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#2532578 Callahan and Nestrasil re-signed

Posted by Jesusberg on 19 July 2014 - 07:10 PM

I'd like to see the guy get a shot on the team. I don't think anyone's going to mistake him for a 2nd liner, but as has been mentioned by a few others, he could bring a different element to this team. He may not fit on anything but a 4th line in Detroit, but I think he could compliment skilled guys by being a distraction and screening the goaltender. The net presence, piano pulling guys have their place on NHL clubs, too... should he grow into that role.

He may not turn into that, but the downside is that he'd fit in as a 4th liner who brings high energy and good tempo.


#2532477 Wings re-sign Cleary $1.5 mill + $1mill in game bonuses

Posted by Jesusberg on 18 July 2014 - 11:56 AM

Honestly, while I was upset with the whole "10 games for the bonus" deal, I see it as a positive now. I'd rather Dan play his 10 games and the team not have to feel obligated to play him for 25-30 to get his money. Best case scenario if Dan plays poorly - he gets his 10 games in, then rides the pine.

I still don't like the deal, but I guess I see a silver lining with the number of games he'll play to earn the bonus.

#2532145 Alfie wants to play

Posted by Jesusberg on 15 July 2014 - 11:40 AM

If Alfie wanted to win the Cup, he obviously wouldn't want to come back to Detroit.
So that begs the question.  Do we really want a player on our team that isn't serious about winning the Cup?

Uh... So call a guy out for going to a team you doubt has a chance at winning the cup, then criticize his desire to win?

I don't get it...

He was basically the most consistent forward on the team last season. He was a welcome addition in my eyes. If he's healthy, I'd want the guy back.

#2531500 What is the plan with Mrazek?

Posted by Jesusberg on 11 July 2014 - 09:38 AM

The thing is, I really don't think Mrazek is going to be splitting a ton of time. I think McCollum is more of an insurance factor than anything. I really believe Mrazek will play the large majority of the GR games, unless he's called up due to injury.

#2531312 Wings re-sign Cleary $1.5 mill + $1mill in game bonuses

Posted by Jesusberg on 10 July 2014 - 07:16 PM

It's like watching someone hang on too long and become a shell of their former self. This is the Dan Cleary I'm going to remember...

#2531121 Wings re-sign Cleary $1.5 mill + $1mill in game bonuses

Posted by Jesusberg on 10 July 2014 - 03:59 PM

The worst part about this is that it puts Jurco in the AHL, unless Alfie doesn't re-sign or someone like Andersson is moved. Awful.

#2531087 Wings re-sign Cleary $1.5 mill + $1mill in game bonuses

Posted by Jesusberg on 10 July 2014 - 03:42 PM

...huh. Welp.


#2531055 Red Wings Target Mike Green

Posted by Jesusberg on 10 July 2014 - 03:18 PM

I think the bottom line right now is that the perceived price for Green is a wee bit high - management (specifically Trotz) is maintaining that Green factors into their future plans. Posturing or not, it's being done to give the guy more value. I think the only way Detroit gets him right now is by prying him away from Washington via overpayment. If that means moving Tatar+, or any of the bigger names, count me out for now.

If Green could be had for, let's say, Andersson, Pulkkinen + 2nd that would be the maximum that I would want to pay, personally. And giving up that 2nd is scary, as Detroit is already without a 3rd rounder. That may not be enough in Washington's eyes, and it likely isn't right now. I actually like what Green brings, but he comes with a lot of risks - risks that should bring his price tag down. The issue is that the Caps don't have to move him right now, and Detroit is clearly desperate for a RH, offensive defender. At this moment, Washington has the leverage. IMO, it would be silly to make a move for Green until/if his price goes down some.

#2531052 Red Wings Target Mike Green

Posted by Jesusberg on 10 July 2014 - 03:08 PM

Thanks for the update on the Jarnkrok Legwand trade' was curious about the status of that.

I'll be going into great detail examining Kent Huskins' exit next week.

#2531043 Red Wings Target Mike Green

Posted by Jesusberg on 10 July 2014 - 02:53 PM

1. Discussing the Legwand trade isn't "beating a dead horse". Around here, bringing Franzen into every single discussion/post would be a much better example of that. The trade happened in March, and is comparable to the situation the team is in now. There is going to be a fear that Holland will overpay in a trade for quite some time - a fear that has some legitimacy for those who see the Jarnkrok move as an overpayment.

