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#1936434 Future stud for the Wings D?

Posted by newfy on 10 April 2010 - 01:56 PM

Having a Mike Green wouldn't be bad, are you kidding me. A D-Man who puts up 60-80 points. You have to be retarded to not want a player like that. Put him with a defensive D-man and you have a great great D pairing. Take the monkey see-monkey do blinders off ffs.

But back on point, in all reality I see Smith being a more phsyical, better defensive Kindl, kind of like Rafalski would be if he played physical.

Green plays on an all offense, run and gun style team. I would rather have a defenseman that puts up points like Lids and Rafalski. Not rushing all the time, just make good paasses move as a unit into the offensive zone. Green is a 4th forward not a defenseman. He's always rushing and getting caught. How often have you seen a 30 goal scoring defenseman get cut from an olympic team? He's got serious defensive problems. I wouldn't complain if we had a guy like that, but a Rafalski type point getter would be much better.

I like the physical Rafalski comparison but I see him being better defensively since he's like 6'2 or something and won't get out muscled nearly as much.

#1935082 Any Word on Hossa's injury?

Posted by newfy on 08 April 2010 - 08:59 PM

Hey dumbass, no one disputes that Hossa came to the Wings with a slightly torn rotator cuff. You seem to be laboring under the mistaken impression that his injury could not have deteriorated over the course of the season/playoffs, when it was obvious to anyone with eyes that he wasn't right against Pittsburgh. The point I was trying to make (and which obviously eluded your pint size brain) is that a lot of s*** happens in 100 games or so, and minor injuries can easily worsen during that time. Especially when you're getting pummelled hard enough to be removed on a stretcher and suffering other massive hits.

Yeah he wasn't right against Pittsburg because it was a big game. Therefore he choked.

So now that its been established that he was hurt during the regular season as well and still scored 40 goals, whats your excuse for your boyfriend choking in the playoffs?

#1934941 Any Word on Hossa's injury?

Posted by newfy on 08 April 2010 - 05:20 PM

That's it. You are a completely oblivious homer.

There is no way to logically convey anything coherent to you anymore.

And you have an obvious hard on for Hossa. Datsyuk was skating great and killing penalties like always. He didn't get points but he wasnt obviously bad like Hossa was, Hossa looked like s***. Especially for a guy who jumped ship to win a cup he should've played a lot better. The commentators were constantly saying it was the best slump they've ever seen.

Get off Hossa's dick and realize he played awful last year in the playoffs. There is absolutely no way around it.

And no I'm not a homer I'm one of the few here that are usually critical about the wings and don't think Kenny is god.

#1934902 Abdelkader Ready if Needed

Posted by newfy on 08 April 2010 - 03:45 PM

few problems with those lines, first hudler is more then likly coming back


I'd think eaves/miller will get multi year deals, they preformed amazling and Bertuzzi I could see resigning at the same or near price, and williams is gone, and that other guy is coming up ritola or w/e his name is, my question is why is everyone so up beat about abdelkader? I'd pick miller or eaves over him

You'd take Eaves or Miller over Ab? He played with Maltby and May all year so he didn't get points, he has top 2 line potential, something Eaves might reach with Detroit and Miller is a career third liner. Eaves will probably be a third liner his whole life too. Abdelakder could end up being a strong third line anchor or solid second liner that can hit and fight.

Not too mention Abdelakder is outta options and has to stay up next year. They'll drop Miller if they have to to keep Abdelakder up next season.

#1934057 4/7 GDT: Blue Jackets 3 at Red Wings 4

Posted by newfy on 07 April 2010 - 05:49 PM

You're either trying to get a rise out of people or you've just said the dumbest thing I've heard in weeks.

If it's the latter, then you're really not paying attention to the fact that you're probably the most hated member on these boards. In other words, your plan isn't working. Credibility as a poster would be a must, and you've just not got that.

I wouldn't say Mindfly is most hated. Sure he's a negative nancy but at least he has an opinion and says what he thinks. All you do is act like a jackass calling people dumb and questioning their credibility. I would rather read 1000 negative posts then read one posted by you

.. just sayin' :)

#1934006 Rugged Defenseman

Posted by newfy on 07 April 2010 - 04:26 PM

Reading through the NHL central rankings I see a lot of players I like and Detroit could draft anyone I don't really know but I thought I would analyze the rankings a bit. Since the wings have seemed to go a bit towards gritty guys recently I'm just going to talk about the gritty guys.

A type of player Detroit is missing in the system. Rugged Defenseman

Dylan Mcilrath - He's ranked 17 in NA skaters and was voted toughest player in the WHL, which is a difficult feat to reach. Detroit could end up drafting around this spot so taking him would fill a void for sure. An enforcer(a scary one at that) that is good enough to go first round. This would be the pick I would most like to see. He's huge too at 6'4

A few other guys include Radko Gudas. He's been scrapping in the dub but he's from Prague(I think),Tyler Stahl 15 fights this year in the dub 6'3 so he has the size to be mean in the NHL, and Austin Levi from plymouth who could be a potential pick since he's from Farmington Hills. I'm not sure but Patrik Nemeth has some size and is Swedish so he could possibly fit this mold.

I remember someone zoomed in on a list of guys Kenny was scouting or something on TV and Mcilrath was on the list and highlighted so this could very well be a void they are trying to fill this year.

I could actually see Detroit trading up for Mcilrath to be honest.

#1932834 Hudler done with dynamo

Posted by newfy on 05 April 2010 - 02:23 PM

Hmm. I can't help but notice how you are arguing that we SHOULDN'T bring Hudler back because he won't help the team, using the fact that his absence this season noticeably hurt the Wings as a reason to keep Hudler out.

You are possibly the most logic-deprived member of this forum.

