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#2093325 1/7 GDT: Red Wings 5 at Flames 4 (SO)

Posted by atodaso on 08 January 2011 - 12:06 AM

In my best Homer Simpson voice,

"Don't you hate pants?"

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#2090205 USA vs Canada (WORLD JUNIOR SHOWDOWN)

Posted by atodaso on 03 January 2011 - 09:42 PM

Posted Image Consistently the worst winners at everything. No grace whatsoever, it is damn comical.

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#2088293 12/31 GDT: Islanders 4 at Red Wings 3 OT)

Posted by atodaso on 31 December 2010 - 09:45 PM

Jimmy "My team has to score five goals to win" Howard.

Seriously Babcock. Time to give Ozzie more than one start in a row. It can't be worse.

i know what you were trying to say but i think his name should be Jimmy "The Rebound" Howard

#2079108 Cheerleaders for Canadian NHL team a first

Posted by atodaso on 15 December 2010 - 10:29 PM

Andrew Krystal on the FAN590 today was commenting on the Edmonton Cheerleaders. I'm not the this type of guy, but I found what he said funny! He mentioned the Edmonton cheerleaders were a little over weight and said, "Tell these women they have 1% milk now", and added, "These are the kind of girls if you're dating them and someone sees you with them in your car, you make up an excuse saying, 'No she's not my girl friend, she's dating my buddy and needed a ride to the airport'".


this andrew sounds like a loser to me

#2073831 San Jose/Detroit game discussion

Posted by atodaso on 07 December 2010 - 04:20 PM

Brush it off and come out strong the next game.

exactly. no team has ever won 82 games in a season.

when the wings are playing a good game and are winning we ask ourselves: "how do these guys ever lose a game?"
well... this is how it happens. even if they win 60 games this year they will still lose 22. this game was one of those 22.

#2073127 12/4 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Kings 3 (OT)

Posted by atodaso on 04 December 2010 - 03:09 PM

welcome back drapes! :clap:

#2071962 Teams of the Decade?

Posted by atodaso on 02 December 2010 - 05:29 PM

Yes, when a baby is born it is 0 years old. Meaning that it has not lived a full year yet. A baby that is born between March 1st, 2011 and February 29th, 2012 will live 365 days and still be 0 years old in that it has not yet reached its first birthday.

But you are also an idiot. The calendar we use is based on when the birth of Jesus is believed to have happened. There are years that happened before it, and years that have occurred since. As you clearly are not very intelligent, I will enlighten you. After 1 B.C. came 1 A.D., there was no "Year 0" which fell in between. The first decade A.D was 1 A.D to 10 A.D.

the fact that you call me an idiot without knowing me at all says a lot about you.

so, i guess my only reply to you is...

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#2070230 massive lead for Detroit now

Posted by atodaso on 29 November 2010 - 12:57 AM

This I know. But once the easy schedule the Wings have had catches up to them and they start playing a lot of their road games they haven't played yet, it's going to catch up to them. We've played the fewest amount of games on the road of any team. We are a great team, but it's no coincidence our record is so good and we have played well over the majority of our games at home. I'm not complaining, but it's reality.

And finishing top 3 isn't shooting low, it means we won the most competitive division in the NHL were it looks like at least 4 out of the 5 teams will make the playoffs.

yea, i know what you mean about the schedule being somewhat favourable so far. if they were able to keep up this pace they would get 58/59 wins and 125 points. this isn't impossible but it is unlikely.

however, when the season ends, realistically speaking they should still end up in 1st place in the west (at least).

my reasoning for this is that if they are the best and deepest team in the league (which most of us think at this point to be true), they will find a way to get the most points. idk, maybe i am expecting too much from them, but from what i've seen so far, the wings are the best.

#2068671 11/26 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Blue Jackets 1

Posted by atodaso on 26 November 2010 - 12:38 AM

good job as always! +1

#2061478 Forsberg's last comeback attempt

Posted by atodaso on 11 November 2010 - 05:13 PM

How has he been doing this year? Ummm yeah.....Farve has lost it.

Even a 37 year old crippled Forsberg is better than probably 80%+ of the league.

have you watched any of the games? he hasn't been as bad as the stats suggest. a lot of the INTs are plays where his receiver runs the wrong route or can't handle the pass. the whole team isn't doing as good as they were last season and i think it's unfair to put it on him. either way, favre is the NFL all-time leader in every meaningful category for QBs. to suggest that forsberg is/was a better hockey player than favre is/was a football player is ridiculous.

#2060572 Should we risk our future for an elite defenseman?

Posted by atodaso on 09 November 2010 - 07:21 PM

Since rafalski has a NTC, letting lidstrom walk away after this season and signing weber/suter might be a good idea, they're the best FA's this summer..

where is that god damn minus button???

are you serious???

#2059251 Lidstrom & Modano Interviews on CBC's After Hours

Posted by atodaso on 07 November 2010 - 02:55 AM

here's the full version with nick. i didn't even realise that the first video i posted was cut short. sorry about that.

#2059247 Lidstrom & Modano Interviews on CBC's After Hours

Posted by atodaso on 07 November 2010 - 02:23 AM

here's nick

#2059245 Lidstrom & Modano Interviews on CBC's After Hours

Posted by atodaso on 07 November 2010 - 02:16 AM

the topics were both on-ice and off-ice. nick was asked which stanley cup he was the most fond of, and he also talked about his family a bit. he was asked about the ******** injury from '08 as well. mike mostly talked about his decision to come to detroit and some stuff from his early playing days.

the reason i also thought the interviews were awesome is because they weren't cliche questions with cliche answers. it was a half hour show so they asked them quite a few questions. i'd recommend to anyone who didn't see it to look for it on you tube. someone will probably post it eventually.

#2058312 11/5 GDT: Red Wings 3 at Oilers 1

Posted by atodaso on 05 November 2010 - 09:11 PM

Yeah but Crosby wins the fights and doesn't inspire the other team to score.

they don't have to. his team is 0-4 when he fights. which tells you why he fights in the first place.