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In Topic: 2016 SCF: San Jose Sharks vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

13 June 2016 - 11:52 AM

In one respect, the comparison between the 08 Wings and 16 Pens is correct -- not on paper or matchups -- the 08 Wings were probably the strongest roster in recent memory. But the 16 Pens won in very similar fashion in the series: held serve at home, split on the road, were unable to win the Cup at home but did win it on the road in game 6.


The Sharks also reminded me of the 08 Pens in terms of lack of experience showing, especially in the first 2 games. You guys know as well as anyone -- there is hockey, then there is playoffs hockey, and then there is Cup Finals hockey. By the time SJ found their legs it was too late and probably not enough anyway.


I was pulling for Phil to win the Smythe, just because the guy really put up with a lot of crap and got snubbed by USA hockey, and I liked the idea of him getting the last laugh. But I don't think the media was willing to buy into that, though I doubt he cares about that at this point.


In many respects, an often overlooked dark horse in my book, at least how valuable he is to the team -- is Letang. He really is like a rudder for the team and the Pens often follow suit with how he does in a game, and they struggle a great deal when he's not in the lineup. 

In Topic: Gordie Howe has passed away. 1928-2016.

10 June 2016 - 12:38 PM

My condolences to Wings fans and the Wings organization on such a huge loss.


Rest in Peace, Mr. Hockey.

In Topic: 2016 SCF: San Jose Sharks vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

07 June 2016 - 03:50 AM

For some reason being back in the finals brought back the memories of 08 and 09 and thought I'd stop by and say hello. Surprised so far the Sharks haven't really brought it the way you guys did back in the day. The first couple of games, the Sharks reminded me of the way the Pens were the first couple of games in 08 where they were a bit stunned by the experience of being in the finals and forgot what to do...


But it ain't over until Bruce Boudreau sings.

We need the Sharks fan meltdown for years back!

"Where are your God Damn brains boy!?!"
Wonder how he's feeling right now?


"You are making an ass of yourself for all eternity! You are going and handing them the 2x4 to beat you with!"


Never forget.