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#2151150 WCQF Game 2 GDT: Coyotes 3 at Red Wings 4

Posted by MulesWillFly93 on 16 April 2011 - 03:30 PM

Yeah, the Helm hit on Jovanovski looked clean as a whistle to me, but I'm willing to give the refs the benefit of the doubt there since Jov and Tippett were so teed off about something. What I'm NOT willing to let go is that nobody called anything on Jov grabbing Helm's frigging throat. That's un-mofoing-acceptable, and out of all the stupid sh** that happened in the game, that's what's going to stick with me because I still can't believe it. I don't care if Helm cross-checked, slashed, boarded, and then sat on him, that's just not what you do, and I can't believe the refs let that go.

#2149335 Have you got your RED on?

Posted by MulesWillFly93 on 14 April 2011 - 11:36 PM

I would always wait until the game was done and then braid the bracelet. this will be a lot faster though haha.

Posted Image

I got Red and White beads and then Silver ones to put in between the series!

I just tied mine in the back with a knot that I can undo and redo. I looked for a chain too and all of that and couldnt find anything small enough to fit through the beads. So far the knot has been totally fine and I havent had any problems, we'll see I guess!

Nice!! I like the silver bead. I gotta get some better spacers...I just used a couple left over from one of my mom's beading projects, and they're nothing special. Completely forgot about those when I went to get the red and white ones, oops. I like how yours is big - it adds some interest while we're waiting for a few more game beads.

Yeah, I tied mine in a knot, too. The cord is leather, so it's not too slippery, and it stays tied just fine. If you get beads with big enough holes, you might be able to find a clasp that they'll fit over, but mine have pretty small holes, so it's a knot for me.

#2147258 200 Posts For A Game 1 Victory!

Posted by MulesWillFly93 on 13 April 2011 - 12:47 AM

That'd be great if the Wings could get Mikey a Cup. I know he's already got one, but tell me it wouldn't be special for him to win in his hometown (well, hopefully...let's do it at home this time), playing for his home team. And judging by the reaction to his goal against the Pens a couple of weeks ago, I'm sure us fans would make it pretty special for him, too!

One game at a time, boys! Make tomorrow count.

#2146487 Money On The Board - Playoff Style

Posted by MulesWillFly93 on 11 April 2011 - 03:09 PM

All righty! Put me down for:

- $10 for a series win
- $2 for every shutout (I mean if we shut them out, of course, heh)
- $1 for every multi-goal game Zetterberg has (I'm with Vladifan - he's gonna be back and on fiya!)

#2144698 4/10 GDT: Red Wings 4 at Blackhawks 3

Posted by MulesWillFly93 on 10 April 2011 - 12:49 AM

Oooo. Kayyy. PLEASE let's win; I am so frigging frustrated by the arrogance and dipsh*ttery of the Hawks' announcers that I just want a win to shove in their faces. Hey, maybe that's a strategy Babs could use - make the Wings listen to the Chicago feed of last night's game. Please, Wings, end their season, make their announcers eat a big slice of humble pie, send all the fans home crying - JUST WIN!!

#2143526 4/8 GDT: Blackhawks 4 at Red Wings 2

Posted by MulesWillFly93 on 08 April 2011 - 01:14 AM

I'm just going to come out and say that I think they're going to lose because the Hawks will be fighting hard to keep their playoffs spot, but I am hoping like heck that we embarrass the crap out of them and give them an extended spring break. If we don't win these two, I'm not going to stress as long as they show more focus in the playoffs, so it's not a big deal at all in the long run, but I do enjoy the smell of burning bird on a Friday evening, nonetheless.

#2141508 If there was one F/D/G you could add to the team, who would it be?

Posted by MulesWillFly93 on 03 April 2011 - 06:55 PM

Forward - Nash would be my first choice. My other thought that's been floating around my head for a while is Dustin Brown. Now, I know some Kings fans aren't enthralled with him because he hasn't turned out to be a 40 goal scorer or the biggest star on the team, but I like how hard he plays. I think we could use that kind of guts and physicality on the team. I wouldn't take him over Nash, of course, but I've been thinking about it for a while and wanted to get it out of my system. Whaddya think - am I nuts?

Defense - Webaaaarrrrrrrr!!!

Goalie - Lundqvist. Sure wouldn't say no to Miller, though.

#2129558 3/12 GDT: Red Wings 5 at Blues 3

Posted by MulesWillFly93 on 12 March 2011 - 03:18 PM


I also think that J Mac is getting the start tonight anyway. But we shall see.... :shock:

Howard in net tonight, apparently: http://www.mlive.com..._net_for_r.html

Eurgh, I don't know...back to back game against a team who knows how to beat us, especially when we're down? Not feeling great about this. Nevertheless, Gooooo Wings!!

#2129519 3/11 GDT: Oilers 1 at Red Wings 2 (OT)

Posted by MulesWillFly93 on 12 March 2011 - 01:15 PM

LOL. And if the wings hadn't miraculously scored a goal by pure luck hit 2 edm players, the wings would have lost on arguably the worst goal Howard has given up this year.

