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Ken Holland's Moves From 2009-2014

05 March 2014 - 01:10 PM

I made a quick spreadsheet of all the transactions KH has orchestrated since 2009. It is insanely unimpressive. It's just trades/signings. I didn't add drafting, because who knows how that will turn out.



Development Camp Day 1

11 July 2013 - 12:16 PM

Article at http://www.wingingit...om/2013/7/11/4513068/red-wings-development-camp-day-1



Some of the LGW members will like this:


Things got a bit interesting when I saw something I've never seen at development camp before... A fight. Nick Jensen had Tyler Bertuzzi tied up to the side of the net during the cross ice drills and Little Bertuzzi didn't like it, so he crosschecked Jensen in the back with more aggression than was necessary, and sent him down on top of the goalie (Eskelinen) who was to my right. The next time their lines were up for the cross ice drill, Tyler went after Jensen again, this time they tussled a little bit near the other goalie (Patterson) who was to my left, and Tyler almost knocked Nick's helmet off. Nick had some choice words for him and they separated. It was obvious there was still tension between them though, and about thirty seconds later they came together near center ice, dropped the gloves, threw punches, and had it out. The coaches let the players go until the fight was over. Jensen got the worst of it, but I'd say no real physical damage was done. I probably wouldn't put those two next to each other at dinner right away though. Jensen got the worst of the fight, and did go off the ice for medical attention.