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#1935433 Article on Modano and Maybe His Last Game in Dallas

Posted by Opie on 09 April 2010 - 11:08 AM

Regardless of what the team thought, the man should have never lost the 'C', imo he was to the Stars what Yzerman was to the Wings.

#1933218 Howard too old to be Rookie of the Year?

Posted by Opie on 06 April 2010 - 10:21 AM

I simply warned that Le Brun did not say what journalist so desperately tries to claim. But first posters curse LeBrun ....for what?

So the following is not a direct quote from the ESPN article????:

"Confused? Don't be," LeBrun writes. "Howard is 26 years old, 4 years older than Sidney Crosby, who is in his fifth NHL season. Howard is 5 years older than Patrick Kane, the Calder Trophy winner from two seasons ago.

"I understand Howard is eligible for the award (he just slipped under the age cutoff), and he will be among my five choices in my official NHL awards ballot when I fill it out this week, but he won't be my first choice."

I agree he only says he won't be his first choice, the only other thing he says is that his age is the reason. He mentions him in the running for Vezina, well why in the hell would Vezina candidate not win over another player who is not a candidate for any award?

NO Myers talk in the Norris, Hart, Pearson, Selke...etc (I know due to position he is not available for half of the awards I listed, just stating the only trophy he is in line for is the Calder) yet Howard is being talked about as a potential Vezina candidate, which Lebrun has no problem with, but he will not get his vote for Calder, and why?

You read a little and tell me if his article on ESPN.com says any other reason than J-Ho's age.

He doesn't mention the Wings skill, doesn't mention playing behind the world's greatest D, nothing but his age.

So you tell me what I am supposed to infer from the article, that Howard is second because Myers has better rebound control?

How he is ok with him in the Vezina talk as the best goalie in the league but them is unhappy about him qualifying for Calder, because he is 4 years older than Sid when he won, and that the "20 year old Myers", if everything Lebrun writes in the article references age, how do you get that age is not his main point?

#1933213 Hudler done with dynamo

Posted by Opie on 06 April 2010 - 10:13 AM

Wait, when did Downie become anything more than a thug with good linemates?

The man has had one good season, in any league, other than that he has been okay, while breaking rules, bones, teammates faces, and getting severe suspensions.

He has a Hart finalist and a potential future HOFer on his line, and that is just St Louis.

And BTW I love the he only gets 14 minutes and Stamkos and St Louis get more argument, he must play with other lines. UMM NO!

That means his line plays with another winger half of the time.

Why could that be? Could it be like Cheechoo and Michalek and many many others, he is making a living off of their linemates?

NO, it has to be because Downie is so good, that playing him anything more than 15 minutes would be illegal, actually I read some where that the league told Tampa, if he reaches the 15 mpg average Tampa has to forfeit all of their games!

Here is the reason for this thread, LGW gets a boner for enforcers, Downie is a goon, who due to his linemates is productive. Seriously, next season I want to be on St. Louis and Stamkos line, I will play for free, and I guarantee you I score 10+ just by listening to Mickey and stopping at the net with my stick on the ice.

BTW I suck at Hockey.

The other reason, LGW gets a boner for Canadians, and Downie being a Canadien thug who probably shouldn't even be allowed in the league anymore, gets LGW a raging hard on.

Don't blame me those are just the facts!

I mean the guy puts up Sammy/Hudler numbers and is a god, while those guys were scrubs, hmmm could that be because they are not Canadian, GRRRRRRRRRRRRRITTTTTT!

#1933207 Howard too old to be Rookie of the Year?

Posted by Opie on 06 April 2010 - 09:58 AM

OK Comparing two of the best young forwards to come into the game in the last 5 years is a little bit of a stretch there Pierre!

How about other winners, like say, oh I don't know, Nabby.
You know just because they play the same position, are nearly identical in age at time of rookie season, and are much much more comparable than say, oh I don't know two of the top forwards drafted in the last 5 years.

People should realize that making comparisons to Crosby and another Rookie's first years is ridiculous, regardless of the general opinion of the kid on here, he, Malkin, and AO are some of the most talented players to come out of the draft in a long time.

Once you compare some one to Sid, imo, you have failed, especially when it is a Goalie!

Stupid article in general, I have a distinct problem with the voting process in all sports.

For example, Howard by all standards is a rookie, the NHL sets those standards and the voters vote, BASED ON THOSE STANDARDS, not their own. Whether or not Lebrun thinks J-Ho is too old is not his decision and has no barring on the award.

Another example is Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken in baseball, tell me why those guys should not have been 100% voted for into the HOF (Baseball) on the first ballot. The writers association will tell you that it is because Babe Ruth was never Unanimously inducted and if any one deserved it he did. So "Purists" won't vote for certain guys because of that Bias.

Reporters have become over important in their own minds because they have a vote, they see it as their chance to take a stance against some form of injustice.

Instead what they are really being asked for is their informed opinion, back in the day the only way to have an informed opinion was to be at all of the teams games, or read it in the newspaper, the only people at every game were the reporters, MLB needed their vote to determine the awards. Now I would be happier if the League gave it out with no voting.

At least I know the league Biases, and understand their motives are for selling the game, not selling their article or themselves.

Today I can be an informed fan and never read a single article online or in the paper, because I can easily watch every game on any given night (I love you Internet and always will!).

#1927639 Babcock: Goaltending the best since I've been here

Posted by Opie on 29 March 2010 - 08:58 AM

NEVER?, I repeat my question, NEVER felt comfortable with Ozzie in net?

Since when has LGW start taking so many drugs?

I mean I knew there were a couple of other potheads on here, but never having felt comfortable with Ozzie in net, really? Not even when he was backstopping the team to back to back SCFs.

Sure his regular season the past 2-3 years has not been stellar, his post season has been, well Stellar. Before that he was a very good to great goalie.

To say you never felt comfortable with Ozzie in net means, to me, one of two things:

You became a fan after '06 or you are an Ozzie hater, this is like the people who claim Crosby sucks.

No, he is an Ass, but a great hockey player, and Ozzie may be struggling lately (at the end of his career I might add) he was a terrific netminder and will go down as one of the greatest to wear the winged wheel!

#1923247 DET-PIT Post-Game Discussion

Posted by Opie on 23 March 2010 - 01:53 PM

I don't get this.

I can't be an avid Wing's fan because I think Sidney Crosby is a great player?

Geez guess I should sell my season tickets then. Thanks for your input.

No it is your constant baiting that goes unchecked by the mods that is the reason you should leave this board.

You admit it yourself that you are doing it yet you are never ever reprimanded for you constant drivel, like for instance the amount of times you attack the character of Red Wings Players on a Red Wings Forum. You claim to be a avid wings fan yet in this very thread you make comments about Z's heart, you make these comments in every single thread that Crosby's name comes up in. And not in a constructive manner but in a baiting manner.

Reading your crap is as annoying as the Crosby bashers.

Most of the people you are "arguing" with won't change their opinion no matter what you say, and if some one can not admit the talent Crosby is, what makes you think they know jack s*** about hockey?

You are wasting your time and being a troll.

Oh, and spare me you are fighting immaturity with immaturity speech, you are just being a troll and trying to get reactions out of people.

This board is so f-ed up now.

Man do I miss this board circa 2006! People calling for Crosby to be "Moored" or saying Z have no heart are all in the same group, trolls and are hockey ignorant!

As I typed this a mod actually did something!