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#2275447 this team is soft

Posted by newfy on 29 March 2012 - 01:49 PM

B b bb b but for the wings to sign a tough guy he has to be able to score 30 points a year and play 15 minutes a night... eventhough emmerton provides a lot of nothing.

Seriously, Dorsett is under 6 feet, runs around at the end of a blowout game than goes and has his way with the wings next game? This team had no spark last game at all, its pathetic

#2274507 The reason The Wings shipped Mike Commodore

Posted by newfy on 27 March 2012 - 10:20 AM

The Miller salesman that comes into my work used to play hockey at Western. A couple of weeks ago he told me that the Wings sent Ken Holland, Jimmy D, Chelios, Draper, and more a while back to one of his games. Anyways, Ken Holland apparently had told him that the Wings would like Dan to stay in college for another year. Now that this report has come out that he will stay another year at Western, I wonder if that means he has secretly decided to join the Wings in the future.

Also, I realize that this does sound unreliable coming from me, but if anyone can remember, I did report that the Wings signed Jason Williams on this forum before it was out on the press. (A lot of good he did us)

I remember that, something about you seeing Holland at a baseball game and he told you? A select few ripped on you for about a week until the signing was announced then they all shut up.

I could see this being true. Dekeyser takes one more year in the NCAA, Kindl, Ericcson and Smith battle it out and see who needs to stay. Move one of them and bring in Dekeyser after this season

#2274395 The reason The Wings shipped Mike Commodore

Posted by newfy on 26 March 2012 - 09:11 PM

Maybe you should just drop the whole neg thing and let it go. You are the only person who cares about it, like its some kind of currency or something. This is a Wings message board. Maybe you should just talk about hockey instead of your strange obsession with the +/- buttons that serve no function.

People might actually stop negging you too, just a thought.

I couldnt resist

#2274166 The reason The Wings shipped Mike Commodore

Posted by newfy on 26 March 2012 - 06:17 PM

Me too! I'd hate to see him go anywhere else but here, but NHL or AHL...which would you choose? I just hope he decides to take the I-96 route...

NHL wont happen in toronto either though is the thing lol.

And seriously people youre negging leftwinger as hes sitting here giving us insode info on a top prospect that could be signing with us in days? Yeah lets all neg him so he stops feeding us info, real smart guys :rolleyes:

#2274090 Brendan Smith sent back to Grand Rapids

Posted by newfy on 26 March 2012 - 12:20 PM

Smith is better offensively than both Ericsson and Kindl, but he is most definitely NOT better defensively than either player, or anyone else on that side of the bench. The kid has a lot of talent and he sees the ice phenomenally, but he's also underestimated the speed of oncoming forwards and has been beaten plenty of times in his short stint up. He has a lot to learn and a lot to get accustom to before he is equal defensively to either Kindl or Ericsson. I'm not saying he doesn't have that potential, but if we need to preserve a one goal lead late in the third, I'm sending any defenseman out there before Smith. In two years that will likely change. But not today.

Ericcson can PK but I dont think Kindl has separated himself from Smith much at all defensively. You also have to remember that he only played a small sample of games and the first three or four alone were him trying to adjust to the game speed. I do think Ericcson has a defensive edge but Kindl has done nothing to show me he would be much better defensively over a full season.

Either way, the offense and physical edge Smith brings is much better than both and I think he should be in the lineup over Kindl easily

#2273260 Riley Sheahan signs tryout contract with Griffins

Posted by newfy on 24 March 2012 - 12:13 AM

Selleck is one of the toughest enforcers in the AHL people, Callahan is a rookie and small and he challenged one of the toughest in the league for a dirty hit. Good on him

#2272949 Did Holland build a BMW instead of a Chevy?

Posted by newfy on 22 March 2012 - 12:13 PM

Lucic, and Marchand are 2 more right off the top of my head.

I'm not placing blame upon Holland/Nill for not drafting these guys, but to say that we have the "best GM" along with the "best scouts" is a little off the mark in my opinion.

The North American scouts take a lot of crap, they do alright though. Reaching for Smith seems to have paid off big time for example. Howard as well.

But man they should add another scout or 2 or something for North America. If they could pan out a few North Americans more their scouting would be ridiculous. Clifford or Lucic would have this team right where I want it. Abdelkader would be just a complimentary tough guy, and with Smith and one of those guys the wings would have no problem when games got tough and they could still play their style of game.

#2272823 Brendan Smith watch thread

Posted by newfy on 21 March 2012 - 09:25 PM

Maturation takes time. I would rather Smith get through these growing pains in the minors than in the NHL.

He wont have these growing pains in the AHL. Hes too good for that competition and the little s*** he gets away with down there will make him develop habits he cant get away with at this level. He seems to already be ironing some wrinkles out of his game already

#2272483 Did Holland build a BMW instead of a Chevy?

Posted by newfy on 21 March 2012 - 01:31 PM

Like in 2008? We could go back in a time machine and see the same "WINGS NEED TO GET BIGGER" claims a few weeks before they won the cup.

