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In Topic: Tired of the Hawks?

10 July 2010 - 04:04 PM



something hawks can't take from us..... and our numerous cups.

Just for the bloody hell of it, I would like to point out that the Conference clinching goal was scored with an assist from no other than a certain guy named Lebda...you know, the loser that can't play hockey and is now Toronto's problem? The guy that stepped in during the 2009 playoffs when our defense was depleted by injuries and just played basic hockey and helped the team make the Finals? You know, that chump....just sayin...

In Topic: If the wings gets Eliminated by the Sharks....

03 May 2010 - 05:19 PM

I would still follow the playoffs, although I would be bitter, angry, and cynical and would be most likely cheering for the teams I don't like to fail. (Chicago, Pittsburgh) I wouldn't go out of my way to watch any games (no staying up to catch West Coast games) and I actually probably wouldn't start watching a series until it got to an elimination-game stage. Thats what I did in '06.

In Topic: Phantom calls back in the league

30 April 2010 - 06:12 PM

Eh, every team has to deal with bad calls. Hockey is a fast game, and mistakes will be made.

If you want to blame the refs for the loss go ahead, I tend to blame it on 3 goals in less than a 2 minute strech in the first period.

Its not always about blaming the refs, its about being frustrated that calls get missed and become a major factor in the game. It just comes down to that if you are going to be a champion, you have to outplay the opposing team and the refs poor calls. I'm not a tin-foil hat guy, just a guy who wishes that refs were less human and had robot-like analytical abilities...

In Topic: Officials for tonights game

27 April 2010 - 04:40 PM

same here...

Regardless though, I think the number of referees I've disliked has become so high that it wouldn't matter who reffed I'd still have beef.

Side note - I've noticed O'Halloran is actually a pretty good ref who calls games fair when they don't involve Detroit.

O'Halloran has killed us in the past, but last year I actually found myself hoping to see him officiating the big games. He is at least consistent and in my opinion has developed into one of the fairer playoff refs...at least you know what he's going to call and when he's going to call it, unlike a lot of the ******-crew refs out there.

In Topic: McCarty on Vs....what happened?

16 April 2010 - 07:18 PM

sorry if I sound like a nancy-boy about this, but Mac is kind of a hero of mine because I know what its like to deal with addiction issues in life. I want him to be okay, because I can (somewhat) relate to what he deals with and, yes, when something like that happens unexpectedly I worry that something bad is going on, because I have been there. And yes, I am more focused on the Wings winning tonight, I just watched VS to kill time before the game, was just curious and nervous...