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In Topic: 2/11 GDT : Red Wings 1 at Penguins 4

11 February 2015 - 09:43 PM


So you think these boards are more fun when nobody posts and everybody who does talks about how great we are?

Well then, it's decided. Let's make the site more exciting! The Red Wings are decent, and aren't even in the same league as TBL, Pens, Habs, etc etc...after 1 game. Howard sucks. Babcock needs to go. Holland needs to go. Blow. It. Up.

In Topic: Jimmy Howard.......All-Star!

22 January 2015 - 12:14 PM


I love Jimmy, don't get me wrong and he is our #1 goalie.  I'm not on the bandwagon of getting rid of him.  However, you have to agree Mrazek has only had limited NHL experience and is doing pretty damn well as our #1 right now.  We haven't had a goalie like that coming up through our draft system since I don't know when.  I only see him getting better.  Yes, he'll have his ups and downs just like any goalie.  However, remember, he's a rookie that is our #1 right now, and without these injuries to Monster and Jimmy, would still be playing in the AHL.  


Who's reason?

Let's be frank, just about every rookie (save for the very bad ones) comes up to the NHL and looks like the next Roy. That is until the league figures them out. Then all of the sudden those .939 1.34 back to back seasons (playing only 18 games or so) dip down drastically to something like ...885. Back to the AHL they go. Maybe a couple of them will be seen in the NHL a couple of years from now as a back up. Or they just fade away, and those rookie seasons get chalked up as flukes.


Mrazek is lumped in with these very same rookies until he's proven. I'm not too quick to jump on a boat that I've seen way too many times...that just ends up sinking. And for that reason, there's no reason to shorten Howards leash...on an already shortened leash by the fans.


Is Mrazek Talented? He looks like it. But he's certainly not ready to take over Jimmy's job.


@toby91: Every goalie goes through rough patches. Even the top 5 that people always drool over. That's why you look at the big picture. Not a hand full of games here and there that can be cherry picked to make a case that the goalie is just plain average (see, I have proof! he went on a stretch of 8 games where he averaged .905). 


The man may not have elite stretches as good as the top 5. But when he has his low points, he still performs on par, with you average goalie. I rarely see Howard get lit up for more than 4. And that's rare. It's 1-2, with an occasional 3. 4 being a bad game. He's let in more than 4 throughout his career, but I'm sure there's maybe a dozen of them. He just plods along with 1-2/occasional 3 goals against for the majority of career. To me, his consistency is constantly understated. Never elite. But never really bad. And people talk as if this is a bad thing.

In Topic: Jimmy Howard.......All-Star!

22 January 2015 - 12:46 AM

I really don't understand the flak Howard gets, or the short, SHORT, leash he's been given.


For some reason, he's been labeled an barely average- average goalie. It almost seems like the fans, or just hockey fans in general, are hypocritical about the guy.


Barely average-average= a .900-.910. .915 on a good year? Maybe 60% at the shootout?


If that's what we expect from Howard, then last season he shouldn't have really been crucified. He played within his talent level, accord to most. You see, to me, Barely average- average goalies do not post .920+ the majority of their career (so far). To me, until his average season last season, an average goalie doesn't post around 75% in the shootout, consistently. To me, that's high end of above average goal tending. Or has he just been overachieving his whole career? And don't tell be it's because of the stout defense we put out on that ice. /sarcasm


Oh, but what about this year's shootout numbers! Statistical anomalies happen. You just don't go from one of the better shootout goalies, to the worst, without a reason. I'm sure it will be fixed.


Mrazek has talent. But he's far from ready. He has had the benefit of an offensive burst from the Wings right now. Sure it's a team game. But had it been Howard it net letting in those very same goals? The man would be on GOAT status, if he isn't there already.


Mrazek can't catch a puck. He can't swallow a puck. Sure Jimmy's rebound control was bad, but not this bad. It was mostly Jimmy's kick saves (as still kind of there) that were the problem. Never a glove issue, or swallowing the puck...to this degree.


I feel like Mrazek supporters are on a high right now because "he's winning". But once there's a stretch where he needs to squeeze points from 5-6 1 goal games in a row. I know Jimmy can do it. Mrazek? I'm not so sure. And as excited as some people are, and as I am, I'm not ready to hand over the reigns to the kid until he's 100% better than Jimmy. And Jimmy is a realllly good goal tender. It won't be an easy take over, no matter how we try to conjure up a scenario.

In Topic: 12/7 GDT : Red Wings 3 at Hurricanes 1

07 December 2014 - 11:26 PM

Pavel just roasts his matchup every night. We have too much depth for some of these teams in the East. Imagine guys like Kadri having to match up against Datsyuk and then their third centre taking on Sheahan. One of those lines is going to win their match up most nights. That's why I think our first line has slowed down, they're always taking on the top lines

Makes sense. And if that's the case, I'm even more impressed with Nyquist. Playing those high quality minutes, and still producing at a decent pace.


Once it clicks for him. Along with Tatar, Sheahan, Jurco (who has found a niche as a playmaker atm, and it's working for him). With Pulks and Mantha on the way? Ohhhohohoho baby.


Who needs a number 1 pick? Yea yea, would be nice. But this team is contending just find without them. I believe the defense we have waiting will preform like the offense is, or close to it. With Mrazek in net? /drool


What sucks is we'll be the 2010 Hawks. All this talent...have to trade it away as they will cost too much eventually. Gotta make these growing years count!

In Topic: 11/28 GDT - Red Wings @ Devils - 7:00 PM EST

28 November 2014 - 08:00 PM

To the guy above saying that they don't fault Mrazek except for the third goal, what about the first goal?


If he wasn't busy looking straight down at the ice nodding and "headbanging" trying to throw his helmet off to draw a whistle, that would have been an easy save.


No different than the goalies who dive and flop around on the ice trying to draw an interference penalty that the refs don't buy, and get scored on because of it , IMO.

I agree. Just worry about making the save. Not trying to to stop the play. He'll learn. That was a bad spot/time to try the Johnathan Quick trick. Even though it's legit, the ref wont buy it if it's mid play (like someone is about to score 'mid play'). Just look what happened to the Wings first goal.