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In Topic: Howard a top 6-8 goalie?

25 June 2013 - 09:51 PM

I consider elite to be top 2-3 goalies in the league, and usually not flash in the pans either, long term success goes into being elite or else Eliot/Mason/Nemi/etc would be 'elite' because they had one or two good season then faded.

I get what you are saying.


Howard is a consistent goalie in my opinion. 4 seasons. 3 out of the 4 he's been in the top 10, or higher, in every stat....while being a workhorse. Sophomore slump year. Does anyone remember that year? He was a sub .900/ 3.00+ goalie all year...signs the contract...Bam! He's rookie Howard for the rest of the season (with a little bit better rebound control). Goes into the playoffs and plays well. He salvaged that year because he played like the Jimmy we know today the last quarter of the season (there abouts).


Makes you wonder if that was his issue all year: "Am i going to get signed? Am I trade bait?" Sign him earlier and I wonder if that second season wouldn't look so bad. But that's just an observation of mine, And something that I cannot ever prove, or we'll ever know. It's written in history now.


My point with that is, is he was more than capable that year to play like his first season...his third season and 4th season, but the contract year (and Holland holding out all season) messed with his head. When he got signed...he played like Jimmy Howard (like a top 10 goalie). No wonder he was making a big deal about it this year; not wanting it to get to his head.


It's a theory of mine...but look at the stats. It all fits.


But back to the thread at hand. He's been getting better every year. I think he peaks in about 2 more years and holds it till about 35.Typical goalie. So 6-8 isn't for fetched. Realistically? He'' probably top out at 8.

In Topic: Howard a top 6-8 goalie?

25 June 2013 - 08:18 PM

I lived thru the Cujo era...sigh...


Same. I remember the dead wing era too. sigh sigh... lol


Howard and Mrazek. Can't really get much better than that. It would be nitpicking at that point. Although...Mrazek hasn't really been tested at the NHL level yet. But he's pretty much a good to go.

In Topic: Howard a top 6-8 goalie?

25 June 2013 - 07:37 PM


I came up with 


2013: 9th SV% (.923) 8th GAA (2.13)

2011-2012: t10th SV% (.920) 6th GAA (2.12)

2010-2011: 31st SV% (.908) 34st GAA (2.79)


Did you include goalies that played very few games?


I notice people do this when arguing against any goalie. Then you find out that there's back up ahead with 2 or 3 games played. You have to do it with comparable games.


Outside his sophomore year, isn't Howard always in the top 10 with his stats? Not to mention he's fighting it out with Quick or Rinne for Workhorse of the year. That's not easy to do I would think. I would place him top 8-10 with those facts alone.

In Topic: Howard a top 6-8 goalie?

25 June 2013 - 07:24 PM

Well...Before he came into the league he was pegged as back up level....maybe he'll reach top 20. The expectations for this kid on HFboards AND here were not very high. I remember it vividly!


Now? NHL.com has had articles about him being a top 8 goalie. HFboards talks about him being a top 10 goalie. The tone about him has totally changed in a half of a season. I have no doubts he'll put up another .920+ 2.20 or less campaign. For a guy average 50+ games? That's has to be better than top 15.


I mean...Anderson is being put in the top 5 now...and he's putting up similar numbers with 20 games here. 17 games there. Howard and Anderson have about the same about of games played...and Anderson has 8 seasons on him. But he's top 5. /boggle.


How we fans come up with goalie rankings is beyond me. *sigh*

In Topic: WCF : (5) Los Angeles Kings vs. (1) Chicago Blackhawks

02 June 2013 - 07:07 PM

Watching game one just made me appreciate Jimmy's work for us even more. To me, he was the number 1 reason the Wings were even in that series. It looks like Quick will be in the same shoes and Jimmy.


I thought L.A would have the fore checking ability to break through. I know it's one game. But you can usually get a feel. They are going to struggle like Detroit did against Chicago's defense.


What I thought would be a goaltending match in Quicks favor...it's Quick VS Chicago's defense...just like it  was for the Wings. Jimmy VS their defense...not the goalie. And unfortunately for Quick...Chicago's offense is faster than their very fast defense. That means a lot of shots of the very high quality variety.


Jimmy almost stole the series. Quick is a better goalie, though...He might be able to squeeze them through, but it will be ugly. Then again...Chicago and Crawford may have that Horseshoe tucked somewhere, and get more flukey bounces off the boards/skates in their favor. It may just be their year. /barf