Look at the big picture there pal. Howard has a horrid GAA and a horrid SV%.

This is the most retarded post I've seen here in awhile.

First, don't compare yourself to Howard LOL. You're not an NHL goalie dude, so you are expected to let soft goals in. Second, Howard doesn't play solid. Howard has a horrible GAA. The real fact remains that the wings have not played well and have not been consistent at all over a long period of time, yet you're focused on a very lucky win yesterday, against the 3rd worst team in the league.

People would be singing a very different tune today if we hadn't gotten purely lucky at the end there, VERY DIFFERENT. It would have been a 1-0 loss on the worst goal Howard's ever given up, and people would have been down on the wings offense, and their continued lack of defense, and continued lack of 60 minute play.

IT WAS EDMONTON! Actually, it wasn't even Edmonton, it was the AHL Edmonton team. It was a joke that the wings couldn't score any goals against that team yesterday.

LOOK at the big picture.

So it's Howard's fault that the Wings had to get a lucky shot to save their butts? Right. It couldn't be because the rest of the team wasted most of the three periods and could only come up with 1 goal with seconds left on the clock (well, it would've been 2, but that's life), could it? Also, I don't get why everybody's all miffed because the ONE (I repeat, one) goal he let in was a soft one. What difference would it have made if he'd let in one of the Oilers' better shots or that one, as long as he kept it to just one? Yeah, sure, he could've saved that one and got a shutout, but people in hell want ice water and all that. The rest of the team cannot rely on their goalie to post a shutout just to give them a fighting chance. They should be able to rely on him to be good, but not to stand on his head.

Plus, I am not looking at the big picture for a reason; everybody here was complaining about his performance in this game, so that's what I focused on. I KNOW he has horrible stats in general - nobody here's going to deny that - but it would not have been his fault if the Wings had lost this game.

#2129436 3/11 GDT: Oilers 1 at Red Wings 2 (OT)

Posted by MulesWillFly93 on 12 March 2011 - 03:34 AM

So Howard does one better than last time and keeps it down to one goal against, and we're STILL complaining about him? Yeah, he really sucks, doesn't he? I can't believe he let in that one whole soft goal. I mean, there's no reason he couldn't have got us a shutout so that the rest of the team could've taken the night off...what a lazy bum. Trade him.

#2128674 Random Discussion Thread

Posted by MulesWillFly93 on 11 March 2011 - 12:03 AM

Hi, I'm bored. What's your name?

Well, one week exactly before I hit the airport and head out you guys' way...so excited! I can't wait to see the original Oscar Mayer Wienermobile at the Henry Ford Museum, hee!

#2124287 I've decided-Datsyuk for Captain

Posted by MulesWillFly93 on 01 March 2011 - 04:27 PM

If Datsyuk was captain, though, every time he did a post game interview, he should just say, "All I do is win," and walk out. Pretty much covers it, right?

#2123258 2/28 GDT: Red Wings 7 at Kings 4

Posted by MulesWillFly93 on 28 February 2011 - 01:18 AM

I won't be going to this one - the "boo" reason is because I'm working until 8, but the "yay" reason is because I'm going to be seeing them play the Pens at the one and only Joe in 3 weeks!! I agree, it's payback time for December! I like the Kings, as far as other hockey teams go, but not when they beat my Wings, so let's kick some black and purple butt and make them just a little more black and purple!

#2121940 Ericsson vs Ott

Posted by MulesWillFly93 on 25 February 2011 - 03:26 AM

What surprised me about the fight was how many swings Ericcson got in (whether they were solid hits or not) before Ott tried to do anything to defend himself. I always thought for the amount of crap he gave out, he must know how to defend himself against getting some back, but jeez, the guy's just as bad as Perry! Still, props to Ericsson, even if Ott isn't all he's cracked up to be...I'm sick of that guy's BS, and E did something about it and made him embarrass the heck out of himself in the process.

#2119644 Bettman threatens Edmonton.

Posted by MulesWillFly93 on 20 February 2011 - 04:38 PM

He doesn't sound threatening to me. Maybe I'm not reading between the lines enough, but it sounds to me like somebody asked him what he thought of the situation, so he gave them an honest answer, which is that he agrees Edmonton needs a new arena. I agree that it's none of his business what the taxpayers and government of Edmonton decide to do with their money, and the fact that he IS putting his nose in Quebec City's business bugs me, but it doesn't sound like it's gotten to that point yet here. It sounds like it's the Oilers who are forcing the city to do something by saying they won't play at Rexall Place after the lease is up in 2014.

Somehow I really doubt the Oilers would leave Edmonton. Don't they have some of the best attendance numbers in the league, percentage-wise? I mean, I would imagine that's why Bettman wants them to build a new stadium, right? If the Oilers can suck that bad and still fill 17,000 seats, those are some enthusiastic people you've got there, so why not see what you can do with 20,000 seats? I mean, I know QC has some enthusiastic fans, too, but hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. It makes a lot more sense to me (at least in my pea brain) to take a team like Phoenix, who has awful attendance, and relocate it, rather than doing the Canadian Team Shuffle.