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#2564835 Petry next Oiler to be shopped - FTLOG Kenny, get it done!

Posted by Jesusberg on 20 January 2015 - 09:22 AM

Wow people are really reaching for this Smith is useless bulls***... First of all Brendan Smith is just as good as Jeff Petry right now, and he has a lot higher ceiling... and you're suggesting trading Smith AND a mid level prospect AND a pick for Petry? Are you kidding me? The blind hate on Smith is getting beyond ridiculous... Petry will go for a couple picks and you want to throw all that in for him?...


Petry is getting top line minutes in Edmonton, while Smith is getting third line minutes in Detroit, and yet he still isn't producing a significant amount more than Smith. Petry is producing at a 0.22% points per game pace, while Smith is producing at a 0.17% points per game pace. Not a huge difference for a player making over double the salary... Petry has also played an additional 36 minutes more on the power-play than Smith has this season. With those kinds of minutes on the man advantage, you would think he would be producing a LOT more, he is not at all. Let's have a look at their career points shall we? Believe it or not, Smith is actually producing at a slightly higher clip than Petry... Smith has 41 points in 160 games (0.256%) while Petry has 69 points in 281 games (0.245%).


You blame Smith for being a turnover machine, but Petry has over double the number of giveaways as Smith but he also has twice as many takeaways... Petry may be a little better defensively, hitting more and blocking more shots, but that stat is almost as skewed as the +/- stat, which Smith is obviously superior, playing for a better team, Smith is even and Petry is a -21. The only upside Petry has over Smith in my opinion, is that he is a right handed shot. Is that reason enough to make the trade? Hell no!

Not that I think the trade is fair, but it's tough to gauge value for a guy on a team like Edmonton against someone on Detroit, especially with peripheral stats.


As you admit, the stats are skewed here. Petry in Edmonton =/= Petry in Detroit, and the same for Smith on another team. Who knows, with PP time, Smith could put up 30-35 points on another club. Really though, Petry's not going to produce a lot more on a team that's pure, hot garbage. Any peripheral stats are most likely going to be inflated, too. Edmonton spends far less time with the puck, so Petry's hits, blocks and takeaways are going to be higher.

#2564828 Jimmy Howard.......All-Star!

Posted by Jesusberg on 20 January 2015 - 08:57 AM


no, what I was talking about was a couple years from now when Howie still has years left on his $5 mil deal



Oh? Because this:

I want you're honest opinion.


Does anybody really miss Howard right now?


and this...


Right, just ignore the part about how his playing style helps the team....icon_think.gif


Mrazek is putting up similar numbers to Howard's (so also 'Top 10') and has won 3 straight


and this...


You understand that at some point in every single player's career they "had no playoff experience", right?


It's not like Howard has had great success in the postseason (not all his fault, but it is what it is)


Edit: Yeah he is a rookie and he is young, which mean's he's still got potential to improve and get more comfortable than he already is.


When exactly is he going to get a full season under his belt so you can make a judgement on him? In six years when he's 28 and we've missed out on some almost all of his prime years?


aaaand this...



Not really getting a whole lot of experience sitting on the bench for 70% of the games or observing playoff hockey from the second row (all those season ticket holders on the glass have sooo much playoff experience by now, suit em up!!). I agree that's probably what's going to happen.


Though I don't know if management has the balls to get rid of a known veteran commodity who has years left on a contract paying him like (5.5 mil?) a season, even if they have a better player ready to go.


all seem to suggest that you think Mrazek is capable of doing the job that Howard's doing right now, only better because of his ability to handle the puck. Then suggesting that Howard is in his way of getting in a "full season" for the next six years, because management can't judge Mrazek playing 20-30 games next year - suggests urgency in getting Mrazek into the starting position ASAP. You do realize that they could be splitting the games 40/40 as soon as 2017-18, right?

Regardless, I really don't think anyone was misreading your stance on the goaltending situation, but by all means, backpedal to your heart's content.

#2564771 Are the Wings a Contender?

Posted by Jesusberg on 19 January 2015 - 05:06 PM

Is it too much to ask to have a Murican captain a Murican team?


