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#2026755 The single biggest scapegoat of the Red Wings in the last 20+ years...

Posted by yzerman3cups on 17 August 2010 - 01:42 PM

For an otherwise stellar program as far as handling players and the class of the organization overall, there was not a single situation handled worse than the Curtis Joseph fiasco and it still bothers me to this day how it went down...

It still infuriates me how Curtis Joseph was treated here and how raw of a deal he got... he was flat out STELLAR in the playoffs both years (especially in 03-04) and was made a scapegoat for an offense that couldn't score and a coaching staff that couldn't adjust to life without Scotty and a head coach in Dave Lewis that wasn't ready to be an NHL head coach...

Curtis Joseph's Playoff Stats here in Detroit:

Year Team League GP W L OT Min. GA SA GAA PCT SO
2003-04 Detroit NHL 9 4 4 - 518 12 197 1.39 .939 1
2002-03 Detroit NHL 4 0 4 - 289 10 120 2.08 .917 0

Regular Season:
Year Team League GP W L OT Min. GA SA GAA PCT SO
2003-04 Detroit NHL 31 16 10 - 1708 68 744 2.39 .909 2
2002-03 Detroit NHL 61 34 19 - 3566 148 1676 2.49 .912 5

If you watched ANY of the '04 playoffs, the poor guy stood on his head and lost games 1-0 or 2-1 and his offense gave him NO scoring support, only to be basically ousted in the off-season for an injury plagued Dominik Hasek that was not in physical condition at the time to justify the move(who had already retired and was a year removed from hockey, let alone NHL hockey) and never got the shot at the cup that he so badly deserved...

Though I do agree with alot of your post saying Cujo was "stellar" isn't exactly the most accurate statement I've ever heard. I think he had an ok playoff both years but giving up bad goals at bad times of the game was part of the problem with the Wings that season. You would have a 1-1 game and he gives up a 5 hole goal with no screen and they end up losing 2-1. Again not all his fault but he didn't steal any games either. Along with the other things you mentioned (no key goals/bad coaching etc.)
Cujo's heart was never with the Wings and you could see that day one when he had his going away presser for the Leafs. He was bawling like a little girl. That's what happens when you sign for the money and not stay where your heart is. Wings should have told him to go scratch right after that press conference.
Wings had a mess on their hands from day one but I'm not going to call Cujo a scapegoat. He was part of the problem not part of the solution!

#2018856 Wings should sign Paul Kariya

Posted by yzerman3cups on 24 July 2010 - 02:39 PM

Wow, 16 goals on the top line? Didn't Modano score 16 on the third?

Oops, my bad! Kariya scored 18 goals and 25 assists in 75 games last year. He did however score 5 of those goals against the Wings. So an incredible 13 goals against the rest of the league. Not the greatest numbers for top line minutes. I'll pass and take Modano!