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#2323740 Our Current Defense / What Holland Can Do *merged

Posted by Motown4013 on 03 August 2012 - 01:26 PM

Filppula, Samuelsson, Bertuzzi and 2013 1st to Buffalo for Tyler Myers. Franzen, Kindl, and 2014 1st to Tampa for Hedman.




That defense would be killer.

Ok, the defense would be killer but just LOOK at the second line you concocted. Really? You know we also have to SCORE goals too, right?
Also, thats a whole lotta talent for Myers, a young kid who has had one good season....Not a great, superlative or amazing season- it was a good season.

#2323434 Your Favorite Hits

Posted by Motown4013 on 01 August 2012 - 02:08 PM

oh man...I SO miss hockey!!!!!!

#2320227 With cap space to clear, do Flyers become a Wings trade partner?

Posted by Motown4013 on 19 July 2012 - 09:15 AM

Yea even so who r we giving in return nothing is free

on a salary dumps, they are looking for picks and prospects...not more players they need to pay. Our roster would remain virtually the same Id think.

#2320224 With cap space to clear, do Flyers become a Wings trade partner?

Posted by Motown4013 on 19 July 2012 - 09:12 AM

Right now, if Weber becomes a Flyer, PHI is cap compliant with 23 players on their roster. They will want to re-sign Voracek but they have ~700k under the cap plus Lilja will be bounced. So they'll have $1.5M. That won't be enough for Voracek but to me it doesn't mean they have to move a D. Plus, there are an awful lot of NTC's on that blueline.

Having less than a million is pretty scary......someone gets hurt through the year and they are kinda screwed. I imagine they wont want to be up against the wall. I think they will send someone out to give themselves some breathing space. Timonen does have a NMC as does Coburn BUT its not like the players would accept a trade Columbus. Most guys, knowing their top dog status is dwindling in Philly would waive it to play with the Wings.

#2317334 How bad are we if our roster is now finalized?

Posted by Motown4013 on 09 July 2012 - 01:26 PM

Sammy and Brunner are improvements over Hudler. Sammy puts up comparable numbers, but also plays a way better 2-way game. Meanwhile Brunner is a right handed sniper with way better wheels and seemingly more creativity.

Both are also improvements over the 1-dimensional Homer. Sammy can play the point on the PP and Brunner brings more than just standing in front of the net taking penalties to negate half our PP's, he is fast and can clearly move the puck better, but can also hang on to it and make things happen.

Nyquist won't replace Miller cause Miller should be full time on the 4th line. He earned his spot on the team. Nyquist will rotate between 1-3 and should be just fine defensively cause he's good at stealing the puck and has really good wheels to backcheck, unlike Hudler...have fun getting 38 points this year for the Flames, whom suck hard.

No one replaces Lidstrom...end of story. In saying that, Smith is my candidate for the Calder Trophy. He has all the tools to be a top 2 dman and has a nose for the net and is a tough SOB. I predict he will ultimately surpass Kronner on the Wings depth chart and that's from a huge Kronwall fan.

Didn't improve offensively? We lost Hudler and gained Sammy to offset his scoring, Tootoo, whom on a team that gets F all for scoring, got 35ish points on the 3rd/4th lines and added the Swiss Elite league scoring champ who was also a point per game at the world championships.

How many we're doomed threads are you going to make this offseason? We're a week and a bit into free agency and there's 3 months until the season starts, if it starts...

Not to beat a dead horse but offensively, Hudler is a better point producer than Sammy and Brunner is unproven. You can look his success in other leagues because it never translated to NHL standard so saying they are both an upgrade is BS. That has yet to be seen. Both of these players are ubgrades over Homer who is playing on the FOURTH line, but neither is as good on the powerplay. Say what you like about the demolition man, but he was the best net screeners ever and build for the PP>
TooToo is a good addition but he has ONE year that he had 30 pts on the 3rd/ 4th line so again, its unproven as to whether this increases offense or not. I like the additions Holland has made BUT it impossible to say we got better, especially with Brunner. Big ice, different speed, different league....not even comparable.

#2315741 Jonathan Ericsson. Knock, knock...

Posted by Motown4013 on 05 July 2012 - 01:49 PM

Thanks. I know a lot of people on here wont necessarily see eye to eye with me on this one, but it's simply a feeling that I can't shake inside.

Well said. I too have been a Big E supporter and feel like he really can emerge into a great D man! Thanks for posting!

