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#2006746 Savard to waive no trade clause

Posted by Opie on 29 June 2010 - 03:59 PM

NO but the only way your boy Huds makes one of the top two lines is if Dats and Hank are not reunited, so you keep making lines with Huds on one of the top 2 lines, thus demoting a clear second line center to the 3rd line.

#2003872 Bufyglien traded to Thrashers

Posted by Opie on 24 June 2010 - 10:00 AM

Fraser who was do an increase on your roster is now gone, 700k freed up, but yet another player they need to fill their roster spot.

Also if the Wings 3rd and 4th lines looked like that as well as the 3rd pairing most of this board would s*** their collective pants, juicy, runny, smelly, hungover mudbutt s***s at that!

#2002611 Holland Looking to sign an Enforcer

Posted by Opie on 22 June 2010 - 01:35 PM

Every team in the league would take a team like the 97 Wings, however with a Salary cap that is damn near impossible, guys that play like Vladdy or Shanny in their primes would cost a fortune so you can not afford Fetisov, Kozlov, Fedorov, Yzerman etc... all under the same cap. Unless they all take massive hometown discounts.

#1995987 Great or Bust?

Posted by Opie on 07 June 2010 - 06:50 PM

umm since when is one season enough time to say if a player will be great or a bust, what if he turns out to be just a decent hockey player, or average or slightly below average?

#1990015 Final Draft Rankings

Posted by Opie on 26 May 2010 - 02:19 PM

I love how people complain about the Wings drafting/scouting/Free Agent process when this is the most successful org in any sport in the last 20 + years.

How is it again that we as Wings fans get labeled spoiled all the time?

#1989358 Steve Yzerman named TB's new GM

Posted by Opie on 25 May 2010 - 08:54 AM

I got a say, big mistake if they make him the highest paid GM in the league.

I love guy and he did great things for the Canadian team, however in the Olympics he doesn't have to worry about competing offers, and players asking for more money or handing out NMCs.

Good luck Stevie, this is only a training stint until you come back to Det!

#1988514 It's Official: Happy Hudler is Back

Posted by Opie on 23 May 2010 - 04:17 PM

Not to be a dink Bring back the bruise brothers but you just named 3 Canadian players, he said Finnish players play more Canadian style than US born players.

His intentions (I think) were to say that Finnish players do indeed play like Shanny, Yzerman and the such.

#1988142 Jimmy Howard has championship skills

Posted by Opie on 22 May 2010 - 08:15 AM

gcom007 - What do Ozzie's Rings and Mike Vernon's career record have in common?

They have nothing to do with this post season!


I agree he should have played less during the season, however Babs didn't think a rusty Ozzie could pull it out. Not my opinion not my decision.

The other option was 3 other rookies.

Yes Howard needed to rest more during the season, however the only way Babs thought he could get any wins was to play Howard.

Can you imagine the overreaction here if the Wings finish 9th.

You may say well what does that have to due with anything, the pressure on this org to make the playoffs and a run at the cup is higher than any other team.

Babs had to do what he could, was it what caused the loss to SJ, no!

Games 1 and 2 how many special teams goals did SJ score?

Three goals, dude this is not 1999 anymore do me a favor and look through the scores of the rest of the league during the post season and tell me how many games the winning team scored 4 or more! Sure it is about 50/50, what does that prove, 3 goals is not that big of a hurdle.

How many goals did the Wings average in wins? and Losses? see you only provide one side, the side that helps you. I would be just as worried that the goalie has to give up less than 2 goals to get wins. But that is just me, I think the team lost as a whole, including Howard. PK goals were almost guaranteed at the end, and you can say that was on Howard all you want, but that is you being biased!

Oh and anything to say about the Hart thing?

He is a rookie, lets see what he can do next year, he could be the next Raycroft, He could be the next Vokoun, the next Richter, the next Carey, or even the next Chris Osgood, which based on their relationship and personalities is probably the most likely, and hey a 400 win (not that Howard has that much time left in his career) goaltender is pretty damn good.

Last thing on this subject, you keep stating you supported and support Howard, but everything I read in your posts says the opposite.

Stop avoiding direct questions and it may not look like that.

Sorry that is the way your posts read, you make generalizations about goals he let up, and twice I have asked you for specifics and then you directly quote me and still don't point to any specific goals.

Do you know who needs to say to people they support Howard "really I do, I do I support him, I always have and I will prove it", people who don't, they are trying to prove it to themselves as much as the people reading it.

It is like saying "I am only going to say this once" if it is the truth you don't have to worry about saying it once, twice, a hundred times! (Thanks Cal Lightman for that quote! lol!)

#1988043 WC in Pitt. pretty much a done deal for 2011

Posted by Opie on 21 May 2010 - 10:21 PM

And fans since 195 freakin' 9 will be a fan in 20 friggin 12 that is the point, the league is not trying to keep old fans, it is trying to get new fans.

