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In Topic: 2016 Trade Deadline Thread

Today, 10:46 AM

So The Fourth Period is reporting that the Wings are interested in Columbus' Fedor Tyutin...for some reason. Apparently a defense which regularly feature offensive dynamos like Ericsson, Quincey, Smith, and Marchenko needs one more no scoring defenseman. Yeesh.


TFP probably nabbed that from Portzline the other night:


Believe #RedWings were in Cbus looking at #CBJ D Fedor Tyutin. Ottawa #Sens took a look at Tyutin before swinging Phaneuf deal w #Leafs

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Either way, I don't see it. Unless they're sending Ericsson back the other way, it would only further complicate the cap issues and logjam the team has on the blueline. Someone else mentioned Jack Johnson - someone else said they said Holland's had interest in Kerby Rychel for awhile now. I'm sure Kenny was there for a reason, but it's just a lot of baseless speculation right now, IMO.

In Topic: 2/10 GDT : Ottawa Senators at Red Wings, 7:00 EST

Yesterday, 11:23 AM

Love the forward lines. Switch Richards and Jurco and they'd be as close to perfect as I'd like to see.


Defense pairings are pretty awful looking. Happy we have Mrazek to lean on...

Seems like Jurco and Nyquist have shown a little chemistry in their (albeit, very short) time together. In fact, I think both of Jurco's goals were in the middle of a line change, but I'm not 100%. I'd like to see what they can do playing on an actual line together for a full game. Anything to keep Jurco in the top-nine group over Helm at this point.

In Topic: 2/8 GDT : Florida Panthers at Detroit Red Wings, 7:30 EST

09 February 2016 - 01:29 PM

Disclaimer: I only saw the highlights.


Thought the hit was clean, unfortunate, but clean.


Barkov was in a bad position, still surprised that he didn't get a game,simply because who really knows what will get a suspension and what won't these days!


I think this is the biggest reason Abby didn't receive any disciplinary action. He catches Barkov's head, but I don't think you can say he was targeting it at all.

Contrary to some of the posts I've seen by Panthers fans around the net, I don't see Abdelkader leaving his feet or targeting Barkov. By the time he committed to the hit, Barkov had turned around and his head was down. As you said, I think the best way to describe it is as "unfortunate".

In Topic: Forward Line Combos/Discussion

09 February 2016 - 12:29 PM

Athanasiou left before line rushes began


#RedWings lines in practice:

Edit: I lied. Well, Ansar was a bit premature in his speculation. AA is back on the ice for line rushes, so... hopefully he's between Jurco and Nyquist instead.

Also, does anyone know how to just post the image of a tweet? Like embedding it in a post? I feel like I'm brand new around here. *sigh*

In Topic: 2016 Trade Deadline Thread

05 February 2016 - 03:52 PM

While I don't think Blash should be thrown under the bus, I'd like to see him be a little more receptive to the idea of separating players from each other. With the lack of production throughout the lineup, maybe separate Zetterberg-Abdelkader, Datsyuk-Helm (he's doing this now) and/or Richards-Helm.

Sometimes it seems like he's a little too stubborn with his lines/pairings. Jurco looked pretty good (and the underlying numbers support it) in the top-nine. Why not explore using him there for an extended period of time? Or perhaps give Pulkkinen a look up in the top-nine. It's possible that neither succeeds in that role, but it's worth a shot, IMO.

Edit: Realize this post is basically off-topic, but the Wings' needs are going to be pretty tough to meet unless the team is willing to really shake things up. The players I'd move (for the most part) are UFA. I'd pair Helm/Richards with Jurco/Pulkkinen and a defender for an upgrade on defense, but there's not much value in that package. Not to mention, it's going to be near impossible to find a trade that works cap wise.