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In Topic: possible fill ins for leaving FA's

29 June 2009 - 01:32 AM

QUOTE (Crymson @ June 29, 2009 - 01:22AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

Shanny is old and washed up.

1. If he's affordable, then that's because he doesn't have much to offer. He certainly wouldn't fit in amongst the Wings` current system.
2. He can't score much anymore.
3. He is most certainly not gifted defensively. I don't recall him ever playing on the PK with the Wings.
4. The team is significantly different than it was several years ago.
5. Shanahan will not attract any fans who aren't already coming in these difficult economic times. The fact that he's not at all a flashy or powerful player anymore means he doesn't have much to offer in the way of actual excitement these days, and the novelty of having him around would wear off pretty quickly.
6. The Rangers and the Devils did not really do a ton; how does this qualify as him 'knowing how to win'? Where was he in the '06 playoffs? Bear in mind that he was better then than he is now, also.

To address your final point: were Shanahan to have wished to finish his career where he spent most of it, he could have made the decision not to shun the team in the first place. As was, him leaving was good, not bad, for the team.

A long story short: Shanahan is old and washed up; he was one-dimensional before, and now he has little left of his offensive flair or mean-streak. He won't be of any significant help to the team.

see i think your expecting way to much out of him. hed be a 3rd fourth line guy doing what sammy did for half.and he is solid defensively you don't stay in the league at 40 being washed and old as you said and not being productive as you mentioned without being able to contribute something. that something must be Defense. and great point about us needing a right handed shot on the PP to potentially replace sammy