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Looking to cut cable, how to watch wings games?

25 April 2014 - 09:54 AM

So, my cable bill is becoming monstrous with internet, hd service, a dvr, 2 cable boxes, etc etc.  I hate paying the bill every month because no one in my family really watches it.  We mostly watch blu ray/dvd, or netflix.  Honestly, the only thing I watch on cable is live sports.   I want to drop the TV and just have internet service.  If any of you have done this, what is your solution for watching live sports?  I've used rabbit ears in the past ot watch the Tigers on over the air HD, but I don't think I can get Wings games that way.

For sale: 2014 Red Wings Winter Classic authentic Edge 2.0 jersey

31 January 2014 - 04:11 PM

I have a brand new authentic Wings 2014 Winter Classic jersey that I'd like to sell.  It's an Edge 2.0 jersey, made in Canada, which is the exact same jersey the Wings wore on the ice for the game.  Has fight strap, sewn on Winter Classic patch, and sewn on crest.  Jersey is blank, ready for you to customize. The "authentics" sold at the local stores are made in Indonesia, and have a lesser quality material and construction.  This is the real deal right here.


PM me if interested and we can discuss the price.  I prefer to sell locally in the Detroit area, but I'm open to shipping it out for you out of state Wings fans.


Please note, the pictures are of my personal jersey, just to show you what it looks like.  The one for sale is exactly the same, but brand new, with tags, in a sealed plastic bag see 4th pictures).