No I'm arguing that if he was brought back and traded for Downie that it would help the team more because we wouldn't have soft, little Hudler who deserves more money playing on our team.

You are possibly the worst reader on this forum. Either that or since we're talking about a soft, little euro you chose to ignore what was said earlier in the thread.

#1932538 How Good Is Howard?

Posted by newfy on 04 April 2010 - 10:48 PM

Today the broadcasters during the Colorado game said something along the likes of "Duchene has an outside chance of the Calder, but it seems more and more like Jimmy Howard will be the one to win it"

#1932473 How Good Is Howard?

Posted by newfy on 04 April 2010 - 09:06 PM

He should win the Calder and be nominated for the Vezina really, so yes he is that good.

#1932374 Hudler done with dynamo

Posted by newfy on 04 April 2010 - 07:01 PM

Didn't Hudler go to arbitration because he thought he could get more money, but also because he didn't want to play anywhere in the NHL except for Detroit? I remember in the summer the whole thing reeked of a plot to keep Hudler under contract but have him play somewhere else at a high level because of salary cap concerns.

Also Hudler got less than half of his points on the PP.

Downie is also the league leader in minor penalties, and has 206 PIM on the year, and while I know this shows grit and all that, it is a liability at the same time.

What I got from it was that he was awarded money from the arbitrator that was fair but thought that he was worth more so he took off on the team when they coulda used his scoring.

Our team is the least penalized in the league(I'm pretty sure)and more times then not Downie is taking someone with him. Sure he's a little over the edge sometimes but Carcillo was over the edge all game today and never caused his team to be penalized. Why shouldn't we have someone like that knocking the opposition off their game? He's like a hybrid of prime Maltby(the agitator) and Mccarty(the fighter) but he has more offensive ability and is only going to get better as he gets older. Downie could become a consistent 30 goal scorer in this league easily as well as a physical force.

#1932332 1-7-2

Posted by newfy on 04 April 2010 - 06:13 PM

How can anyone say Babcock mishandled the goalie situation this year? Howard is the only reason we're in the playoff hunt right now. He should win the Calder and be nominated for the selke for the stats he has right now. We're used to having 2 goalies that play an even amount through the season because we've never really had an elite goalie, or we've had two goalies playing very close to the same level. Now we have Ozzie, who despite winning us cups and blah blah blah can't win a game for us in the reg. season. And we have Howard who is putting up Vezina nominee worthy stats.

Howard deserves to play especially with how awful our team was compared to usual this season. Without the stellar goaltending our playoff streak would be coming to an end this year.

#1932168 Hudler done with dynamo

Posted by newfy on 04 April 2010 - 02:33 PM

Ok, here are some problems with your argument

1. Cost, Downie even as an RFA is in store for a big raise.

2. Production, A peewee kid is good for 20 goals on a line with Stakmos and St Louis, if we pick up Downie how can you know his production will be anywhere near the levels its at now if hes not playing with that level talent?

3. He didn't take a discount? His production was better than Flip's but he took less money, he could have probably gotten 3.2 million if you base his contract on flips the year before.

And here are some problems with yours.

1. That big raise wouldn't be that huge and we have alot of money coming off the cap this year, its possible.

2. You guys keep saying he plays with Stamkos and St louis ALL the time. He doesn't, he plays 14 minutes a night, I'm pretty sure Stamkos and St louis play more then that. I used to be a Sarnia Sting Season ticket holder while Stamkos was there so I make a special point to watch Tampa games and no he doesn't always play with these guys. St. Louis bumps around alot on different lines and the 14 a night Downie plays shows he's not always playing with those guys.

3. He wouldn't take a discount so he took the wings to arbitration. The arbitrator didn't give him the money he wanted because he thought he should get more so he flew off to Russia.

4. Hudler got most of his points playing with talent like St louis and Stamkos. Hudler was a PP specialist playing on the PP with guys like Dats, Z and Franzen, youre bound to get points then.

5. Huds is small and soft. He's also slow. Downie is a big body, hits fights and has already put up as many goals as Hudler ever did and Downie is only in his second full season.

After watching the flyers run around constantly at our team today we could use a guy like Downie to run around at other teams, throw them off their game(see carcillo on homer) and still produce. Theres way to much undeserved love for Hudler on this board. Yes he would be good with Hossa's body and blah blah I've heard that enough. Fact of the matter is he doesn't have that body so if you could get a guy like Downie for him, why wouldn't you?

#1930758 Hudler done with dynamo

Posted by newfy on 02 April 2010 - 06:20 PM

13:39 per game... 9th on the team. Finished 5th on the team with 57 points.

Downie plays 14:36 not really much of a difference. And he's playing against other teams better lines. Hudler got those stats against other third lines and on the PP. Hudler's a great player but I would take Downie and a 4th rounder anyday.

#1929460 Little Thing Ive noticed

Posted by newfy on 31 March 2010 - 08:41 PM

LGW hasn't had a good, long, pointless debate about this in awhile

Yeah its been too long since Ive seen one of these dumb arguments so I figured why not start one. Oh yeah you know what else makes these threads dumb... When ppl post without any input whatsoever.

#1929447 Little Thing Ive noticed

Posted by newfy on 31 March 2010 - 08:24 PM

Okay while I was watching the Griffs game tonight I was talking to some of the guys and I really noticed something and I was wondering if any fight haters noticed too.

Having an enforcer does really make the team play with more balls. Think about while May was playing. We had guys like Meech and CLeary fighting and we were just playing like we had overall a bigger pair of balls while May was in the lineup.

So I just wanted to say it does seem to me an enforcer does have an effect on the team more so then most ppl here on LGW care to admit. And no I'm not flame-baiting haha I'm just saying something I've noticed lately.