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#2249942 What happened to Zetterberg's scoring touch?

Posted by mmamolo on 26 January 2012 - 08:56 AM

And here I was blaming Maltby's retirement.

So what you're saying is Zetterberg has no love for Osgood? Hell, maybe he hated Rafalski too

#2248900 Time for my Cleary update.

Posted by mmamolo on 24 January 2012 - 08:21 AM

I know my hate for Dan Cleary seems to get under a lot of Cleary lover's skin here. To me he is worthless I've been saying it for a while. So at 49 games on the books, lets see what he has done.
10 goals
11 assists

On a world class team. He's a horrible skater, injured often, and is completely worthless especially for how much he is making this year (2.8 million) Keep in mind Zetterberg's cap hit is 6 million.

So I pose this question again, without Crimson trolling me. How many of you would like to see Cleary gone at the trade deadline this year? At this point I'd trade him for a washing machine just to get him off and Mursak on.

This is one of the ridiculous posts I've seen in a while (granted I haven't been reading this site much lately). I can understand you disliking a player or not wanting him on the roster. But when you blow things way out of proportion and make the situation sound a million times worse than even the worst case scenario you just sound like an emotional baby whose throwing a fit because he isn't getting his way

#2245992 Brad Stuart to the West Coast?

Posted by mmamolo on 16 January 2012 - 12:11 PM

Honestly, I think Holland's hands are tied when it comes to the Stuart situation. If Holland knows Stuart is going to leave he only has three options:

1. Trade to one of the California based teams who won't give up much anyways because it's pretty well known that Stuart (in this situation being described) wants to head back out west. Or,
2. Trade Stuart to a non-california based team who may be willing to part with more as Stuart could aid in a cup run. Or,
3. Hold onto him as it would take other assets in order to trade for a replacement and end up losing him for nothing.

I really don't see how the Wings will come out on top in this situation. Plus, with the way the organization treats their players I doubt they move him at all. I see the Wings holding on to him and taking a shot at a cup. Then when the season is over they'll graciously let him go back West.

#2245234 McCollum Watch

Posted by mmamolo on 13 January 2012 - 11:53 AM

Despite his troubles, thus far, I still do really like McCollum.

But does anyone else wish Daniel Larsson was still around?

#2238333 Stay classy Kesler

Posted by mmamolo on 22 December 2011 - 01:39 PM

And any hit that deserves a suspension probably deserves a fight too.

if fistric was suspended for leaving his feet during the hit; that is after contact; and kronwall is clearly off the ice before contact then how wouldn't kronwall be suspended?

Leaving his feet was only part of the reason he got suspended. The main reason was because the principle point of contact was the head. In the Kronwall hit the principle point is not the head. Big difference

oh come on now, if kesler were a wing we'd all love him.

I honestly have always disliked Kesler because he whines, cries and is cheap. I can honestly tell you that although I'd probably cheer for him if he were a Wing I would do so begrudgingly. It's no different than how a lot of people felt when Bertuzzi was signed. Some Wings' fans hated him but were torn because part of them would want him to do well simply because he's a Wing.

Despite how good he is or can be I would still really prefer he never became a Wing.

Also, all this crap about Kronwall not fighting Kesler is being way overblown. Kronwall laid a big hit and it's not like he then turtled or ran away. He made his hit, got up and moved on. The refs were in between Kesler and Kronwall almost right away. Plus, at that stage Kronwall has nothing to gain by fighting. All it would do is take him off the ice for 5 mins.

#2238245 Let's Talk About the Refereeing

Posted by mmamolo on 22 December 2011 - 09:30 AM

Then wave off the goal for incidental contact with the goaltender, if you don't call the interference penalty because you can't tell whether the Canuck was pushed or not. Jimmy was physically unable to make the save because there was an opposing player on top of him. We've seen goals disallowed for that any number of times, whether there's a penalty called on the play or not.

