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Zombies Attack

20 August 2009 - 11:28 AM

Ok I have discussed this with a few people. Its always a fun topic to go over and I wasn't able to find a thread devoted to it. So discussion.... Zombie Attacks.

EDIT: The outbreak we are looking at would be a large scale, fast acting infection. Roughly 24 hours after initial infection, there are very few populated areas still left uninfected. Most the stores/malls/business with large populations have been infected. The uninfected population is now in survival mode and you must now implement your zombie survival plan.

Would you go it alone or would you include a posse of yourself and your favorite zombie slayers?

Where in you immediate area would you run/hide/fight the zombies? Any weapons you have/would create/gather on the way? How would you safe house/fortress be defended?

Considering you survive long enough to be rescued, where is your evac point?

Personally I think my office building would suffice. The stairwells are easily locked and able to be blocked off. Once the power is shut off to the elevators, they will be useless. A lot of furniture on each floor could serve for barricading purposes. Only issue would be getting food. There is a kitchen/cafe in the main lobby, but that requires entering a large open area with little protection. So one initial grab would have to suffice. Just need to ration things out until *hopefully* evac arrives.

There is a police station right near by, but due to the lack of space to move and hide wouldn't be very suitable. This is where i would horde some weapons though. Mostly shotguns and assault rifles. Maybe a few grenades if handy, and definitely some smoke grenades. Zombies tend to be dumb and smoke can distract them. At least this is my opinion. Any nearby office equipment would be used as a weapon. Rigging printers to fall down stairwells, rigging roller chairs with explosives, ya know the usual. The cubicle walls aren't very thick, but after a few are stacked up against each other it would make a fitting barrier to keep the zombies at bay while we either escape to another floor or wait for an evac.

If the zombies don't make it up and the rations extend out far enough, the best evac point would be the roof. Assuming the stairs were still blocked off on lower floors we could ascend the stairs to the roof and wait for an air lift. From the roof it would be easy to keep the zombie horde at bay as there would only be a few access points from the stairwell. Assuming they do manage to break through all the barricades, there would be huge bottle neck at the door. Making close quarter shottys optimal.