2. Who the hell said Jarnkrok was bad defensively? That's a load of bull. The Z comparisons were there, and Blashill was quoted throughout the year saying that Jarnkrok was solid defensively. Just a quick Google search shows, “He’s such a complete player, so, so well-rounded in his game, that he never cheats at all offensively,” said Griffins head coach Jeff Blashill.

3. No one, not a single person can say whether or not Jarnkrok would have been given a chance to play for the Red Wings this season. He was moved because management was desperate for a center, but who knows what would have happened if the team kept him around. It's impossible to say what would have happened for certain - it's not common sense, it's speculation.

#2530903 Next Seasons Needs/Team Future

Posted by Jesusberg on 09 July 2014 - 07:14 PM


I agree with you, but from what I understand a lot of Frk's problems stem from being bad positionally and not being a good enough skater to make up for it.  Jurco has good skating at least so the learning curve was shorter.  As I understand it, Frk (by virtue of playing with MacKinnon and Drouin) had a lot of success without ever learning how to be positionally sound.  But now that his line can't steamroll people he's finding he's got neither the positioning nor the wheels to make up for it. 


I think Blash will get him going.  But he's basically learning the "correct" way to play hockey at a MUCH higher level than most guys do. 

To be honest, I'm not sure if Frk's ever going to get his positioning together, but I do think he can fit into a niche if he puts in the proper off-season work. I agree that he benefited from his teammates, and his skating and lackluster two-way play hurt him. I still think he's going to have a better season than last - although, I do believe that he's going to have to impress Blashill right off the bat to get minutes.

If I'm Frk, I bust my hide in the gym and turn into a puck hound. He's still got that wicked shot, but I think he's the kind of guy who'd be smart to become a "piano puller" on a line - dig for pucks in the corner, get in front of the net, etc. He's never going to be the catalyst on a line, but I think he could be a good complimentary piece/PP guy.

#2530855 Next Seasons Needs/Team Future

Posted by Jesusberg on 09 July 2014 - 02:49 PM

Lol I'm sure you must hate how well Pulkkinen is doing... :lol:


I'm still hoping Frk can turn things around this season. I think he will have another slow start but finally find his game half way through this season. I predict he finishes this season with around 50 points with the Griffs...

Jurco had a rough rookie season as a pro, too. While Frk is a different player, I imagine he'll have a much better season this year.

Speaking of Jurco: http://i.instagram.com/p/qPeVbkgiTO/

#2530847 Red Wings Target Mike Green

Posted by Jesusberg on 09 July 2014 - 01:48 PM


But then where does Cleary fit in if he re-signs?

Ba-Dum Tss!

#2530825 Red Wings Target Mike Green

Posted by Jesusberg on 09 July 2014 - 01:19 PM


To me "the streak" is a lot like kissing your sister. 


You couldn't have gone with, "is a lot like taking your cousin to prom" instead?  :lol:


EDIT: If the Red Wings' starter offer actually does involve Ferraro, then I'm optimistic the two could meet somewhere around Andersson, Frk + 2nd. I'd be really happy with that, but I fear that Frk could be "upgraded" to Pulkkinen. Regardless, bringing in a top 4 guy who's going to quarterback the PP without giving up Mantha, Nyquist, Jurco or Tatar would be a huge win in my eyes.

#2530155 2014 Offseason League Signings and Trades

Posted by Jesusberg on 05 July 2014 - 07:42 PM

Not re-signing Legwand is the least of this team's problems. A $3 million dollar center isn't an insurance policy - it a 2nd/3rd line guy. All the C's going down last season, despite how injury plagued this team has been the past number of years, was a total freak occurrence. As has been stated, the team grabbed a few guys (Porter, Miele) for center depth. They're nowhere near as good as Legwand, but with a healthy line-up, Legwand doesn't fit into this team.

How often were people around here complaining about Samuelsson sitting on the bench while earning $3 million last year? A good portion of that was because he was taking up a roster spot, but you just don't have that kind of money sitting out of the line-up for good chunks of the season. Dats, Weiss, Sheahan, Helm, Glendening and/or Z and Mule if necessary... as others have said, we have solid center depth right now. There just wasn't a fit for Legwand here.