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#1981980 Franzen Upset Refs Missed Call, Stuart has sprained MCL

Posted by hockeynut on 09 May 2010 - 10:26 AM

I'll comment on both. The reason the faceoff was in the Detroit zone is because the net was knocked off by a Detroit player. That is also the reason they didn't blow the play dead because when the puck was in the San Jose zone. It would have given the Wings an advantage (face off in the attacking zone) after they were the ones to knock net off.

As for the Murray hit? It was as much Franzen running in to Murray as Murray hitting Franzen and he lowered his head making a shoulder to shoulder hit become a shoulder to head hit. Also, it was not "late" as Franzen had just gotten rid of the puck. It wasn't like Murray took a run at him from the blindside, it was just two guys arriving at point A at the same time. No penalty, CERTAINLY no postgame disciplinary action needed.

For a team of champs, you guys sure whine a lot. Even the players now?

#1979360 WCSF Game 4 GDT: Sharks 1 at Red Wings 7

Posted by hockeynut on 07 May 2010 - 02:00 PM

As for bounces, sooner or later? The Sharks had all the bounces in games 1 and 2. The bounces have already gone their way, its not like the Sharks have been lacking in luck in this series.

Really? How many goals have the Sharks scored where the last thing the puck hit before going in the net was a Detroit players skate or stick? (other than the goalie) Can you give me an example of a goal where the Sharks got a “lucky” bounce? It’s happened four times for the Wings so far…………They've fluked in more than their share of "passes" that turned in to goals. Of course, the same thing happened three or four times in the Avalanche series to the Sharks too. They probably lead the league in fluke goals against. :angry:

#1976756 Homer's slashing penalty and Z's disallowed goal

Posted by hockeynut on 05 May 2010 - 03:30 PM

Ok, let's ASSUME the goal that Zetterberg kicked in was good and that was a bad call. The play where the Wings were awarded a penalty shot was an AWFUL call. Couture just pushed the puck under Nabokov's pads, never once did he cover the puck with his glove. The ref was out of position and missed it. The refs "tried" to give the Wings a make up goal, but Nabokov "foiled" their plot. Also, look CLOSELY at the replay of the Holmstrom slash. Clearly he does take a whack at the back of Vlasic's leg and he did it right in front of the ref, almost daring him to call it, so call it he did.

#1976530 SJ 7 men on ice for GW OT goal

Posted by hockeynut on 05 May 2010 - 11:27 AM

The four guys you circled are not and were not at any time involved in the play. If anything it was such a bad line change that the Sharks had "too few men on the ice" Clearly not the kind of call you make with the puck 75ft away from the players in question. I doubt you'll find a single hockey expert of personality (TV or radio) outside of Detroit who would think that was a penalty.

BTW, I think you guys are being a little hard on Howard. Yes, the last goal was due to him "cheating" off the expected pass, but it was a nice, very accurate shot by Couture, give the kid some credit. On the Thornton goal, actually the puck was headed straight for Howard's logo, but ticked off the shaft of Datysuk's stick which made it change directions. At least that is what it looked like on the Bay Area feed replay. Definitely not Howard's fault.

#1974638 WCSF Game 3 GDT: Sharks 4 at Red Wings 3

Posted by hockeynut on 04 May 2010 - 07:30 PM

LOL Maybe Setoguchi should have "dove" instead of shooting? :rolleyes: Sharks withstand the best the Wings got and it's only a 1 goal game. Gonna be good.

#1974551 WCSF Game 3 GDT: Sharks 4 at Red Wings 3

Posted by hockeynut on 04 May 2010 - 07:22 PM

Keep that up and you'll be gone quicker than Joe Thornton in the playoffs.

He calls me an idiot that's ok, I respond with an English lesson and you are threatening to ban me? Wow, really? That's lame.

#1974520 WCSF Game 3 GDT: Sharks 4 at Red Wings 3

Posted by hockeynut on 04 May 2010 - 07:20 PM

What the f*** are you even talking about? Do you spread this idiocy to the general public?

Control your language, I know it is hard to have class, but fake it.

What I'm talking about is the bump on Nabokov, and the high stick in the face to Huskins that lead to the Wings goal. If you can't beat them honestly, cheat.

#1974453 WCSF Game 3 GDT: Sharks 4 at Red Wings 3

Posted by hockeynut on 04 May 2010 - 07:16 PM

your an idiot

And YOU are an illiterate moron. The word is "you're" not "your"

#1974425 WCSF Game 3 GDT: Sharks 4 at Red Wings 3

Posted by hockeynut on 04 May 2010 - 07:13 PM

Stop whining you pathetic losers. Geezus, it's annoying.

Well, the make up goal, A little bump on the goalie, a high stick to take out the defenseman, and a goal. Happy now? Goon hockey prevails.

#1973386 WCSF Game 3 GDT: Sharks 4 at Red Wings 3

Posted by hockeynut on 04 May 2010 - 11:40 AM

I’m not real excited about tonight’s game to be honest with you. I will miss the first two hours (start time is 4pm PST) and I don’t like watching DVR’d games especially when I know the outcome. I have to laugh though, at the “fans” on this site. First they accuse Setoguchi of “diving” but can’t give a single example of when he did. Now, I’ve seen some posts accusing Pavelski of “diving’ but again, no specific examples. You really need to form your own opinions and not believe bloggers and local biased reporters.

Now, to the officiating. I know a lot of you are expecting that the Wings get the calls tonight because the refs “owe” the Redwings something. So basically you are saying biased officiating is expected and approved, AS LONG as it benefits YOUR team? Seems like kind of a hypocritical attitude (maybe it’s just me) Any way, enjoy the game, I’m guessing you’ll be more happy with tonight’s outcome. GO SHARKS


#1968342 WCSF Game 1 GDT: Red Wings 3 at Sharks 4

Posted by hockeynut on 30 April 2010 - 05:55 PM

I have to say I’m really surprised that fans from “Hockeytown” are doing nothing but whining about the officiating like newbies. This is the playoffs, hockey is a physical game and there are dozens of penalties on both teams that go uncalled otherwise it would be an endless parade to the box and god, would the games be high scoring (to the point of being ridiculous) As for the cries of “diving” while Setoguchi MAY have embellished that high stick call, the stick was definitely “up” around his face area where it isn’t supposed to be, so the call was LEGIT. As for the call where the Red Wing player came up bloody? Again, the call was legit and you can’t possibly expect Setoguchi to control his stick while falling down, can you? Suck it up, the officiating wasn’t the reason you lost. Sunday is another game, both teams will be well rested and it should be amazing. See you Sunday. GO SHARKS!!!!