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2015-16 Grand Rapids Griffins

05 August 2015 - 10:32 AM

Awful August is upon us and I've got the hockey itch already (the only cure is more hockey, by the way - not more cowbell). I think this is going to be a big year for several players down in Grand Rapids. In particular, I think some of the defenders are going to have to take some big steps forwards. Did something similar to this last season, and I was pretty much WAY off with my line combinations. That said, here we go...






Campbell/Frk/Nastasiuk (Two as #13-14 forwards, One in Toledo... perhaps more based on the GR signings like Hirschfeld and Zombo).

First off, I know AA has been used as a center. I think Larkin is a smart choice there, and AA-Mantha can continue their chemistry. Heck, they could even put Miele there instead, but I think Larkin would work, too. For that second line, Miele-Bert showed some chemistry, if I'm not mistaken. Tangradi adds size and has shown he can score at the AHL level when healthy. Zengerle might not be a popular choice over Frk on that third line, but he was sixth in scoring among GRG forwards. Fourth line is pure grit, but I could see Hoggan being slotted somewhere higher in the lineup. I would love to see Nastasiuk push his way into the lineup at some point, but we'll see. Solid group of forwards, in my opinion, but they're going to be without the production of Pulkkinen, Ferraro and Callahan (assuming Landon and Mitch don't want to return/get picked up on waivers). Hopefully Larkin and Bertuzzi can jump right in and contribute, and AA and Mantha can stay healthy and rack up the points.


Czarnowczan/Nedomlel (One #7, One in Toledo)

Gives the team three solid pairings. They could change some, but I think those are your six, main blueliners. First pairing is just solid, all around. Second pairing allows Jensen to roam around, and Lashoff looked good in GR to end the season. I think this year will be crucial for Sproul, so hopefully he gets paired with Paetsch and they can put up some points together. With Evans moving on to Texas, it might give Nedomlel a chance to get some time with GR. I think they like the offense that Czarnowczan can bring, but Nedomlel plays that heavy, gritty game that Evans did. I think it'll really depend on what the Griffins need at the time.






Paterson (In Toledo to start)


Goaltending is pretty obvious, but I wonder if Paterson could make a push during his time in Toledo. He finished strong in Kitchener last season, so hopefully he can continue that trend.

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?

Nyquist's RFA Status

07 March 2015 - 10:45 AM

So, I was having a discussion with a friend of mine regarding Detroit's restricted free agents (ones who could make the team next year) - how much each would cost and the term they would receive. We disagreed over Gus' RFA status. My interpretation is that Nyquist would still be RFA if he signed a one-year deal, but not two years.

He's 25-years-old and his birthday is September 1st, which means he would be a RFA in 2016-17, but not 2017-18. So they could sign him for one year, and he'd be still be RFA next offseason, but not the following one. This seems simple to me, but I could be wrong? In the 2017 offseason, he would be 27... thus qualifying for UFA status, right?
"Any Player who either has seven (7) Accrued Seasons or is 27 years of age
or older as of June 30 of the end of a League Year, shall, if his most recent
SPC has expired, with such expiry occurring either as of June 30 of such
League Year or June 30 of any prior League Year, become an Unrestricted
Free Agent."

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