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Hockey is Hockey, Dumb is Dumb

25 May 2009 - 03:50 PM

If any of the next games turn out like game 4 did, with the lopsided calls and favoritism toward Detroit (which we know will happen), here is what needs to happen in order for this to stop....

All 5 blackhawk players need to just drop the gloves and beat the detroit players. Let them call 5 game misconducts. The next face-off, do the same, with maybe some slashes to the knees. Continue this until the game has to be forfeited, the chance of beating them when the refs are siding with them is near impossible anyway. But the key is to injure thier team, so the much anticipated SC rematch is ruined.

At the press conference, say "WE play these guys 8 times a year, we see what happens, and we are tired of playing on uneven ice. Since you (Bettman and Wolkom) turn a blind eye to this, We felt like we need to expose this injustice to the rest of the league."

Kind of like, nothing will happen until someone dies, well maybe someone will have to die in order for people to make changes.

This was posted on one of the Chicago Forums. It speaks for itself. blink.gif

How do you spot an elite goaltender

21 May 2009 - 07:54 PM

I have been at a loss for words and in complete amazement after reading several posts over who is and who is not an elite goal tender in these playoffs, or the regular season, or all of Hockey history. Seriously, I think the things that qualify an elite goal tender go far beyond numbers and stat sheets. Not unlike the Quarterback of a great football team, his job involves a little more than just stopping a puck. Elite goal tenders are the guys who: (Not in any particular order)

1. Win the big games when the season is on the line.
2. Have taken part in games that have created hockey history.
3. Have longevity and staying power in the league
4. Provide confidence for there team, do not get rattled, and play through adversity.
5. Created hockey history themselves.
6. Have there own style and identity.
7. Entertain night after night with big saves and sometimes huge blunders.
8. And most importantly, play in the big show. Ill bet most people including die hard hockey fans cant quote Grant Fuhr’s
save percentages but they all remember the fact that he owns Five Stanley Cup rings!

Combine these intangibles with the stats to back them up and you have an elite goaltender. While I certainly respect Goaltenders like Roy and all his numbers that he posted, it is the Hockey moments and history that he created that help elevate him to elite status. The memories he created are much more impressive than his stats. I do not have to say much more than a simple word "Montreal". It would be very boring if all that was needed to too get added to the Hall Of Fame roster was some numbers on a stat sheet. Numbers do not create fame, Winning Big games and creating memorable moments do. Which leads me into what I really want to say in the first place, how in the hell can Osgood not be considered one of the elite goalies in the league? He has earned the right to mentioned in the same sentence with the best, he has the wins to back it up, and he has been a part of many memorable hockey moments. Least of all, leading the dismal, lowly Islanders into the playoffs. That could be considered a miracle in itself.

I am just curious as to what other immeasurable contributions goalie's make to the game that elevate them above their peers? Your Thoughts?