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#2029071 Ozzie article

Posted by zombi on 25 August 2010 - 07:48 AM

While the arrogance is certainly there, E_S_A_D at least had the dignity to avoid annoying and outdated internet memes like 'cool story bro' in attempt to one-up others.

the best poster in LGW history has the best username in LGW history.

i'm kind of a big deal.

Like that?

#2025602 Was it a good decision to sign Zetterberg

Posted by zombi on 12 August 2010 - 05:11 PM

Yes, it was a good DECISION.

#2022557 Helm signs 2 year extension

Posted by zombi on 04 August 2010 - 08:12 PM

s*** just got real.

#2005609 Red Wings Opening Negotiations to Extend Babcock's Contract

Posted by zombi on 27 June 2010 - 01:53 PM

Any water bottle expenses come directly out of his salary.

With as often as he opens and closes those damn things during his press conferences, he should have palms similar to mine after a long while of playing Mario Party

#1982936 Ilitch Says Wings Likely To Stay At The Joe

Posted by zombi on 10 May 2010 - 05:56 PM

I'm actually disappointed, I was really looking forward to a new arena or a completely revamped Joe.

Hopefully Mr. Illitch is wrong.

#1943221 Lidstrom hi-stick incident

Posted by zombi on 15 April 2010 - 06:47 AM

The incident with Lindstrom happen right where the puck was! Where were the refs looking if they missed it!?

#1935190 Modano

Posted by zombi on 08 April 2010 - 11:22 PM

You've done Livonia, MI proud!