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#1913359 10 Favourite Red Wings

Posted by McAwesome on 10 March 2010 - 05:50 PM

This obviously excludes legends that I never had any chance to see play due to age constraints:

1) Yzerman, the reason I started to follow hockey in the first place, a truly great hockey player and more importantly a great human being.
2) McCarty, guy played with so much passion and grit, how can you not like him, he bled and drew blood for his team like no other.
3) Lidstrom, excellence personified, I can count on one hand the number of times I saw him make a bad or questionsble play.
4) Shanahan, I was so pumped when we traded Primeau's sorry hide for him, and he did not disappoint one bit.
5) Datsyuk, an absolute magician, if they ever thought of renaimg trophies they should rename the Selke after him.
6) Konstantinov, what a force he was, tragically cut short in his prime, is symbolic of the values of the Ilitch family and the Red Wings organization.
7) Zetterberg, arguably the hardest working player of his generation, nobody thought he could be this good (except maybe Hakan Andersson)
8) Filppula, probably will get flamed for this, but he is my favorite current Red Wing for reasons I will gladly explain but should not have to justify, can't leave him off my list
9) Kozlov, tough little guy, clutch in the playoffs, and my favorite image from the Avs rivalry after the Turtle is Kozzie sidestepping Foote and slamming his ugly mug into the glass
10) Osgood, one of the most underrated goalies IMO, all he has done is win 3 Stanley Cups, 2 as a starter, 389 wins, 74 playoff wins, and all he gets is criticism and second-guessing.

Honorable mentions to: Larionov, Lapointe, Doug Brown