Sure most people watch college football, however do you know the last time I watched a college football game in its entirety, yes football is the big winner that day, but there is plenty of room for other sports on that day. The NHL can not compete with football on the pro of college level yet (sure I may be delusional with the yet), therefore they try to grab the non college football fans on that day or the fans that are tired of no definite Winner.

BTW before the Pens were announced for their second WC how many people complained about the day of the WC?

I don't remember anyone complaining about the day the Wings played, no one said "aw crap all of those potential Wings/ NHL fans will be watching college football."

What you left out electrophile is how big of a NCAA Football fan your dad is, if bowl games (which are not his team) mean more than a hockey game (which is not his team) to him, one may think he is more of a bowl game fan than a Hockey fan. Not saying it is true just making an observation on your statement I do not know your father nor am I pretending to know what he likes.

I will watch it because I think the outdoor game is a truly unique experience and no matter who is playing I will watch, because the game is an oddity, I can not watch it next week, however College bowl games are on forever and lead to NO CONCLUSION!

Edit: by forever I meant the season ends in Nov, Bowls start 3 - 4 weeks later, and this year there will be a total of 35 bowl games played in 3 weeks, there are more bowl games than NFL playoff games, and they lead to no conclusion.

There is no consensus Champion and that fact leaves the NCAA vulnerable right now, many people are very upset with the Bowl situation and many long time fans are disappointed and that makes this the best time to try and take some of their fans. Even if they only become casual fans.

The NHL can not rest on its laurels and say, well that day belongs to college football, and Sundays are NFL, that leaves them no chance to showcase.

#1987068 Eklund's top40 UFA's and possible teams

Posted by Opie on 19 May 2010 - 08:42 AM

Teemu has only played for one team, and was even their captain? Really?

NO he is a free agent with only one option which he has proven the past three years.
I did not say they have same past with their teams I said they were in the same situation, meaning as far as free agency goes they are only playing for one team, or they are retiring.

If you or I were to look at Teemu and Lids as Free agents, you and I would agree, correct?, that they both are going to play with their current team or retire right?

Seeing as we are talking about free agency and players going to other destinations, I didn't think this explanation was necessary.

#1986913 Eklund's top40 UFA's and possible teams

Posted by Opie on 18 May 2010 - 09:15 PM

He puts Teemu as ANA or Retire but no mention of Lids, the situation being no different I think it is just another example of how little this guy knows about hockey.

If it is on Eklund you might as well bet the house on it not happening!

But then again listing a player and naming 5-6 teams isn't exactly a science, he probably just goes throw salary numbers and guesses based on where they fit.

#1976414 Nick Lidstrom

Posted by Opie on 05 May 2010 - 09:40 AM

The simple move if he does go is move Stuart and Lilja up one pairing

Ralf Stuart
Kronwall Lilja/UFA
Ericsson/Kindl/Janik and Lilja/Ufa

This way the Wings can spend moderately on the UFA on the D side and maybe a UFA with some scoring touch for the Offense.

Bert was good this year, but I would really like to see a faster winger that has more ability to set up on that second line.

Dats Mule Cleary
Helm Abdelkader Eaves/Miller
Draper Eaves/Miller UFA/or call up

I assume Malts, Bert, and J-willy are gone.

The offensive UFAs do not have to be high end talent, a 2-3 mil guy who can pot a couple.
On D I would rather see the team go after a stay at home guy as well. The wings have ample offensive d-men they need a stay at home, but they will also be sorely lacking in the pp QB position if he does go, no one, not even Johnny Cash, walks the line like Lids!

#1976398 Put Ozzy in.

Posted by Opie on 05 May 2010 - 09:18 AM

Some of you forget, if Howie doesn't play this year the Wings are already golfing, they were golfing at seasons end. He flat out WON games for the Wings and being top 5 in the league should have earned him some wiggle room with fans right. Not on LGW, where half of the board thinks no matter what happens or whom is on the team the wings should go 98-0, and win every game by either a shut out or by allowing no more than 1 goal that better not be soft.

And I thought pot messed up my short term memory, what drugs is this board doing.

Whatever Ozzie may or may not have been in the past, this year he is a goalie who has not played in months. Hell hasn't played with any regularity since November, and you want to throw him in front of this offense (the Sharks) and behind this defense.

The Red Wings are getting smoked on the face off Dot, last night was better, but not by much. They clear the zone about as well as I imagine a seal with a hockey stick would.

How many times have the Wings tried to leave the zone and failed on multiple attempts, and I am talking ES here? How many odd man rushes have they given up?

This is the 1 seed playing a 5 seed that just played a 7 game series. Psst, new break, the Wings should lose to the one seed. I as a fan say they will beat the one seed, however I have enough brain cells to realize it may not happen.

