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Yesterday, 10:53 PM


what arenas are named after an athletic company? 

I guess I didn't properly convey what I mean. 


Most stadiums are named after banks and financial institutions.  While they aren't athletic they aren't anti athletic eitther.  Neutral if you will. 


A big fat greasy cheesy pizza is about as anti athletic as you get. 

In Topic: Official - Little Caesars Arena

Yesterday, 10:04 PM


As opposed to profiting that much. It's still a difference of that much money.


But that's kind of the point. 


If for example Comerica bought the naming rights people might be annoyed but everyone could understand becasue they would have had to have dumped a battleship full of money onto Mr. I's front yard. 


This is simply shuffling money from one of Mr. I's companies to another.  He's not making any money by doing this.  Sure you could say there's a gain in marketing but I'd argue it's completely negligible anyway becasue who the hell around here doesn't know about Little Caesars already.  It's so incredibly self centered for such little gain.  Here was a chance really rally the fan base around something and instead he sold out to himself for a marginal marketing effect.  No one is surprised by the decision, and of course he  but that doesn't make it any less offensive to us. 


This is also ignoring the fact that half of the stadium comes from publicly funded money (I could be wrong though) so why should he get to profit off of the taxpayers capital without their consent?  And also ignroing the fact of the gigantic bait and switch with the roof again for marginal corporate gain.  And also ignoring the fact IT'S A FREAKING MEDIOCRE PIZZA CHAIN.  NOTHING ATHLETIC ABOUT IT. 

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Yesterday, 09:43 PM

So I understand why people feel deceived about the appearance of the building and how the LED changing roof is not happening.


That just seems like a really short-sighted, stupid decision.


But as far as the name...It's not like they're just giving it to him for free.  He's paying millions each year to have it that.  


They were going to sell those rights to someone.  It's very naive to think otherwise. Why not Little Ceasars? 

He's paying millions each year....  to himself...

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Yesterday, 05:19 PM

The corporate sponsor aspect is bad enough.  But when you hear the words "little caesers" what is the first thing that comes to your mind?  A rich history of tradition and a commitment to excellence?  Hard hitting in your face action?  Skill speed and agility that will leave your breathless? 


No.  The first thing that comes to your head is a ****ing gooey fattening greasy pizza. 

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Yesterday, 01:32 PM

I don't know anyone expects the wings to be taken seriously when they go to play at the Little Caesers Arena.  Let's just refer to it as Red Wings Arena.