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In Topic: Jonathan Ericsson Appreciation Thread

12 May 2011 - 11:12 PM


San Jose Sharks.

Ericsson: I loathe you.

Ha, I saw the title of your thread and came in to give you a beatdown. Ericssion and Rafalski, Salei and Hudler please gtfo.

In Topic: NHL Center Ice

30 September 2010 - 09:25 AM

Me either. I'd probably buy Center Ice tonight if I could watch the Wings vs Rangers preseason game in HD.

I'd say the quality of the stream also depends on your internet connection. I ran gamecenter at the highest quality on wireless N no problems or lag.

I was looking to do gamecenter this year, which I guess is essentially Center Ice Online...are you saying that they don't show any playoff games?

I can't say for center ice but I know for sure gamecenter will not carry playoffs games in Canada because every playoff game is broadcast on cbc/tsn/tsn2 channels. Which is the same rule any game being broadcast on your local sports channel will not be available to watch on gamecenter as it takes away revenue from the local channels.

In Topic: NHL Center Ice

29 September 2010 - 04:24 PM

I've used NHL gamecenter and was looking to get nhl center ice. The pricing is all right however for someone like me who doesn't watch or need any other channel it is a waste of money. Here in Canada in order to get center ice you have to get the basic tv package + hd package + cost of HD receiver + cost of center ice, I priced it out here in Toronto with Starchoice, Expressvu and Cogeco most came to $70 to $100 /month, which is a lot just to watch 10 people at time chase a puck around for 60 minutes. I went with gamecenter last year, its a great a product and I was able to watch many teams including Detroit however my father wants to watch Toronto, but can't on gamecenter as it will take revenue away from the local channels and playoffs aren't broadcast on gamecenter.

I'm going to buy a couple games on hockeystreams.com this year and see how it goes, plus hockeystreams now supports streaming to your mobile device live. For the $ to watching hockey ratio, center ice is great but the amount of bullcrap you have to sign up for is a huge waste of money considering I don't need to watch the other shows being broadcast on the 200+ channels I have to sign up for just to get center ice. I've long thought TV providers would be better off letting consumers select what channels they want instead of forcing you to take crap channels just to watch one channel. I'm all up for getting center ice which is priced at $30/month here +cost of HD equipment. Sorry for the rant, but I felt a good comparison between gamecenter/hockeysteams/center ice was needed.