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Interesting Stat

16 November 2010 - 10:51 AM

While I was looking at the standings for this year the other day, I came across a really interesting stat. Out of the top 5 teams in the West, Detroit is the only team to have not played any teams from the Eastern Conference, while the other teams have all played 5-7 games against what many to believe is a much inferior Eastern Conference. Here are the records.

1. LA : 24 pts : 5-0-0 against Eastern Conference
2. Det : 23 pts : 0-0-0 against Eastern Conference
3. Van : 23 pts : 5-1-1 against Eastern Conference
4. Anh : 22 pts : 4-1-1 against Eastern Conference
5. Stl : 21 pts : 5-0-0 against Eastern Conference

What does this mean? Well, it could mean absolutely nothing, but what I want it to mean is that Detroit is getting the more quality wins right now against the opponents that really matter, while the other teams are beating up on the other conference and playing mediocre hockey against teams from their division/conference.

Like I said, it could mean nothing, but I thought it was interesting enough to at least point out.

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14 June 2010 - 06:27 PM