The next captain is going to be American, anyway. I can see it now...

"And, your captain. From Grand Rapids, Michigan. Wearing number 41... Luke... Glendeniiing."

#2564726 Petry next Oiler to be shopped - FTLOG Kenny, get it done!

Posted by Jesusberg on 19 January 2015 - 10:51 AM

When Q and E are our bottom pairing ill be happy with the top 4 !

I understand Ericsson, but I think Quincey's played pretty well this season. He's played smart hockey, works well on the PK and is somehow 3rd in points for defensemen on this team. I hated the signing at the beginning of the season, but he's proven a lot of people wrong. He's doing exactly what the Red Wings need him to do with DeKeyser, IMO.

#2564725 Jimmy Howard.......All-Star!

Posted by Jesusberg on 19 January 2015 - 10:43 AM

You guys understand that I have no influence whatsoever on what the actual management of the Wings does, Right? It's just one more fans opinion.

No I'm not mad, WTF haha. Again, this isn't just a reaction to a couple of games, it's about their playing styles.

And you really missed the boat thinking I'm just going for the flavor of the month. That whole thing was meant to combat that idea. When I say we should get Mrazek going it's because of this long term plan.


But yeah you're right, I forgot about how those Wings teams of yesterday never traded. We didn't trade people to get Shanahan, Chelios, and Hasek. WTH am I thinking here? Those guys we (didn't) traded to get them were signed to play with us and by god we honored that, out of pure loyalty! (that was sarcasm)

You're right. Trading for star players, and luring free agents is exactly the same as it was before the salary cap came into place. Holland has the freedom he did when he was able to move assets and spend whatever he wanted on free agents. (That was sarcasm, too.)

Today's NHL is all about parity - every one having the same amount of money to spend, and similar assets. It's all about development now, so you hang onto the proven assets you have until the unproven ones develop properly. (This isn't sarcasm.)

#2564721 Are the Wings a Contender?

Posted by Jesusberg on 19 January 2015 - 09:51 AM

This team is a top 6 fwd and a top 2 D away from going deep in the post season.


I think this is spot on. Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Nyquist and Tatar are true "Top 6" guys, IMO. Abdelkader is a great complimentary piece, so if they could find someone else in that same vein, I think it would do them worlds of good. I don't think you have to add another overly skilled guy, but a better net presence/power forward type guy for Tatar-Datsyuk to play with would be nice.

The defense is in obvious need of an upgrade, especially offensively. I actually like seeing Smith next to Kronwall, but I think it's more because of how bad Ericsson has looked than anything. I'm all for having balanced defensive pairings, but Kronner could really use a better partner at this point.

Edit: Yeah, what he said ^

#2564718 Do we need a trade to get our offence going ?

Posted by Jesusberg on 19 January 2015 - 09:46 AM

Assuming sproul continues his defense development and keeps his offensive game intact I think he makes it over Jensen.

I agree, and I like Sproul way more. I just think anything can happen, and it's one or the other. I really hope Sproul rounds out his game.

On another note, while I've been suggesting the idea of moving Helm in a package for a top 4 defender recently, I think they need to try to find a suitor for Weiss. Being able to split Datsyuk and Zetterberg, Sheahan coming into his own and looking like he could be a solid #2 center and Helm playing very well... Weiss is the odd man out at this point.

Weiss has more offensive ability, but Helm offers more overall. He has Babcock's trust and was drafted by the Wings. Weiss is wasted on the 4th line, but I'm not so sure Helm belongs there, either. I'm not sure how long they'll hang onto Weiss, and if they can find someone to take his contract/he'll waive his NMC for that team, but I feel like the writing is on the wall for him. It's good to have extra guys who can slot in on higher lines as an insurance policy, but he just seems so out of place on this team.

#2564715 Jimmy Howard.......All-Star!