#2311031 Hudler to test free agency

Posted by Motown4013 on 29 June 2012 - 10:30 AM

I have never understoof the Hudler hate. 25 goals, 25 A's.....I think this is a mistake, but let the haters hate I guess

#2311027 Valtteri Filppula - we should get him locked up as soon as possible

Posted by Motown4013 on 29 June 2012 - 10:24 AM

I disagree. I think Flip finally found his confidence and the Wings have been waiting for him to emerge. I think he is leadership material and he is respected by his peers in the dressing room for being a very talented 2 way guy. Another year like last and he could be nominated for the Selke.
If anyone should go, it should be Franzenfloat. He had one great year in a series of injuries, disappointments and laziness. I'd love to have him involved in a trade for someone who doesnt take 20 seconds to loggygag back to the bench.
I may be in the minority but I feel Flips game will only grow and mature and he is going to be a priority to lock him up

#2309989 Peter Mueller

Posted by Motown4013 on 26 June 2012 - 10:03 AM

I have always loved this kid and have watched him with interest. He is a very talented player who needs a big dose of confidence, to stay healthy and some role models. I would love to have him in a Wings jersey....he could flourish here!

#2301510 Babcock and Holland want to keep Homer.

Posted by Motown4013 on 15 May 2012 - 02:22 PM

I tend to agree. he seems much better as a wing. One way to put back on the wing is to sign (acquire somehow) two new wingers for Datsyuk (Parise & Semin(cheap) just suggesting names) which will put Franzen back down with Zetterberg (where I think he does a bit better) and that'll put Filppula back at third line center pushing Helm back to the 4th sliding Abby back to the wing.

Parise - Dastyul - Semin
Franzen - Zetterberg - Nyquist
Bertuzzi - Filppula - Cleary
Miller - Helm - Abdelkader
Eaves (homer)

You could flip Miller/Eaves and Homer in and out I guess, this would cause you to lose both Emmerton and Mursak though...unless Cleary is traded (which I do not see happening...)

I cant stress enough that I for one do NOT want Semin on this team as long as we have Franzenfloat. He is lazy, underproduces, cant backcheck and would NOT fit into the system in Detroit SO unless he is willing to take a huge paycut and completely change his game, NO NO NO!

#2301229 Babcock and Holland want to keep Homer.

Posted by Motown4013 on 14 May 2012 - 10:14 AM

6'5 and 212 lbs isn't big? :blink:

Im with Kip...whats with the manlove for Gaustad? A first round pick is WAY WAY WAY too much to pay for a guy like this and people are STILL going on about him like we missed getting Gretzky. There are plenty of big boys with soft hands out there.....enough about Gaustad already!

#2299807 The new guys thoughts.....

Posted by Motown4013 on 07 May 2012 - 12:39 PM

Glad you brought up injuries. all of these guys are old, and older players get hurt more often than younger players. it also takes them longer to recover. That is very much part of their decline. None of these guys are going to get healthier as they get older. just doesn't happen. nicky is/was a freak of nature going as long as he did before father time caught up with him. kind of like Nolan Ryan in baseball. no one that age should be that durable and throw that hard.
The cold hard trueth is, all of those players are in decline. if you go and look at all the teams in every professional sport, the teams that make deep playoff runs and win championships have the majority of their players in the 27-32 age group. That is when men reach the physical peak, and have the experience to be good.

The evidence to our decline is starring everyone in the face. We just lost in the 1st round to the Preds. Other than Suter and Weber, is anyone on their team worth trading our best players for? Go through their forwards and ours. rank them 1-14. our 1 is better than theirs. Our 2 is better than theirs. Our 3 is better than theirs. Etc... yet we lost and it wasn't even close. They as a team were bigger, younger, faster, and more hungrey than we were.

As for money/FA items, keep this in mind. we have about 20 million overall to spend. We need to resign helm and Abdelkater. That will take around 4 million. Leaves 16. if Nicky returns, that spends another 3-4 million. Leaving 12 to spend. Even if we are lucky enough to add Suter and parise (spelling), we are at best the same team that just lost in the 1st round. Parise is going to have to have his career best year to offset the lost goals by Holmstrom and Hudler. Stuart and Suter is about a wash.

For the past 20 years we as a team have been smaller than average. but we were faster and more skilled, which allowed us to win. Now the league is filled with guys 3+ inches taller and 15+ pounds heavier that are as fast or faster and every bit as skilled.

Wow, you make blanketed statement with the age and injury thing
I understand we lost a lot of players due to injury but you cant just say that the team is old. How about Helm, Ericsson, Kindl, Mursak, Quincey and Eaves. ALL missed 10 games or more due to injury....average age...23.5 years. Kinda debunks your myth because from where I am sitting, young guys get hurt just like the old geezers...No question that it takes older guys longer to heal- It also takes experience on how to take a hit, when to press and when to sit, how to fall so you dont hurt yourself.
No doubt this team is missing a few key parts...It became evident as year wore on BUT this is also the same team who won 23 games in a row at home, setting a new NHL record and did a lot of things right. If this team is capable of that, we dont need a major overhaul. We dont need to look at replacing 10 people on this team in the next 2 years.....thats NOT gonna happen and it shouldnt. Key components with our core group and the Wings will be where they want to be.
PS Love David Jones? Bigger, Stronger, Faster, Healthier..No, missed 11 games due to injury. Just sayin'

#2299777 The new guys thoughts.....

