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#2199869 Chris Osgood announces retirement

Posted by Motown4013 on 20 July 2011 - 01:03 PM

Congrats to Chris Osgood on an amazing career and for everything he brought to the Red Wings. He is a class act and I hope he makes the hall...he certianly deserves it!

#2197654 Double D

Posted by Motown4013 on 09 July 2011 - 11:04 PM

It's a very neat thought that Doughty could be on this roster and it would make sense to try a get a solid replacment for Nick Now but is it possible?? If they were going to make a trade for Doughty here is what I'd like to see. Stuart, Hudler, and Filppula for Doughty. No Picks at all keep the draft picks out of the equasion. If it happens I'd be on board as long as it's a fair deal.

Actually I would do the complete opposite... I would LOAD this whole deal on picks. Hudler, Ericsson and the first round for the next 2 years. We are an elite team...give them as many "26th" picks they want...we like to find our talent 210th overall!!!
Its different if you are the leafs or the Islanders...you may be looking at a top 5 pick, but LA wouldnt get a top 20 pick and we would land DD!

#2162327 WCSF Game 2 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Sharks 2

Posted by Motown4013 on 30 April 2011 - 10:57 PM

Just to put this in perspective.....The wings have lost ONE game in the Stanley Cup Playoffs....One game...in overtime- After all the crazy 7 game series, comebacks and breakdowns, we do NOT need to panic yet. Relax, enjoy...they will be fine!

#2159866 (2) San Jose Sharks vs. (3) Detroit Red Wings

Posted by Motown4013 on 28 April 2011 - 09:25 AM

I love Hockey Chick Banter...Its the best :) Hard to find a savvy female hockey fan to duel with...and you make some solid points but let me add some depth to this conversation.
And you should go ahead and say it. Shout it from the rooftops. I'm saying nothing against Zetterberg who is an awesome player with great playoff stats for the past four years. No argument from me at all. Well seriously, how could ANYONE argue this. The guy is a machine in the playoffs...so that is a mute pointWell seriously, how could ANYONE argue this.

However, what I AM saying is that rolling out the same old tired cliches about "disappearing Joe" are not particularly valid right now. He had a great series against the Kings by anyone's standards. Anyone calling out Joe's play right now is showing laziness of thought and not paying attention to reality. Laziness of thought? Well, I will challenge that as well as my clear loss on reality, but numbers don't lie. What I see is that Thornton has FIVE points in six games, two of which went to OT. So, in 23 periods of hockey, his 5 points is, at the absolute best, an average number. Less points than Clowe...and tied with a rookie and Patty Marleau and Ian White...a third line D-Man, so he has not been "God like" here. Granted, he did score key goals at big times...but they guy gets PAID to about 8 million a year to perform at big times so I suppose I am confused about why this is a tremndous feat for him...its his job. THAT is the reality.

Let me tell you about this awesome player....he was a major league prospect and a high first-round draft pick, he had been the Captain of an Original 6 team, he averaged over a point per game in his career in the first 13 seasons, and his team was once the number one seed in the West only to lose a hearbreaking first round series to the lowly eighth seeded team. Everyone called him a choker 'cause he just couldn't get it done in the post-season and neither could the rest of his very talented team.

By the way, this player's name is Steve Yzerman.
Just so you are aware, before Yzerman won his first Cup, he had very little supporting cast. Just to play devils advocate...Thorton is surrounded by talent ad naseaum. The Sharks have a loaded team and for years, Stevie had Shawn Burr and Yves racine. In 97/98, when Stevie won the cup, they built a team around him- Federov, Shanny ect...before that, it is ridiculus to compare. Actually, its ridiculous to talk about Yzerman and Thornton in the same breath...Lets be honest- Thornton is a talented guy, but he is no Yzerman.

Then in his 14th season in the league, when he was 32 years old, Stevie Y finally won the Cup and everyone stopped calling him a big fat choker. He was neevr a choker. Yzerman has the drive and heart unlike anyone in sports...now THAT is a laziness of mind comment if I have ever heard one.
Joe Thornton is in his 14th NHL season and he will be 32 in July. Coincidence? Yeah, probably. But something for Wings fans to think about when the bandy the choker label around. I think Thornton is a great hockey player...I would imagine that, by now he is probably a better golfer, having a lot of experience on the links!
Wings in 6

#2159582 (2) San Jose Sharks vs. (3) Detroit Red Wings

Posted by Motown4013 on 27 April 2011 - 08:12 PM

Yeah, you mean that guy who went 2G+3A=5P in 6 games (both of those goals being GWG -- and one of them the series clincher in OT), with a faceoff percentage of 64.2% while taking a majority of the faceoffs -- what a loser who totally disappeared, huh? I'd really hate to have a guy like Joe Thornton on my team. :rolleyes:

The last 4 years:
2006-2007 Red Wings 18 6 8 14 1 12 3 0 1 78 7.7
2007-2008 Red Wings 22 13 14 27 16 16 4 2 4 116 11.2
2008-2009 Red Wings 23 11 13 24 13 13 4 0 0 82 13.4
2009-2010 Red Wings 12 7 8 15 [b]11[/b] 6 2 0 2 45 15.6

2006-2007 Sharks 11 1 10 11 2 10 0 0 0 23 4.3
2007-2008 Sharks 13 2 8 10 3 2 1 0 1 29 6.9
2008-2009 Sharks 6 1 4 5 -3 5 1 0 0 17 5.9
2009-2010 Sharks 15 3 9 12 -11 18 1 0 1 35 8.6

Just sayin'

#2152128 200 Posts for a Game 3 Victory!