Posted by Jesusberg on 19 January 2015 - 08:24 AM

I couldn't agree more Playmaker. +10


Also, in regards to the Mrazek vs Howard debate... Before last night I wanted to sign Mrazek to a mega deal and trade Howard, but after last nights performance, I think we should probably trade or maybe even waive Mrazek. We probably wouldn't get much in return after last nights performance anyway. I mean 3 goals allowed on 7 shots? That's aaaawful. He will never ever get it done at the NHL level, unless of course he has a bounce back game next game. Then, we should probably trade Howard. I mean, no team wants to have two capable goaltenders at one time, that would be what they call a "goalie controversy", bad news... I'm not sure, am I doing this right?... f***in LGW... :lol:

Only if we're getting a conditional draft pick as part of the trade. It'll be a 2nd rounder at first. If he plays super awesome for one game, they have to bump it up to a 1st rounder, if he plays poorly, we can knock it down to a 3rd. No biggie.

#2564686 1/18 GDT : Sabres 4 at Red Wings 6 (Z w/Hat Trick)

Posted by Jesusberg on 18 January 2015 - 10:58 PM

I'm not saying I'm responsible for Kyle Quincey's offensive surge, but I mocked his offensive ability before he scored in Edmonton. Six points in seven games later, and here we are.

OK, so maybe I deserve some credit. Hey, Brendan Smith, keep it simple. You totally can't score six points in your next seven games.

#2564466 1/18 GDT : Sabres 4 at Red Wings 6 (Z w/Hat Trick)

Posted by Jesusberg on 18 January 2015 - 09:36 PM

Except Monica Lewinsky's hand was a bit higher in real life. :/

You're not giving Bill his due.

#2564230 1/18 GDT : Sabres 4 at Red Wings 6 (Z w/Hat Trick)

Posted by Jesusberg on 18 January 2015 - 02:22 PM

Considering they've lost 10 in a row, I have that nagging feeling that they catch the Wings off guard...

NOT. The Wings are going to destroy you, Enroth/Neuvirth. ALL THE GOALS! NO MERCY! MUAH, HA, HA!

...sorry, but not really.

6-1 spanking. Pulkkinen gets his first, takes his jersey off and does three laps around the rink.

#2564210 Jimmy Howard.......All-Star!

Posted by Jesusberg on 18 January 2015 - 12:20 PM

It isn't Howard vs. Mrazek... not yet. Why would you ship out a competent starting goaltender for an unproven 22-year old? That's just awful judgement. There's ZERO goalie controversy right now between the two of them. If anything, the question is "do we keep Petr up and waive Gustavsson?", which I don't think they'll do.

Gustavsson is gone next season - Mrazek will be up with the team full-time. They likely split the season in the 50-60 for Howard, 20-30 range for Mrazek next year. The 2016 off-season, Mrazek gets paid like a back-up for (hopefully) 2-3 seasons. At that point, you start comparing the two guys. You've got two years left on Howard's deal at that point, and in that time frame, you find out who is your starter. You don't simply toss a rookie goaltender into the starting spot in this situation - Detroit's in a great position in goal right now. You let Mrazek earn the #1 spot over time... not over 4-5 games.

#2563897 Jimmy Howard.......All-Star!

Posted by Jesusberg on 17 January 2015 - 01:31 PM

...like Bobrovsky...no idea how he gets into the game.

For the same reason Foligno was named a captain? When you consider that the host team is usually well represented, six players are voted in and (under normal circumstances) every team is supposed to be represented, it's not really about who deserves to go.

#2563870 Franzen on IR

Posted by Jesusberg on 17 January 2015 - 08:58 AM

I think by literary standards its a failure, because puns are lazy writing.
But by a drunken hockey forums standards, its a staggering success.



What I appreciate most is how organically it happened.  You could tell that it was a clear evolution of thought from "Kip's an ass" to "I'll write ASSociation because puns are ironic and funny" to "it's a pun free for all!". 


You're right.  Booze is probably involved now that I think about it. 

I majored in language and literature during my undergraduate (puns really are the lowest form of humour), and I was stone cold sober when I wrote that.

...I'm just not above a cheap laugh.

#2563844 Franzen on IR

Posted by Jesusberg on 16 January 2015 - 11:06 PM

I am picking up on the fact that you enjoy being an ass.

Kip's an ass? I've been having amicable discussions, and even agreeing at times for like two weeks now. Does that make me guilty by ASSociation?

Ha... I'll just see myself out.