Soft goals or not Howard has not lost a game by more than 1 goal this series. The all of the sudden "Anti-Howard"(really the Anti-Goalie in net for a loss) crowd that shows up whenever the Wings lose is in full effect and converting new recruits with every post.

And for every soft goal in the series where you can say, "Oh Howie let in a Softie", I can say the team let him down for 2 goals. So which is worse a goalie that gave up 2 soft goals or a team that left their goalie out to try for 2 goals?

I say they are just as bad as one another and it is the teams fault they are losing, actually I would blame McClellan and the Sharks, but that is just me.

But the Team as a whole has crapped the bed in the 3rd period, including Howie this team has been out played in the final frame every game, and this was the first game they didn't give up a goal in the first 5.

Did you ever think that maybe, just maybe the Sharks are actually the better team and winning not because Howie is a horrible goalie and should be traded for that seal I mentioned above with all of that skill.

Plus how many times have we seen Ozzie do the exact same thing, let up a game winner, that wasn't exactly the toughest goal of the goal scorers career.

These things happen to goalies, hell Luongo got torched last playoffs, look at him this year.

#1969370 Cheap jersey sites

Posted by Opie on 02 May 2010 - 09:13 AM

Yeah if shelling out $200+ for a jersey or two is feasible sure, authentic is the way to go.

However if you were more looking to spend $20-$35 for a jersey and roughly Half of that again in shipping (usually a little more than half, some sites if you get 10 or more Jerseys you can get free shipping).

I have bought about 12 Jerseys for myself and another 4-8 for friends.

They look cool, the stitching is not the correct font, but it is close enough that only die hard Jersey people are going to notice.

Me personally I have a $150 NHL Reebok Datsyuk (replica) that is in my opinion worth about $30. Seriously, the material is cheap, the letters and numbers are this weird red and really shiny. You can see through the Jersey easier than you can a Mesh penney from gym class. And I purchased it through NHL.com, not ESPN store or some weird web retailer, nope, NHL.com has bar none the cheapest quality NHL replica you will find on the planet!

The so called knock offs, Z Red, Lids WC both with A, C and Z has the Stanley Cup patch, (one must remember these are knock offs, and China is absolutely the best at faking the real s***), are a thicker material, better lettering and numbering, fight strap, it is at least 2 if not 3 layers of fabric. I would have gladly paid the $150 for these. However the biggest negative is sizing, I am pretty lucky to be a guy who wears a 50 but can also do a 48 or a 52. If you often have a hard time because you are between sizes, don't order here. The Jersey will probably not fit. They are Asian sized, which usually means smaller, and I am not sure their sizing chart works all that well. I have one jersey(Lawrence Maroney NE pats Football) that I swear is two sizes too big, and a Tom Brady same size number on the patch and the Brady fits like a glove. The B-ball jerseys are way tooo long, I am over 6 feet and mostly legs, they hang to my knees, I have to tuck them in, or get them hemmed. I will say though as far as width and neckline and that crap, the NBA ones are a perfect fit, they are just long as hell!

I used to go to lightinthebox.com the site that started the original thread, now I use either http://www.jerseyins...x.php?main_page or http://www.nfljersey...com/index.html.

Others have used a guy called Jack in the past, you email him, he will send you a list of what he has. And then every single goddamn day from then on you will receive, what one can only assume is a letter from this guy, did I mention every single day. Either to let you know he has new stock, or to ask you what UFC shirt is hot Style. I was waiting for a friend to get me his order, I got so many emails from this dude that I went to the JerseyWholesaler link above, just because he emailed me so much. Had he left me alone I would have ordered 10 Jerseys from him.


If you are hoping to add a jersey or two to your collection and don't have the $Dough$ for Authentics (like me I can get 5-8 Jerseys for the price of one Authentic and that includes shipping on the non authentic.) this is a great way to go.

Now the complaint being that these are rip offs and you are stealing from the NHL, well the same company is probably making the jerseys, and then selling them through this "Wholesaler". And if the NHL ones were worth close to their price I would be a little more agreeable with that statement. But then again I try not to let my politics get in the way of my fandom!

Some say they are thieves, they are corrupt, but they don't steal my money and the product is what I wanted, unlike the NHL which I barely wear my Dats Jersey because it is so cheap looking, pity really, now I have to go out and buy a Dats Jersey I will wear.

#1964222 WCQF Game 7 GDT: Red Wings 6 at Coyotes 1

Posted by Opie on 28 April 2010 - 11:11 AM

Even the announcers were on Mule saying he needed to step up and then in the next breath they talk about he is the first Red Wing in like 35 years to score points in all 7 games of a 7 game series. Yeah that sounds like suck to me? What?

That line has been a puck possession machine(with Cleary or Holmer) and the only thing that kept Franzen from being the Mule was a man nicknamed Bryz!

He was stoned on great doorstep chances and beautiful shots from the dots. Did everyone forget how well their goalie played, already?