I literally just said the same thing in the GDT. Whether people believe Zetterberg's 'push' was enough to warrant not calling a penalts Hanssen didn't make an effort to stop either and Howard was left unable to make the save. To me, that's incidental contact

#2231864 12/2 GDT : Red Wings 4 at Sabres 1

Posted by mmamolo on 02 December 2011 - 01:04 PM

I think he was thinking of Viagra.


#2230871 Acquiring a top six forward

Posted by mmamolo on 29 November 2011 - 02:33 PM

You obviously mis-read my post. I didn't say 'Holland should offer', I said "it'll take" to acquire Ryan.

You're off your rocker if you think Ducks can't get that kind of return for Ryan by someone in the NHL. This is a business deal for the Ducks, not a "hey, lets help those Detroit Red Wings by taking major underpayment" when they can get much, much more from other teams around the NHL.

Doesn't matter, Holland isn't going to acquire Bobby Ryan anyhow, there's no way in hell he'll give them their asking price....

P.s. Iove how your rip my post yet you are too chicken s*** to post what you think Bobby Ryan's value is. :lol:

Heaten, you're always such a whiner when someone disagrees with something you say.

First, I didn't misread your post. I didn't imply that you said Holland should offer package xyz. I said that I thought what you were suggesting it would take to get Ryan was high.

Second, I never said the Ducks are going to 'help those Detroit Red Wings by taking major underpayment'. Just because I think your package is too high doesn't imply that I would think the Ducks would give him away either.

Third, you can sling insults if you want. But ultimately any one who reads this thread can see you getting all defensive just because I disagreed with your proposal.

#2230804 Acquiring a top six forward

Posted by mmamolo on 29 November 2011 - 09:54 AM

Don't bogart that joint, my friend , pass it over to me.

It'll take:


Possibly more....

The initial trade proposal was super low that but yorus is equally super high. Bobby Ryan is awesome, and I would gladly take him, but the price your listing is essentially for an absolute superstar in this league.

#2230532 Eric Staal

Posted by mmamolo on 28 November 2011 - 09:07 AM

Staal is an elite talent in this league. His has a significantly high cap hit but that would not stop any team from picking him up. Every team would want him. That being said, absolutely zero chance that the Hurricanes even consider moving him.

Kaberle is a joke.

#2228954 Jiri Hudler Appreciation Thread

Posted by mmamolo on 23 November 2011 - 10:42 AM

Got it. So blind passes to our defensive zone, lazy skating when trying to defend such, and not attempting to stop a shot are now acceptable behaviors; at least when Hudler is the victim of the ensuing play because everyone is a big fan of hating on him no matter how hard he tries. Did ANYONE notice he was the only player trying to stop Richards from scoring?

You're dilusional. Every time you're in one of these absurd defend-Hudler-to-the-death modes and I decide to chime in I make it abundantly clear that I don't blindly hate on him and that I want him to succeed. You like to chastize everyone for their assumed blind hatred but can't, even for a second, take note of the fact that you're at the complete opposite end of the spectrum with your complete blind infatuation.

There are some of us posters who look at Hudler objectively (as much as possible) and some times applaud what he does and some times knock what he does. You, like a few others around here, talk as though your opinions are facts. Sorry to break the news but they aren't. It is not a fact that Kronwall skated back lazily. It is not a fact it as a blind pass to the point. It is not a fact that Howard was not attempting to stop the puck. Those are your twisted, dilusional opinions.

Even if by some stroke of assanine absurdity I conceeded that Kronwall was lazy on that play, that Cleary made a blind pass, and that Howard didn't try, the fact remains that Richards was Hudler's man. Hudler chose to stay at the blueline and try and stop the puck with his stick. He screwed it up and let his responisbility go. Powerplay or not, Hudler (just as everyone else) should be thnking defense first. He missed the puck and got burnt, badly, by Richards.

