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#2532547 'District Detroit': Red Wings' New Arena Details Released

Posted by puckloo39 on 19 July 2014 - 11:00 AM

I can only be an improvement to the area, and I am sure the local fans will love it.  I am very happy that I got to attend a few games at the epic and irreplaceable Joe Louis Arena.  I loved every second of the games I attended there and felt privileged as a fan to be there. 


Sentiment aside, the Wings deserve the best.  I hope this new arena is just that.

#2532087 Renney out, Granato in

Posted by puckloo39 on 14 July 2014 - 08:54 PM

I read in Malik's report that Pens fans are devastated that Granato is leaving for Detroit.  That makes me kind of happy.




#2531710 Confused on the direction of this team going forward

Posted by puckloo39 on 11 July 2014 - 10:18 PM

Even stranger was that you noticed the black hand but not the fact that they are moving backwards


I noticed it, but assumed you were making an oblique reference regarding the direction of the team after free agency. 



#2531068 Wings re-sign Cleary $1.5 mill + $1mill in game bonuses

Posted by puckloo39 on 10 July 2014 - 03:35 PM

Well.  Done is done.  That being the case, I hope he absolutely blows everyone away with his great play this coming season.  :cheesy:




#2525303 HHOF Class of 2014

Posted by puckloo39 on 23 June 2014 - 03:32 PM

@THNKenCampbell: Hall of Fame inducts best American (Modano) and first-ever Czech player (Hasek) today. Well done.

Bold statement.


Wow, I didn't even think of that, BoS.  Dom was a first in several other categories and records in the NHL, too... so why not HHOF too!

#2524420 Dan Cleary may return...sigh

Posted by puckloo39 on 18 June 2014 - 12:37 PM

I liked the 2008 Cleary... a lot.  Heart and soul guy, but now he can't stay healthy.  I would rather have kept Tootoo, honestly.  Sigh...



#2522830 2014 SCF : (2) The Big Apple vs. (3) Hollywood

Posted by puckloo39 on 04 June 2014 - 09:48 PM

SOG in the third 18-2.  Lundqvist is amazing.

#2520961 ECF : (5) New York Rangers vs. (4) Les Canadiens de Montréal

Posted by puckloo39 on 17 May 2014 - 09:45 AM

I liked Chicago better when my non-hockey savvy friends would say, "Chicago has a hockey team?"  - much like the people of Chicago said, at one point in time.  Let's get back to that, shall we?  Go, Rags!!!

#2518450 Wings will buy out Tootoo, not Franzen.

Posted by puckloo39 on 30 April 2014 - 08:05 PM

Good. Since he really never got a shot with the Red Wings, now I can watch him play elsewhere.  I loved to see him in a Wings sweater, even for just a little while.  Good luck, Jordin!  :bye1:

#2514698 Bertuzzi in, Jurco out

Posted by puckloo39 on 24 April 2014 - 01:37 PM

Bert will die trying out there.. at least he looks scarier than anyone else we have, so he might get the Bruins attention or divert them from killing Z.

#2514356 Ouellet recalled; Kronwall not skating

Posted by puckloo39 on 23 April 2014 - 12:44 PM

they need to stop reproducing and produce in the playoff games.  :lol:


Seriously, best wishes to all, and this explains a lot that a couple of our remaining top players seem to have no idea what they're doing out there at times.

#2513092 ADQF | Game 3 | Boston 3 @ Detroit 0, BOS leads series 2-1

Posted by puckloo39 on 22 April 2014 - 12:33 PM

Just found out one of my good friends passed away on Sunday at 23. He was one of the biggest Wings fans I knew and I'm certain he's up there plotting with the hockey gods already. Keep an eye out for any Red Wing bounces or puck luck tonight. It will be his doing. LGRW.


I'm so sorry for your loss, condolences to his family and friends, and big hugs to you.   Yes, we need angels on our side, all we can get.  They will win it for your buddy! 

#2512992 ADQF | Game 3 | Boston 3 @ Detroit 0, BOS leads series 2-1

Posted by puckloo39 on 21 April 2014 - 10:59 PM

I am literally crying laughing over this EPIC GDT, Gord.  We are not worthy... :notworthy:


How the Hell can the Wings lose, with fans like us, eh?  They will prevail, I simply cannot wait for tomorrow's game.  Coming home to the Joe!!  


Let's Go,Red  Wings!!

#2512698 ECQF Game 2 GDT : Red Wings 1 at Bruins 4 - Series tied 1-1

Posted by puckloo39 on 20 April 2014 - 04:50 PM

NBC has great love for the Nutcracker and all things Boston Goon related.  I take back what I said earlier about out-smarting and out-playing them. The Wings are going to have to figure out how to out-goon them, somehow.

#2511759 ECQF Game 2 GDT : Red Wings 1 at Bruins 4 - Series tied 1-1

Posted by puckloo39 on 20 April 2014 - 11:22 AM

thanks for the stellar GDT, Mike, it's much appreciated!!    Wings will really have to man up for this one (including DeKe)  if they want to prevail. 


Bruins have already shown they are dirty and willing to do whatever they have to, even if they hurt the other team's players... heads on swivels, guys... especially you, Pasha.   They will be trying to take out Pasha, Gus Gus and Jimmy... but I am sure the Wings know this, too.


Out-smart them, out-play them and take them down the right way, Wings.