Posted by Motown4013 on 07 May 2012 - 09:54 AM

But the problem is, all of our core are old. They are all expensive. How many will still be playing in 5 years? You can't add new expensive star players will keeping/paying the old ones. Look at the following:

Z is 32. his point totals the last 5 years are: 92, 73, 70, 80, and 69.

Dat: 34 years points: 97, 97, 70, 59, 67

Franzen is 33 5 year points: 38, 59, 21, 55, 56 why a guy that has never scored 60 points in a season is considered a premier play is beyond me. he was 69th in scoring this year.

Bertuzzi is 37. 5 year points: 40, 44, 44, 45, 38

Cleary is 34. 5 year totals: 42, 40, 34, 46, 33

Lidstrom is 42 (we share that....LOL) 5 year totals: 70, 59, 49, 62, 34.

Kronwall is 31. 5 year totals: 35, 51, 22, 37, 36.

Now here is the point. All fo these guys are on a negitive slope. yes some improved in 2011, but with the ages involved that is more likely a 1 time thing than a trend. This group is not going to get better. Only worse. All are signed except Nicky of course. In this day and age we can't just cut them either.

No I do not exect Z and Dat to get traded. To much attached to them. But if we where going to, now is the time. Wait much longer and they will not have much value. Looking ahead a couple of years, a team that is lead by a 38 year old and 36 year old, at C is not going to go well.

I understand your point and some of your arguements have merit, but these numbers are quite misleading. You only give stats for the last 5 year with no mention of X factors, like injuries, line mate injuries or other issues. You have Lids looking like he had a terrible year but dont mention he was a PLUS player (+21) this year and a -2 last year, Played 12 less games (and probably would have stayed out a bit longer if the wings had time) AND he was playing with a player in White that is a much less effective D-man than Rafalski.
Don't like those numbers...lets examine Bert. He has been quite consistant when it comes to numbers but he only but up 38 this year compared to a mid 40's campain...well, again, Bert missed 11 games with back spasms and a sinus infection. He played on 3 different lines with probably 8 different guys, He's a half point player a game...add 6 points in those 11 games that he missed, and he is just about the same as he has been the last 5 years EXCEPT that he improved in some areas..He was a PLUS 23 this year compared to a -7. He had the best shot percentage in the last 5 years and he was lights out in the shoot out. Same with Z and Pavs. Pavs missed 12 games...he could have missed 20. He played with Bert and a very lazy Franzen all year but still put up close to a point a game ( 67 in 70) when he was injured. Zetterberg had a horrid start but was more than a point a game, and dominated games once he got his mojo going. These two guys do sooooo much in the defensive end that their value cant be measured until you see them play.

I know people say stats dont lie...they don't........... but they can be presented in a way that looks good. You have to look at the entire picture and I dont think you did that.

#2296291 Dream 2012 Stanley Cup Finals

Posted by Motown4013 on 23 April 2012 - 01:25 PM

What a crazy Stanley Cup year! At this rate, i truly believe that anyone could win it this year!!!!!Its been fun to watch!

#2296286 Red Wings Report Cards

Posted by Motown4013 on 23 April 2012 - 01:21 PM

Hey LGW: I was thinking about how I anticipated this year as kind of a year of change with Raffy gone and Ozzie shifting the crown full time to Howard. Some players exceeded my expectations...some disappointed. Just wondered what everyone though? Anyway, I gave players an A+ to F grade, based on WHAT MY EXPECTATIONS WERE on the year for then. What were yours?

Abdelkader, Justin B. I felt Abby got stronger as the season progressed. He had a few more points this year but he looked stronger on the puck.

Bertuzzi, Todd B- Todd was awesome in the shootout but he is still very proned to taking untimely penalties. He was hot and cold and about what I expected

Brunnstrom, Fabian D I was really excited when we signed Bruno and I kept waiting for him to show me how much potential he has but besides in training camp, I didnt see anything at all. He was a big disappointment for me.

Cleary, Danny C Cleary looked slower and less hungry early in the season, way before his knee injury was an issue. At times I thought he should be the guy sitting. He showed me some of the old Clears in the playoffs but he didnt seem to have the passion.

