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It's gotta be asked....What's up with Hank?

08 December 2014 - 11:46 PM

I hate that I am writing this thread but over the last 5-8 games I have really noticed that Hank has been a non factor. I have a hundred ideas why this is happening....He looks a bit slower so I am wondering if he is 100% healthy. Maybe his back has flared up or something? This is not a rag on Franzen thread but to me, Franzen appears to be an albatross on the line he plays with.
Even when Zetty isn't scoring, he's sound defensively but I also think he has been average in that department as of late. The guy is my favourite player so it's certainly not a "hater" thread whatsoever- just wondering what people think. He started off on fire and appears to be struggling. Thoughts?

The guy is all heart and he never quits- he just needs to get a few lucky bounces to get his mojo back. Maybe the bromance of he and Gus has cooled and he needs some new mates? If you were going to insert Z onto a line, who do you put him with to get him going again?
GO wings!
PS it's so hard to change up the lines right now because the D-H-T line has been lights out

Proud to be.....

30 March 2014 - 11:39 PM

I've always been proud to be a Wings fan. Classiest organization in all of sports, great leadership, passionate fan base, original six. Pride has always followed this organization....YZERMAN playing on one knee to lead his team and then him handing that cup to Konstintinov to show his dedication to such a brave man. The way that Zetterberg carried this team on his back to win 4 huge games to get into the playoffs last year. The medical staff, players and coaches who literally saved Jiri Fischers life on the bench after his collapse.

There is a lot to be proud of a team so rich in history and yet, somehow i find myself in disbelief about that this current team has done.
Three weeks ago this team was in 11th....certain to break the 22 year consecutive years to the post season. Things looked dismal and everyone was critical. Great teams have great players and usually a 1-2 punch. Perry and Getzlaf, Crosby and Malkin, Kane and Toews.....Zetterberg and Datsuyk. Only, we no longer have that 1-2 punch. We have the second most man games lost, but no team has had to endure losing such impact players. We have 6 guys that didn't start the year with this team but will not go down.

They are relentless. I keep waiting for Nyquist to be a fluke.....and he has just gotten better. A kid who wasn't on the roster when the puck dropped on then season and he leads the league over the last month in goals? That's fairy tale stuff.....and it's happening right before our eyes, every time this team plays. How about Glendening? This kid wasn't even a thought at the start of the year...now he's up against the top lines of teams shutting it down. Tatar, the day he lost his dad, kissing up to the sky in admiration, playing with a heart as heavy as an anvil......I could go on and on about the pride I feel in this organization and they way that they have overcome adversity.

I think we will make the playoffs...I know we WILL but even if we don't. Even if somehow the bounces don't go our way and we find ourselves out of the race April 13th, this team...this unbelievably dedicated, classy and big hearted team has made me prouder to be a wings fan......that's a lot to say in such a consistently successful organization.
Good on ya boys......" Dont stop believin'" and we will be just fine!!!!!
LGW!!! 23 all the way!

The Leaders HAVE to step up

12 March 2014 - 05:15 PM

I think this team has been so blessed with having Zetterberg down the stretch and in the playoffs that some of the guys who have been with this organization for a while haven't had to. Someone needs to take the reigns and find their inner Zetterbeast and lead this team.

Let's face it, The kid line has been awesome. I have nothing but amazing things to say about Tats, Gus and Sheahan as well as Jerks. Four guys who weren't on the roster when the drop dropped at the start of the season have led but we need some veteran experience down the stretch if we have a prayer of watching hockey in Motown in late April.

Hey Franzen, Alfredsson, Ericsson and Kronwall.....I'm looking right at you.

When mule returned, the dude was on fire. You could see the passion, the energy....the guy who could have won the Conn Smythe in 08. The last 4 games, there is Franzenfloat that we all love to hate- taking 12 seconds to get back to t he bench, standing with his feet not moving, growing roots. C'me on buddy....do you want to look back at your career with an asterik of " Wow, he could have been a superstar if his heart wasn't the size of a grinch"

Now we have Alfie. The guy is destined for the Hall. He led an organization for 18 years....he knows how to lead but since the Olympics, the guy has been a ghost. I understand that he has the albatross line but he has looked like he's invisible on the power play as well. Cant hold the line, making blind passes a 6 year old would make. Whats going on? He wears the A....and if you wear the A, you need to bring it buddy.

Let's talk Ericsson. I have always been a supporter of this guy but WHAT WHAT WHAT the F is going on with the big rig? Worst hockey of the year could not come at a worse time. The guy is in a terrible slide and it's beyond me what has happened. I hate to rail on the guy but right now, Smitty looks better. Again, you're not a kid anymore and if you are playing 1st line, you need to step it up. it would be nice if Ericsson showed that he belongs on the first line.

Lastly, I love Kronner. He hasn't been terrible but I really expected that down the stretch he would be a rock...and he's been more of a pebble. He's a proud guy and I think the last 2 games he has been a bit better but I would love to see 55 be the veteran #1 guy that he can be.

Leggy, Weiss and Grandpa Bert get a pass....lack of experience and lack of well...youth kinda get a pass but it would be nice for one of these three guys started playing a dominant role. We need it now, more than ever.

We are in 9th. We need some luck from other playoff race teams but most of all, we need our leaders to be LEADERS!

LET'S GO RED WINGS!!!! Keep the streak alive boys!

Blessing in disguise?

19 January 2014 - 10:12 PM

This season has been such a roller coaster for even the most seasoned Wings fan. Let's face it....We should be up near 65 points on the year with the talent we have....except we are in a dog fight for a playoff spot, praying for our " big guys" to get healthy. With that being said, I can't remember a season that I have been more emotionally invested in this team I love. It's so easy when you have all the cogs in the wheel to expect greatness. DEMAND wins. In certain years, one loss was a huge deal because we have seen this team be so dominant for so many years.

Saturday nights game made me realize how all of the injuries and all of the uncertainty has perhaps been a blessing in disguise. Sounds lame? Perhaps...but I have never been so happy for some of the young men on this team who have really stepped up. Acknowledge how much character is on this roster. I no longer expect a win....I REALLY want one and the victory somehow is a bit sweeter when we get one. I think of Tatar who plays like he is shot from a cannon every night...even the night after he found out his dad died. He is so fun to watch....and without injuries, he would have been a healthy scratch and we wouldn't have the opportunity to see his heart and how big it really is.

Guys like the Monster who was terrible last year is one of the reasons we are even in the wild card race. He has been fantastic and I am so happy for him that he has been able to resurrect his career. Jurco, Shehan, Mrazk and Glenny have all shown that the future is bright in Hockeytown. We have a ton of talent, character and heart on this team and we are finding in the most unusual places. I'm really proud of this team and although it's been a train wreck of year for injuries, it's shown the fans of this team that we can and will be contenders for years to come.

Ok, that's my warm fuzzy for today.