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In Topic: Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

Today, 07:05 PM

Did anyone else notice that a smaller, more skilled, speedier team just demolished a bigger, tougher, grittier team in the Cup Finals? Like, embarrassed them.

We already have a fast team. We need a little more skill in key positions and we are built to win. Going to the other extreme is silly. We finally have the personnel in place to play a type of game that we know can be successful (Pittsburgh, Tampa, Chicago) and we have people clamboring to get biggest and slower. Why? Cuz big is good apparently? Tell that to San Jose, and Anaheim, and Winnipeg, and Boston. Those giants are hearing it up eh?

They also had the right guys blow up at the right time. They had a 22-year-old goaltender play out of his mind, and their "third" line was an absolute monster. The core of their team is made up of elite talent, too - can't say the same of the Red Wings.

The previous 4-5 years, teams who won the cup had a balance of size and skill (maybe not the '15 Blackhawks, so much). I don't think anyone's looking to field a team of Matt Martins. At least, that's not what I'm pushing for. 

In Topic: Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

Today, 06:26 PM

Again Dom, what's your point? I know exactly what Martin brings to the table, and I never once said that he wouldn't help this team. I simply said there's no room for another bottom 6 guy, and that I would have preferred him over Miller...

I guess it depends on your definition, but I think this team has four bottom-six forwards based on a (loose) comparison to Martin: Glendening, Miller, Sheahan and Athanasiou. Obviously, the latter two have more skill. If anything, I think the Red Wings have too many fringe NHL forwards. Guys who basically walk that line between "complimentary offensive winger who needs to play with superior talent" and "AHL-caliber talent".

I would have taken Martin over Miller as well, but part of the problem with this team (and Blashill has admitted it) is that too many guys were unsure about their roles last season. You need a player to know what his role is on the team and commit to it. For example, Jurco is a guy on the fourth-line who thinks he should be in an offensive role (I'm not trying to pick on him, I just think he's the best example on this team). If your bottom-six/fourth-line guys know who they are, so do the guys above them. The line combinations and TOI were a mess last year, and I think clearly-defined roles would help to fix that up. Part of that means Blashill needs to stop his love affair with Glendening (why does it change L.G.D. to disney.com?) and commit to playing the skilled players more often.

In Topic: Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

Today, 05:41 PM


Adding a superstar, and two big nasty canadians.... I just can't see it :lol: But 2 of 3 would be fantastic.

The last time I was this excited about free agency was... well, 2012. OK, bad example.

But seriously, can you imagine?


Line combinations are subject to change, obviously. Like you said, even getting 2/3 would be an upgrade. I'm sure people would take issue with guys like Mantha, Jurco and Pulkkinen on the outside looking in, but that's a solid-looking group of forwards.

In Topic: Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

Today, 04:44 PM

Depending on the price tag, I wouldn't mind Matt Martin. Guy's an absolute wrecking ball on the ice.


In Topic: Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

Today, 03:56 PM

Whether we like it or not we absolutely have to sign a center. If Stamkos says "no thanks" Nielson is the next best option. Nielson + Ladd/Lucic/Okposo + Brower/Martin would fill a lot of holes. If we don't sign Helm we have enough room to add 3 of the above names.



To be honest - if we're that desperate for a center - I'd rather promote from within if we don't land Stamkos rather than sign a ufa that'll want 5 plus years, and he's on the opposite side of 30.

I'm on the same page. Nielsen might be the next best option on the market, but what's the point? Perhaps if the Wings were in a better position, it would make more sense. Not that I'm already writing the team off for next season, but I don't think they're a Frans Nielsen away from contending. Given the current state of the team, why commit 5.5M and 3-4 years to a 32-year-old when you'll have younger players pushing him within two years?

Larkin and Athanasiou have served as centers in their career, although not in Detroit. KH has stated he envisions Larkin slotting in at center, but Athanasiou is up in the air (unless he's commented on him as well). It might be a "baptism by fire" situation, but I'd try them out there (if one struggles, try the other) before signing another players over the age of 30 to a contract with term. I understand that you generally want to insulate guys in these situations - let them start out as the third-line center and work their way up the depth chart. I think that could have worked with Pavel on this team with one year left on his contract, but now they'll have to offer term to someone else. If that someone else isn't part of the core moving forward, it kind of feels like a lateral move (at best) to me.