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In Topic: 12/7 GDT : Red Wings 3 at Hurricanes 1

07 December 2014 - 11:26 PM

Pavel just roasts his matchup every night. We have too much depth for some of these teams in the East. Imagine guys like Kadri having to match up against Datsyuk and then their third centre taking on Sheahan. One of those lines is going to win their match up most nights. That's why I think our first line has slowed down, they're always taking on the top lines

Makes sense. And if that's the case, I'm even more impressed with Nyquist. Playing those high quality minutes, and still producing at a decent pace.


Once it clicks for him. Along with Tatar, Sheahan, Jurco (who has found a niche as a playmaker atm, and it's working for him). With Pulks and Mantha on the way? Ohhhohohoho baby.


Who needs a number 1 pick? Yea yea, would be nice. But this team is contending just find without them. I believe the defense we have waiting will preform like the offense is, or close to it. With Mrazek in net? /drool


What sucks is we'll be the 2010 Hawks. All this talent...have to trade it away as they will cost too much eventually. Gotta make these growing years count!

In Topic: 11/28 GDT - Red Wings @ Devils - 7:00 PM EST

28 November 2014 - 08:00 PM

To the guy above saying that they don't fault Mrazek except for the third goal, what about the first goal?


If he wasn't busy looking straight down at the ice nodding and "headbanging" trying to throw his helmet off to draw a whistle, that would have been an easy save.


No different than the goalies who dive and flop around on the ice trying to draw an interference penalty that the refs don't buy, and get scored on because of it , IMO.

I agree. Just worry about making the save. Not trying to to stop the play. He'll learn. That was a bad spot/time to try the Johnathan Quick trick. Even though it's legit, the ref wont buy it if it's mid play (like someone is about to score 'mid play'). Just look what happened to the Wings first goal. 

In Topic: 11/20 GDT : Red Wings 4 at Jets 3

21 November 2014 - 03:26 AM

"We had good leadership, obviously in our room, we had good leadership on the bench, the vocalness of Dan Cleary and a few unique guys," Babcock said. "Then we just dug in and found a way to get it done."


Just to play devil's advocate against the anti-Babcock/Holland crowd.


Contract extension; with a raise!

In Topic: Wings call up McCollum, assign Mrazek to Grand Rapids

19 November 2014 - 02:50 AM

Anyone feel like Babcock is already burning out Howard?


Howard is a workhorse. He can put together a massive string and not be bothered. It's actually one of he's strong points. There's only two goalies I know of that can out work him, I believe, and that would be Rinne and Quick. Those guys are also Workhorse.


Howard is good for 65 games easy. Rinne and Quick can put up 70+ games.


So burn out shouldn't be an issue.


Now should get to that point? That's another question. Howard, outside of last season (he practically played they entire shortened season), has really never had the benefit of relief. It would be wise to rest him if you can the means to. If the Wings make a push, your goalie needs all the stamina they can save up. He's never had that benefit until last season, and he wasn't himself last season(he also got injured..he was playing well in the playoffs I guess).


I hope he gets some rest, as he's back in form. I'd like to see the Wings make it past the 2nd round with him in net.

In Topic: 10/29 GDT - Red Wings 4 @ Capitals 2

30 October 2014 - 02:10 PM

I'm really torn. I think Howard is that type of goalie you just don't say "let's trade him".


He had an average season last season. After all the .920+ hee put together in front of this defensive cluster eff, he get's a pass. I'm not going to count his sophomore year against him either. He bounced back in a big way towards the end of that season and into the playoffs, so he was forgiven in my eyes.


So in all, he's strung together several great seasons for us, and had 1 average season (.910). In front of a declining team to boot! Put this guy on a contending team and he takes them to the promise land. I believe Howard is that good of a goalie. Not 25-30. top 20 on a good season good. He's better than that.


With that said, it's going to suck to see him go. I know it's going to come down to it; Howard or Mrazek. The crummy thing about it is...Mrazek isn't going to to have any success with this team. He'll have  about as much as Howard had. You'll only go as  far as your offense takes you...and at the mercy of your brutal defense (better this year so far...thankfully).


When the time comes, I hope he's a good trade, and it's for somewhere he can succeed. Not to some bottom feeding team for a top 6 forward. He's a the top three reason why the playoff streak is still alive: Zetts, Datsyuk, Howie. I hope they treat him right.


Then again...Mrazek may end up the trade bait. That will just tick a whole lot of people off won't it. heh A good problem to have, but not at the same time.