Well I agree Mursak and Emmerton aren't ready yet, and Holmstrom needs to retire, just getting some big guys isn't going to do anything. They need to mesh with the team and we aren't built to be a big throw your muscle around team. So I would rather see them getting replaced by some more well rounded scorers and shooters. But the last thing I want is one dimensional players just because they are big.

In 2008 some people were probably still saying that, but that team was still by far the most physical the wings had dressed since the lockout. They also had a bottom 6 with identity. The third line was Draper, Cleary and Drake that season and they knew what they were out there to do. Drake had a big hit a game, all 3 forechecked like crazy, Draper was great defensively and Cleary was a very well rounded player back than.

Bringing up the 2008 team compared to now is a joke

#2272124 Did Holland build a BMW instead of a Chevy?

Posted by newfy on 20 March 2012 - 10:19 AM

I'm gonna skip the car analogies and get to my point lol

The wings are built in a way that when a top guy or 2 gets hurt they completely suck. They dont have the personel in the bottom 6 to switch up the system a bit and play a more rugged style of game necessary when youre using bottom guys to win.

Look at the pens, whenever they have top guys hurt they rally and seem to do just as good as they did before because they play a pretty rugged dump and chase style of game outside of the top few guys.

I dont think Babcock has the guys to start playing that way when you only have one good scoring line. A Gaustad or Moen in the bottom would be a good start.

People always comment when I complain about the bottom 6 saing if thats the worst thing than who cares and think I make a big deal about it, but its true. The wings have 2 good puck possession lines and than 2 lines with no identity. If we had a couple more Helm and Abdelkaders it would make the bottom 6 more effective on the forecheck/ grind it out game and when top guys go down a little tweak away from the skille puck possession game would be possible

#2271466 $35 All YOu Can Drink in Tampa

Posted by newfy on 18 March 2012 - 11:08 PM

Yeah, no. Say puck drop is 7:30 p.m. That means from 4:30 to 7:30 you can sit in the parking lot and drink until you can't tell colors from shapes anymore. How are you going to get any enjoyment out of the hockey game if you're so drunk your blood qualifies as a cocktail? As someone else alluded to, how are you supposed to get home? You're not going to be dead sober by the time the game ends, so you can't drive anywhere.

If you think drinking until you can't stand up qualifies as a good time, that's kind of sad.

Get off your high horse. Just because you dont drink doesnt mean someone else cant go out, enjoy the atmosphere before the game and get a good buzz on while being able to control themselves. I'm sure theyre not gonna be serving to the assholes who cant walk anymore.

As for how do they get home.. however they would get home from the game if they were drinking beer at it or if they were in sitting at a bar. They have their options, cabs, buses etc.

Just because people are paying 35 bucks to drink some beer doesnt mean its going to be a bunch of people walking around puking in the concourse at the game.

Besides, its american beer and its made by coors. Thats a recipe for not getting drunk if I ever heard one


Pabst (yes its good thats why old and young enjoy it)
Anchor Steam Porter
Hoegaarden (a good Belgium White)

Stella? Self proclaimed beer drinkers drink stella now?! Thats a beer snob beer if I ever heard one :lol:

#2270763 If you Could Change Five Outcomes in Hockey History

Posted by newfy on 16 March 2012 - 12:32 PM

Not a fan of when people bring up Clarke's slash but make no mention of the Russians play/antics. Kicking with skates on is fine and overlooked by some, but Clarke's slash is the worst thing seen in the hockey world. Russians saying they couldnt find hotels for the Canadians wives and jailing Canadian fans for cheering too much are a couple other things that come to mind.

Dirty play gets you dirty play. The Canadians weren't saints, but the Russians didnt mind trying to play a style of game the Canadians had perfected

#2268891 Brendan Smith watch thread

Posted by newfy on 10 March 2012 - 01:43 PM

That pass last night was sick, the sense to jump up like that is great to see.

Also had a pretty big hit on Brown. Well Brown went to hit him and Smith completely stood him up and made him look like an idiot. He held the line really well on one play and drew a penalty on it as well.

5 points in 8 games, solid defensively, 2 big hits and beat a guy up.


#2268294 Biggest Agitator in the NHL

Posted by newfy on 08 March 2012 - 03:25 PM

Living 30 minutes from Buffalo I see a lot of the sabres and let me tel you, if the wings played buffalo often Kaltea would be winning this poll in a land slide.

We all see Ott play in the western conference but man the s*** Kaleta pulls is ridiculous. Hes also a spot picker (when he does fight he wins a lot though, its strange)

#2267175 Brendan Smith watch thread

Posted by newfy on 06 March 2012 - 12:50 PM

It would be way cooler if we got two desperately needed points, regardless of whether or not someone fights.

No s***, Sherlock.

Doesnt mean that people talking about a specific player cant be excited to see what he brings to the table tonight