Commodore, Mike B I actually thought Commie was solid for us and I prefered him over Kindl. I am probably in the minority, but I think we missed his size and physical play.

Conklin, Ty E He was horrid. No need to berate the guy...his play said it all

Conner, Chris B- He was about what I expected except he is faster that I thought. I like his energy and his attitude

Datsyuk, Pavel A- Pavs didnt have a fantastic year but alot of that was his knees and his linemates. I hope next year we get him a Parise to play with! I still this Dats has a lot of magical hockey in him!

Eaves, Patrick ...I cant give a grade when the guy was out all year.

Emmerton, Cory D He didnt take a step and I think Mursak is a better player. I wondered why he was in the line up when there are other players that are better players than him. I dont anticipate seeing him next year.

Ericsson, Jonathan B I welcome the negs on my grade here, but I felt Big E took an important step this year. I remember when he got hurt, people were happy and I thought he would be missed much more that ppl thought. He was great on the PK and I liked his game, especially down the stretch.

Filppula, Valtteri A my 1st A...and it goes to Flip who was great and finally had his breakout year. He peetered down the stretch but he was so good in his own end and such a great skater, he keeps the A.

Franzen, Johan D- Lazy, streaky, disappointing, hard to watch. Franzen may have has lots of goals but he cost us a few as well. He IS the most frustrating person to watch on this team and I would not be sad to part with him in the offseason.

Helm, Darren B+ he works so hard, creates havoc on boths ends of the ice and we missed him a ton when he was injured. He didnt put up as many points but he does everything so well.

Holmstrom, Tomas B- I thought Homer did a good job in the role he played this year. He could have complained that he was stuck on the 4th line, but he worked EVERY SINGLE SHIFT out there and it made me love him even more. I think this is the last of the demolition man, which saddens me!

Howard, Jimmy A- Before that finger injury, Howie was in Vezina contention I think. He was a stud but never really recovered from the finger and groin problems. He came up with some HUGE saves for us, even though he was a bit flat in the playoffs!

Hudler, Jiri B+ What a turnaround season. I was very happy for Happy this year. Lead the team in goals and after a horrific year last year, he righted the ship. I dont know if he will be back, but I am glad Hudler was able to have a good season in Detroit!

Janik, Doug B No panic Janik ws solid when he came up...like he always is. He's a good guy to have in the AHL

Kindl, Jakub D Again, I didnt see Kindl take the next step this year and, in fact, I felt like he may have regressed, being outplayed by Commodore. Not sure what will happen to Kindl but he didnt appear ready to play full time with the big boys this year.

Kronwall, Niklas A- Nik had a good year, ramped it up on the scoreboard too. I think he has finally found his stride and a top 2 man in the NHL.

Lidstrom, Nicklas B Lids is always awesome and he was great again this year. You can tell he has lost a step and that his amazing stride is a bit slower but Id be happy to see him in the Winged whell again next year

MacDonald, Joey A- He was amazing when he had to come in, unprepared for Jimmy. he alos kept the home game streak alive for three games. Joey showed me that he is a legit back up for the Wings!

Miller, Drew B This is a tale of two seasons because Miller was red hot until March and then he lost his game. He was about what I expected although it was nice when the pucks were going in for him

Mursak, Jan C+ Tough for Jan this year with injuries. I felt like he was better than Emmerton but thats about it. He didnt make a leap at all and besides his speed, I didnt see a whole lot in his game to give him and more than a C plus

Nyquist, Gustav A. He needs to get a bit stronger and play a bit more with the big boys and this guy will find his jam. He didnt look at all out of place playing wityh Pavel and I hope he cracks the line up full time next year.

Quincey, Kyle C Too many turnovers, too many penalties. I have seen him play in Colorado and he can be a great D man but he had a terrible time with Detroit. I hope he figures out the system here but his arrival left much to be desired.

Smith, Brendan A This kid is amazing and he will be a great blueliner with detroit for a long time. I like his grit, passion and his big stature. I hope he makes it out of training camp...cant say enough about Smith!

Stuart, Brad C I thought Stewie was average at best...and crappy at worst. I think his heart wasnt in it this year. He took silly penalties and didnt seem to want to work as hard as he has in previous years. I thought he'd be better...but he wasn't

White, Ian B- He was great with Lids and terrible with anyone else. I thought he started off well and peetered out down the stretch. It was so hard to grade him because it was like watching two different guys. I hope he has a rebound year next year.

Zetterberg, Henrik A- He was fantastic down the stretch, amazing in tyhe playoffs but horrible to start. I have no idea what was wrong with Hank early on but he had 8 points half was through November. His crappy start stopped me from giving him an A but he was great in the second part of the year and like always, in the playoffs!