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In Topic: Kyle Baun

23 January 2015 - 07:34 AM

Is he Swedish? No? 0 chance.

Haha, we've not done too bad on the signing of college UFA recently!

In Topic: When you do that you are just some English pig with no brain at all yo

08 January 2015 - 02:02 PM

FifeHockeyNut......based on the rules you provided around imports, the Cardiff Devils appear to go against that.  Looks like they have 19 players on the roster (I ignored the 3 guys that played 3, 1 and 1 game respectively).  Of those 19, 13 are Canadian, and 6 either England or Wales.
Is it possible to get around the import issue if guys potentially have dual citizenship?  Not that I know if that would apply to any of the Canadians on the roster.

There are a few guys that circumvent through the dual nationality rules, but some of the bigger budget teams run with an extra import to cover for injuries. The players with Dual nationality fall in to two categories: nationalised to the UK ie not classed an import or other EU national, for example Derek Roehl of Braehead is dual with US (Michigan) and Italy.

As an aside, Cardiff and Belfast are a unique model in that they have a GB starting netminder which allows them to have a stronger roster.

In Topic: When you do that you are just some English pig with no brain at all yo

07 January 2015 - 11:44 AM

I had a look at some of the rosters in that league....ton of Canadians.  I didn't go through every team, but the first or second one I looked at, the top 10 scorers on the team were all Canadian.

It's a massive import league, not a league that develops British talent. Every team runs 3 line hockey and has an active roster of about 16/17 skaters and 2 netminders. Teams can have 12 foreign players on this roster, 11 full imports and 1player with an EU passport. As a result most teams go for North American players. The team i follow has 4 Americans, 7 Canadians, a Finn and 9 Scots. The Scots struggle for icetine and swap in and out with each other.

In Topic: When you do that you are just some English pig with no brain at all yo

07 January 2015 - 02:37 AM

How come the name Joe Grimaldi sounds so familiar?
Does anyone else think that Maxime Langelier-Parent of Nottingham sounds like the noblest lad in the kingdom?
Or like he's the Parent of everyone in Nottingham!

Grimaldi is from US so you've maybe seen him play. Parent is French-Canadian, let me assure you there is no nobility in this league.

Never thought that line would fit so perfectly. Dateline U.K. (Yes I know England is part of the UK not all of it. I'm not waiting around for another ten years to use that line though.)


I'm Scottish so you slag the English all you want but Joe Grimaldi is an American playing for a Scottish team so not sure the thread title works.

In Topic: Rank our griffins d prospects

13 December 2014 - 05:35 AM

I've not seen enough of Jensen, Marchenko and Backman to rate them but the fact we have this depth is exciting!

I'm really big on Sproul I always picture him and DeKeyser as a pairing.