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I <3 Zetterberg

13 June 2009 - 10:49 AM

Watching this playoffs, I really saw flashes of Steve Yzerman every time Zetterberg stepped out onto the ice. I really dont think any player on the Red Wings even came close to showing his heart and determination during the entire run. A lot of the time I just felt like it was him, Helm and Osgood out there.

despite this loss, I still feel like when Lidstrom finally hangs up those skates, this team is in good hands with Hank.

The fix is in for Detroit!

07 June 2009 - 07:24 PM


The real meat and potatos is here ;P

Detoilet is such a **** hole, they can't even sell out their freaking playoff games. They are working on a b2b cup and their stands continue to have empty seat after empty seat. They've got a championship caliber team that is put onto the ice year in and year out and that dump still comes up empty nearly every time. The economy there is being hit as hard as any place, unemployment rates are sky rocketing, and the lives of people who live there are complete and utter ****. They boast the likes of Eminem, Insane Clown Posse, and Kid Rock as home bred. Their football team went 0-16 last year and will likely never sniff a championship, half of their population is probably suicidal or on drugs. Detroit Red Wings are all that city has to boost morale. Literally. Without them, god knows how much worse that hell hole can be.

The Pens on the other hand, will sell out every single game, regular season and beyond, for the next who knows how many years. No matter WHAT. We've got one of the best football teams in the NFL and just celebrated our 6th Lombardi. Pittsburgh Pens jerseys, merch, tickets, television ratings, etc, etc, etc, will continue to sell and profits will not be affected whatsoever if this team does not win the Stanley Cup this year.

Imagine the amount of empty seats at the Joe if the Red Wings were not winning championships?

It's amazing how many people you meet who think like this on the internet rolleyes.gif

Two words for you, Pens Fans. Kansas City.