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#2060937 "Smith is NHL Ready" - Ken Holland

Posted by newfy on 10 November 2010 - 02:25 PM

He has scored one or two goals straight from the blue line that made the GR announcers say something along the lines of, "Shades of Lidstrom!"

I just hope the days of him being an immature moron are fading away as time goes on.

I never really get why people think he was immature. He got caught drinking at University, thats not immature, NHLers drink why couldn't Smith?

And one fight at a party isnt really that big of a deal either, he's the big shot on campus, some idiot wouldn't leave the party when asked and Smith dealt with him.

Neither things to me make it even seem remotely close to effecting his on ice play

#2060895 "Smith is NHL Ready" - Ken Holland

Posted by WhiteLightning91 on 10 November 2010 - 01:14 PM

Ken Holland > Mindfly

#2059497 11/8 GDT: Coyotes 2 at Red Wings 3 (OT)

Posted by Hockeytown0001 on 07 November 2010 - 11:58 PM


The opposition's GDT will now be included in the OP of every Wings GDT, link located just below the official game preview - just in case you care to take a peek at the opposing fans views on the game.

#2057547 How about these lines?

Posted by Buppy on 04 November 2010 - 02:20 PM




No offense, but that's stupid. Relying far too much on goalie chemistry for that third line. I know Ozzie is tied for third all-time in goals by a goalie, but he can't carry a line by himself. Swap Stuart and Howie, and McCollum needs top-line minutes in GR to develop. Salei is a stud, no idea why you left him out. And why on earth would you have a dinosaur like Homer starting in goal when we have Miller? Do you not know who Miller's brother is?

#2057473 How about these lines?

Posted by stevkrause on 04 November 2010 - 12:13 PM

I never really used it when it was here, but where's the minus button when you need it?

#2057453 How about these lines?

Posted by cupforwings on 04 November 2010 - 11:46 AM

sorry, but no. Pav and Hank together make the team better. Our secondary line is a force. Our third line is coming together finally. And our 4th line has been great. Why change up a lineup that is 6-2-1? I don't get this thread.

#2057451 How about these lines?

Posted by RedWings Gone Wild on 04 November 2010 - 11:45 AM

Do I think Hank and Pav "need" each other to be successful? No, but it damn sure helps... and our 2nd line has been strong all season, even in the games they haven't put up points. Granted, the third line has been atrocious at times, but I don't think the answer is messing with the top two lines, both of which have been great so far.

#2057450 How about these lines?

Posted by lookalive07 on 04 November 2010 - 11:44 AM

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

#2056668 Hudler + Helm

Posted by T.Low on 03 November 2010 - 12:44 PM

The OP is interesting.

First off, I hesitate to break up Huds, Modano, and Cleary yet.

They have had some great chances but they seem to be just a half step off in timing. I still have faith that it will come together.

That being said; Hudler is the weak link, not Mike Modano. Hudler totally looks like a guy who's had it a lot easier while making almost 3 times the money (factoring salary w/out taxation). Huge money, star status, less effort, much less of a price to pay. He may never return to the player he was before he left. 70 pts? The Wings are going to be lucky to get 40 pts out of him this year.

I do see the merit of putting Helm up to center Mike and Jiri; he will do the hard, dirty work, and possibly be the playmaker when Mike and Jiri find the open spots on the ice for easy one timers. But that does indeed penalize Cleary. But Dan Cleary is a role player and no doubt will take one for the team when asked or assigned.

I still have faith in Modano; but my faith in Hudler is on lifesupport.

#2055838 Datsyuk stay at home defesneman?

Posted by achildr1 on 01 November 2010 - 09:51 AM

Incredible. I might expect this from an Atlanta paper, but our central division rival? I know they know who Datsyuk is, he only dekes out thier whole team 6 times a year. This is embarrassing.

#2055835 Datsyuk stay at home defesneman?

Posted by Konnan511 on 01 November 2010 - 09:38 AM

Maybe they got Datsyuk and Fedorov mixed up?

#2055661 Abdlekader in, Osgood to start again.

Posted by Doc Holliday on 31 October 2010 - 02:49 PM

Maybe because Modano just got here after being courted all summer and hasn't bailed on us in the past for big money in the KHL? Just a guess.


Yeah, how dare Hudler go for guaranteed money for a short period of time and then come back.

What a ******. Damn Europeans.

#1997719 Adam Burish: Chris Pronger Is The Biggest Idiot In The League

Posted by EZBAKETHAGANGSTA on 10 June 2010 - 04:43 PM

You have no idea what my point is.

I didn't say once that people can't critique or give players who are better than them grief.

Let me get this straight...

1) I say the factual statement that Burish is a scrub compared to Pronger, and would most probably lose in a fight against him, despite Burris's bravado.

2) You call me out and accuse me of hypocrisy through means of sarcasm

3) I respond that if we can't critique players, there is no point to this forum, as we are doing exactly what you previously chastised.

That's how I see it, if I'm somehow missing something please take the time to elaborate, instead of making another account as a sockpuppet to argue this fact. There is a reason why you have a resounding -6 on your post, without me even negging it.

#1997714 Adam Burish: Chris Pronger Is The Biggest Idiot In The League

Posted by EZBAKETHAGANGSTA on 10 June 2010 - 04:35 PM

From the HF Boards:

"I love the people who post crap saying Burish can't say this because he isn't a "good enough hockey player" or whatever. Based on that logic we should just shut down HFBoards. Who here has the right to say bad things about anyone in the NHL? After all, they are better than we are, so therefore our opinions don't matter.

If Adam Burish isn't allowed to comment on Chris Pronger because Pronger is an All-Star and Burish is a scrub, then we aren't allowed to comment on Adam Burish because he is in the NHL and we aren't.

Talk about double standards."

It's from different perspectives though. A fan to player one, vs a player to player one. Your whole argument goes against your point too, as if you truly believe this then you are no longer allowed to say things such as "lebda sucks", or critique anyone at a higher level of any faucet at life than you. This is an illogical point of view, and takes away all the observational fun that this board is meant to promote.

You act like Burish can't call out Pronger because he is so terrible in comparison, which was the whole point.

If he can be berated for it, why can't you?

I'm going to bookmark this thread, and save it for the next time you berate any player. Fan to Player critique is different than player to player. Have fun never being able to say a player made a bad giveaway, since I'm sure you never could have done better.

#1997711 Adam Burish: Chris Pronger Is The Biggest Idiot In The League

Posted by EZBAKETHAGANGSTA on 10 June 2010 - 04:30 PM

You are acting like he is a scrub in comparison to Pronger, which is ironic because you are a scrub in comparison to Burish.

So he called Pronger an idiot? Boo hoo. He said he would punch him? Boo hoo. He said he played terrible? Well I didn't see Pronger as much of a gamebreaker out there except for that wonderful high sticking penalty that caused the first Chicago goal.

Bigf****** deal.

You sure seem to be making it one. I'm sorry for giving my opinion about a subject, I thought that's what this board was for. Also, I don't really think you truly understand the definition of Irony, as I never insinuated Burish is a scrub in comparison to me, but rather, a scrub in comparison to the vast majority of the league. I guess I'm not allowed to say Lebda sucks either?