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Starting a franchise- first 6 picks?

03 December 2010 - 12:27 AM

You can take anyone in the NHL with your team starting play next season, kind of an out there topic but the board has been boring lately :hehe:

Obviously its possible to pick a complete first line along with a goalie or you could pick multiples of one position.

My 6

Crosby, Doughty, Keith, Miller, Stamkos, Getzlaf

2 top notch goal scorers, 2 of the best d-men in the game today, a first rate goalie, and a gritty center who can score and most importantly all team players...let's see everyone else's picks

Teams of the Decade?

01 December 2010 - 09:15 PM

There's some interesting debates to be had here and I am interested into what the consensus is, starting with the 1920s:


Pretty cut and dried, the Ottawa Senators won 4 of the cups in this decade, the town of Montreal won 3 but it was split between the Maroons and Canadiens


this one is a toss up, Detroit won 2 cups in 3 appearances, the Montreal Canadiens won cups in both of their appearances, Chicago won 3 cups in 3 appearances, while Toronto only won one cup but reached the Finals 6 times...even though they couldn't finish the job often, I'm inclined to say Toronto being that they maintained their consistency by appearing in the finals in over half of the finals in the decades.


This on isn't much of a debate, Toronto won 5 cups in 6 finals appearances


It's hard to believe that a team could win 4 cups in a decade and not be called the team of the decade but that is the scenario with the Wings, 4 cups in 5 appearances is very impressive but it pales in comparison to the Canadiens 5 cups in a staggering 9 appearances.


Once again a team with 4 cups in 5 appearances lost out on the title, Toronto takes a backseat to Montreal's 5 cups in 6 appearances

Boston won 2 cups in 5 appearances but Montreal won 6 in 6 appearances case closed.


Edmonton and New York both won 4 cups in 5 appearances so it's basically a tie...For my money Edmonton gets the nod..I know the 80s were full of offensive stats on steroids but I still think the Oiler teams of the 80s are the most offensively gifted team of all time


A parity filled decade but as the only team to reach the finals 3 times in the decade it's gotta be our Wings


The Wings and Devils both won 2 cups in 3 appearances and both lost their other finals in game 7s, i'm interested to see the debate on this one...