Eva, you can sit there all you want and be the world's biggest Hudler apologist (and sometimes, although few and far between, I think you get a tough label as being too pro-Hudler and I actually agree, at least in principle, with some of the things you say) but you're no better than the blind idiotic Leaf fans who have been claiming 'this is the Leafs year to win the cup' for the last 20 years. Try taking a look at things objectively for once because it's become insanly obvious that you think Hudler can absolutely do no wrong.

#2228939 Should Commodore be waived?

Posted by mmamolo on 23 November 2011 - 09:07 AM


Commodore needs to be in more games. I think you keep Commodore for depth purposes but at the same time you have to have him getting some minutes so that if/when an injury does happen he isn't coming in after not having played in 2 months.

I say, now with White returning, Smith will (eventually) be sent down and the Wings are back with their original 7 roster defensemen.

#2228692 Crosby coming back

Posted by mmamolo on 22 November 2011 - 09:15 AM

pierre mcquire ACTUALLY just said "imagine for nilsson, one day he can tell his grandkids, 'i gave up crosby's first goal back.'"...please tell me somebody else heard that

If you think that's ridiculous you should have heard Glen Healy on CBC Hockey Night in Canada. He actually said, in all seriousness, that he thought the NHL should send out a league wide memo to all of the teams tell players to lay off physically on Crosby for a while to protect him.

Personally, I'm glad he came back and played well. I don't hate him. I'd much rather laugh at the absurdity of the media whacking off to Crosby than listen to the reports on him if he had played poorly or gotten hurt.

#2228392 Crosby coming back

Posted by mmamolo on 21 November 2011 - 02:10 PM

Can't wait to see the best offensive hockey player in the world back on the ice. Hopefully he can stay healthy.

I fixed that for you. I'm no crosby hater but he's not the best hockey player in the world.

#2228384 Crosby coming back

Posted by mmamolo on 21 November 2011 - 01:54 PM

I have no doubt that someone will take a run at him.

I dont know if that is true. Personally, I'd like to see him treated just as any player would be treated but I wouldn't want to see a run at him with an intent to injure.

This is a HUGE story up here in Canada, and in fact the game tonight will be broadcast live coast-to-coast on CBC.

Anyways on a personal note I'd like to say it's great to see Crosby return to the great game of hockey, but he's still a tool and I still hate his guts.

I live in the Toronto area as well and the coverage this is getting is not really surprising but it is a little over the top.

I think this is where some may say "blind hate." Ovechkin's not a diver? I can find some video showing some more blantant dives than you'll ever find for Crosby. He's a two-way player? Is that a joke? His coach may be trying to push that, but he defense is nowhere near to the level of Crosby (not saying Crosby is a defensive master, but he's improviing for sure and is much more two-way than Ovechkin). He's a centre though, so tough to compare.

Not sure what the sense of aentitlement commen is about though, but I'm assuming it's just a fun throw in that can't really be backed up, but hey...why not.

It's funny, anyone that I talk to that spends any time at all around Crosby suggests he's one of the most humble professional athletes they have ever encountered. I guess it's funny the contrasting views some fans can take (I tend to rely on those that actually spend more time around him though).

I think some people minsconstrue 'blind hate' for him as a hockey player and blind hate for him as a human. Im sure that there are people who hate him fully (both as a hockey player and a human) but I think most people tend to hate him as a hockey player and the personality that he shows on the ice. I think when people say he acts like he has a sense of entitlement they are commenting more on his actions on the ice or at least in the hockey world.

Personally I realyl dislike his attitude when he is whining, diving, and complaining. You may argue that he takes more abuse than anyone, and that may be true, but the problem is he dishing a ton of it back then turns to the refs to complain about it. For that reason I strongly dislike his on ice personality. That doesn't mean I hate him as a person. Although, to be honest I find him boring in real life but I dont hate him.

Also, I think Crosby gets singled out for his diving, whining etc more than players like Ovechkin (as was used in the thread) because it's that much more over the top. At least in my mind it is. Obviously there are the homers and some Wings fans hate him because of the 09 SC but most hockey fans dislike him because of how much worse he carries himself on the ice.