#2349024 Things that are better than the Wings special teams.

Posted by Buppy on 30 January 2013 - 01:05 AM

In keeping with the Star Wars theme...


Stormtrooper aim

The Empire's ability to keep Death Star plans secret

Chances of keeping a hand in a light saber duel

Reliability of the Millenium Falcon's hyperdrive

Han Solo's credit rating with the Hutts

AT-AT agility

Ewok technology

#2348363 Theme night GDT

Posted by Buppy on 29 January 2013 - 11:08 AM

Stole a couple from Euro. Several others are terrible...


Datsyuk Skywalker

Hanrik Zolo

Yodan Franzen

Wedge Valtteris

Brunner Fett

Qui-Todd Jinntuzzi

Count Danku Cleary

Darren Helmtrooper

Mikael Sarlaccsson

Darth Abdelkader




Cory Leiammerton

Admiral MursAckbar

General Grievous Nyquist


Obi-Kron Wallobi

Jabba the Huskins

Emperor Brendentine, Dark Lord of the Smith / Darth Smithious

Jar-jarnthan Ericsson

Kyle QuincEwok

Lashoff Calrissian

Biggs DarkWhiter

2-1B Colaiacovo

Grand Moff Tarkindl


JimMace Howardu

Jawas Gustavsson

#2348092 Things that are better than the Wings special teams.

Posted by Buppy on 28 January 2013 - 10:45 AM

Riley Sheahan's decision making abilities on Halloween

#2345494 Red Wings sign D Kent Huskins to 1-year, $750k contract

Posted by Buppy on 23 January 2013 - 02:42 PM

"Every other Holland critic"? Really, Buppy? I expect better from you.


Look, we're all making this way more complicated than it needs to be, than it is.


I'll say it again: you lose Rafalski, Stuart, Lidstrom, you, at the very least, bring in a heavy. No way should Kronwall - Ericsson/Quincey/White/Smith/Huskins/Lashoff be our first pairing. Common sense, really. Why is it so hard to swallow/understand?


So many of us treat Holland as if he's utterly infallible, incapable of being in the wrong. "He mades a mistake? He dropped the ball? No, you're just a Holland critic. You're just spoiled." It's just as silly as The Holland Bashing.


Ken Holland is the best GM in the league. But the way he's handled our D corps (and, arguably, the team at large) lately borders, I think, on braindead. It's almost as if he really does want that first overall pick. I have no other explanation for the sheer lack of those trademark Ken Holland Smarts (see, e.g., "Lets save money and sit on it, and then do it again next season, and then do it again! OH NO, NOW WE'RE IN TROUBLE! SALO! CARLE! SUTER! HEY, Y'KNOW WHAT'S GREAT? BUILDING FROM WITHIN!)


It's weird. Really, really weird. (To which someone will say, "No, it's called parity/not having Nick Lidstrom/transition etc., and I need to adjust my expectations and reconcile them with Reality." To which I preemptively say: I know you, are but what am I?)


Yeah, I guess I forgot about that kid sitting outside the Joe with a box full of "heavies" and a sign saying, "Free to good home".


I'm not saying he's infallible. I'm not even saying he hasn't made mistakes. I'm saying you can't expect him to be perfect and solve every problem. No doubt you'll say you don't expect that, but in practical terms that's what all the bashing amounts to. Like it's OK for Kenny to make mistakes, so long as they don't have any negative impact on the team.


You say he's made mistakes. I say, so what, everyone does. Get over it.


The only trap is the "name me this" homework that people try to assign thoe who disagree with them, likely because it's easier to criticize someone else's point than make their own. 


Maybe spend less time telling me what I expect and more time making an actual point regarding Holland and the state of the current Red Wings defense.


Kronwall is basically our number on guy, which is a role he's never fulfilled.  Then look down the blueline.  It's a bunch of spare parts.  White is a good d-man, though it'll be interesting to see how he plays without Lids.  Plus he's a UFA at the end of this season and currently makes less then Kronwall, Quincey and Ericsson. 


If this collection of players were on another team, I don't think people would really be complimenting the GM on a job well done.  Just because Holland wasn't willing to give up enough for a trade or signing doesn't mean they couldn't ever have happened.


Again, I never said there was nothing that could have been done. Just that it isn't rational to expect someone to make all the right moves all the time. So he missed out on a few opportunities, and now the team is worse than it might otherwise have been. Do we really need to spend the better part of a year and a half whining about it every time there's a signing or trade around the league, or injury, or someone has a bad game, or someone we didn't get has a good game...

#2341582 TooToo - the lovable little Tasmanian Devil

Posted by Buppy on 19 January 2013 - 02:38 PM


On a full season expecting 5 goals and 15 assists seems more like the low end but people are saying thats aiming high?


Not "people", just me. And the question was in regard to this season. For this season I think those numbers are optimistic, though possible.


When I said those numbers would be fine for a full season, it wasn't meant as a criticism. Just trying to point out that we shouldn't be judging his value by how many points he scores.

#2339410 Brunner's nickname

Posted by Buppy on 11 January 2013 - 09:07 PM

I'm just dorky enough to love it.  More importantly, I wonder what number he will wear, he wore 96 for EV Zug and the Swiss Olympic team, I dont see them giving him Homer's old number so soon after his retirement.

At least 666 is out of the question. But if he goes with 63 (or 36) I'm checking his mother's grave for jackal remains.