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#1972197 Put Ozzy in.

Posted by eva unit zero on 03 May 2010 - 08:47 AM

yeah,put ozzie in,howard had 'only' 41 saves last night

It's not how many saves you make. It's when and how you make them. Howard gave up two soft goals in the final 15:20, killing the Wings' momentum. The first let the Sharks tie the game, and gave them much more life. This put the Wings back on their heels as the Sharks increased their attack. Howard gave up another bad goal with only 7:23 remaining, putting the Sharks into a 4-3 lead with little time left in the game.

41 saves doesn't matter if he allows soft, game-changing goals at two pivotal moments of the third period. He could have made 100 saves and it wouldn't matter if he allowed those two goals and it changed the lead and won San Jose the game.

As a goaltender, he should assume the most goal support he's going to get is 2-3 goals. If he allows 2 s***ty goals, he better be perfect the rest of the game. While he played well, he wasn't. Especially considering he was more than once saved by a teammate (VS once even called "Great save Howard" for a shot when Howard was flat on his back and the shot hit a kneeling Z in the logo) so there could have been even more bad goals to rant about.

Bad goals at bad times are about the worst thing a goalie can give up, and Howard has given up more than a few this playoff run. The offense has come through for him a few times to cover that up, but it can't be there all the time. No team scores 4-5 goals every game... unless they're playing Howard the way he has played most of the playoffs.