Posted by Motown4013 on 18 April 2011 - 12:45 PM

Lets go Wings

PS: Hockey gods...Please have someone punch Shane Doan in the mouth!

#2143179 Weekend Picks - Week 24

Posted by Motown4013 on 07 April 2011 - 08:45 AM

I am not going to play this week...instead I am going to rally behind the people that have a chance for bragging rights on the weekend picks champ for this year. Good for you LGW'ers! Also, don't for get that I offered a signed Franzen puck to the winner so I just want to say good luck to everyone...this one may be going to overtime for a winner!Once the winner is announced, please PM me and I will get your address ect!

Cheers and thanks as well to Kook for doing this! Props to you :clap:

So...it all comes down to this, kiddies. Hanta yo!

Friday, April 8
Pittsburgh at NY Islanders
Philadelphia at Buffalo
Chicago at Detroit
Florida at Tampa Bay
Carolina at Atlanta
Columbus at Nashville
Minnesota at Edmonton
Dallas at Colorado
San Jose at Phoenix
Los Angeles at Anaheim

Saturday, April 9
New Jersey at NY Rangers
Ottawa at Boston
Tampa Bay at Carolina
NY Islanders at Philadelphia
Montreal at Toronto
Washington at Florida
Buffalo at Columbus
Nashville at St. Louis
Vancouver at Calgary
Anaheim at Los Angeles
Phoenix at San Jose

Sunday, April 10
Detroit at Chicago
Boston at New Jersey
Edmonton at Colorado
Pittsburgh at Atlanta
Dallas at Minnesota

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#2136611 Jimmy Howard injury

Posted by Motown4013 on 26 March 2011 - 10:34 PM

Lol Joey McDonald. Yeah, were gonna go far with him. He's a Legace clone. The guys horrible let's be honest here.

f***in Osgood, how do you think your gonna be ready and not let us get a f***in replacement at the deadline. FFS.

Do you WATCH the games???

#2135014 In Defense of Joey Mac

Posted by Motown4013 on 23 March 2011 - 03:54 PM

Since we have learned that Ozzie won't return and has suffered another set back, it occured to me that this doesn't frighten me as much as I thought. I would absolutely like to see Ozzie back for the playoffs because his veteran leadership- he has been to the show and won it all. In saying that, I have to give a ton of props to MacDonald. I know his stats are a bit lackluster but I think he has been very very solid for the Wings. This guy doesn't seem to have a panic button. He is ready to go in any situation and he has come up huge for us when needed. I am not just speaking of a few critial saves in the last game against the Pens but when I have watched him in previous games, I like his style of play...he is a much better goalie than I initially thought. Anyone else feel like jmac deserves some props? Also, could he be a starting goalie or a reliable 30 game back up at this point?

#2126729 3/5 GDT: Red Wings 4 at Coyotes 5 (SO)

Posted by Motown4013 on 06 March 2011 - 09:47 AM

No I watched it... Yah, 3 out of the 4 goals were not his fault per say (the 3rd one he should have had) but we cannot afford to watch him let in 4 goals every game and have ppl say "But he had no chance". The job of a goalie is to MAKE SAVES to keep his team in the game, and you arent doing that if you let in 4 goals in as many games as he does. That is my ultimate point here... he has not been consistently fulfilling his job of being a goalkeeper

The TEAM has not been consistantly fulfilling his job of being winners. Jimmy was great tonight...everyone else looked slow, lazy and unmotivated. Say what you want about Jimmy this season but last night's loss was not on him!

#2121201 2/24 GDT: Stars 4 at Red Wings 1

Posted by Motown4013 on 24 February 2011 - 10:30 AM

Agreed that Detroit needs to dominate. The stars are doing a nose drive and they just lost a huge future star in Neal. I want this baby to be an offensive FRENZY!!!! Wings 5-1

#2121200 steal the face of a franchise!

Posted by Motown4013 on 24 February 2011 - 10:26 AM

I picked the guy that annoys the crap out of everyone when he is on the ice, so Getzy was an obvious choice here. Big body, great hands, does everything well...hate to play against him and would love to have him in the winged wheel

#2097065 Money On The Board Deetroit Style!

Posted by Motown4013 on 14 January 2011 - 03:07 PM

Count me in! I am currently at work but will forward a contribution tonight when I can access my paypal account from home (My work has site regulated bans...no facebook, ebay, paypal ect)
Thanks very much-

#2085918 Congratulations Chris Osgood!

Posted by Motown4013 on 27 December 2010 - 11:50 PM

Congrats Ozzie on #400!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#2062246 Miller likely out and Eaves in againstColorado

Posted by Motown4013 on 12 November 2010 - 05:05 PM

I love babs but why would he call out Huds when he just had the best game of the season? The guy needs a bit of confidence- not for someone to s*** in his cereal....