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In Topic: Flyers Trade Bobrovsky to Columbus

22 June 2012 - 12:33 PM

I'm interested to see how the rest of this plays out. Seemed like a head-scratcher at first, but upon further pondering, what could it really hurt?

In Topic: Zach Parise

21 June 2012 - 11:45 PM

Go back to NHL 13 then. This is real life. You don't just "retool" and "reload" like it's nothing in real life. You think Detroit management ever thought Datsyuk and Zetterberg would end up being the stars they are? You're fooling yourself if you think the answer is yes. Without any stars waiting to crack the NHL roster you can be assured that the future in Detroit is VERY uncertain.

I tire of trying to reason with you. You say that a team's history doesn't matter, fine, we'll leave history out of it. We give you examples of the current success of our team next to the lack luster performance of the wild, and that doesn't matter because we're old. Then the wild's prospects are so much better than the Red Wings and because the Wild's prospects are so ready for the NHL and are future super stars while ours just plain suck. Your entire argument is just one slippery slope fallacy after another. The past isn't giving you the answer you want, and the present certainly didn't give you what you were looking for, so now the future is very uncertain in Detroit? the future is uncertain everywhere. sure, Parise might go to the Wild, or he might go to Detroit, He might even sign in the KHL for eleventy billion dollars. The future success of the Wild is just as uncertain as the downfall of the Red Wings. So you can keep having this, "me against the internet" thing you've got going on, or you can just have a regular conversation with the rest of us.

In Topic: Zach Parise

20 June 2012 - 09:07 AM

1. Nobody gave LA a chance at the beginning of the year when they were struggling. If you need proof, google it. You're a big boy now, I'm sure you can find it all by yourself.

2. Well, it starts at the bottom. Better prospects. 6 or 7 of which will be turning pro this season. Then you look at the core group. There aren't any real superstars yet they still managed to lead the league in points for a 1/3 of the year. In the end, injuries killed their top 6 and they had no depth and could not recover. If you take the injuries out of the equation, maybe the Wild could have been a playoff team I don't know. Then you look at Detroit. Average prospects. 2 or 3 might turn into something but certainly won't be the caliber of a Datsyuk, Zetterberg or Lidstrom. Even if everything goes right with the prospects we currently have, we're still looking at a bunch of players who couldn't come close to standing up to the superstars that we have now. 3 straight years of early playoff exits, a core group with only 1 player under the age of 30, no 1st round pick this year, no Lidstrom. We're on a path right now where things are only going to get worse in Detroit if major changes aren't made starting with the young talent. Meanwhile, Minnesota has top prospects, a good YOUNG core and money to spend in free agency just like us. All signs point to a changing of the guard and we need to do everything we can to start lessening the blow that will be losing Datsyuk and Zetterberg in a few years.

I'm not sure you understand the meaning of upswing. Minnesota has built from the ground up doing a full rebuild in 3 years total and now have one of the most talented and deepest prospect pools in the NHL. Those prospects will be turning pro THIS year. Like it or not, that's how championships are won, from the ground up.

You also conveniently left out at the injuries they had. Dany Heatley was the only forward who played all 82 games and he did so on an injured knee. I could go on but it's evident that you think history is the end all be all of the NHL.

Oh, so injuries were your problem? I thought only old players like the red wings got hurt and that's why we are declining! The Wild have 3 players over the age of 30, so what were all these injuries that destroying your teams production? And for the record, you had Heatley AND Brodziak play the entire regular season, The Red Wings had 1 forward and 1 D man play every game, Z and Kronwall. And lets for a moment pretend that you are right and the injuries to your players, who have an average age of 27 so they should be bouncing back from their injuries much quicker than a team like the red wings should, was the real reason the wild crapped the bed again this season. Are you telling me that there is so much depth on that team, this up and coming power house which is going to knock detroit from it's lofty perch, that they finished dead last in the entire league in goals for? And I'm a little tired of typing this all out, so I'll let Rafiki cover my final bit.

In Topic: Zach Parise

19 June 2012 - 09:08 PM

The same was said about the LA Kings last summer by the so called "experts". Id say Minnesota is in a better spot to win for years to come than Detroit. And it's not even close.

... yeah, throwing quotes around certain nouns isn't strengthening your argument. You keep going on and on about how the red wings are on decline and you make it sound like they are going to finish bottom of the league next season. Everyone here will admit that the wings haven't been as dominant the last couple years as we would have liked, yet we still have some rather impressive stats going for this team which someone like Parise would probably take into account.
You say the Wild are on the upswing. I do not believe you. Since their inception the Wild have made the playoffs 3 times. this season will mark the 5th year since they had a post-season appearance. The Wild have not had a 100 point or higher season in 6 years. I do not see improvement over the years with the Wild, I see stagnation. They had one player over 50 points last season. The red wings had 5 players at 50 points or higher, one of which was Jiri Hudler. Jiri... Hudler. The red wings have not had a double digit finish since 98-99. The red wings are coming off a season where they set the new record for consecutive home wins. The wings have not missed the post season since 1990.

If the wild's prospect pool is so deep and so much better that what we have in grand rapids, then the wild need to start bringing these young phenoms up the the big leagues because quite frankly, the Wild need more help then Parise can give them.

In Topic: Nick Lidstrom retires after 20 seasons

31 May 2012 - 01:09 PM