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In Topic: 12/14 GDT : Buffalo Sabres at Red Wings, 7:30 EST

14 December 2015 - 10:34 PM

Here are some suggestions:


​1) We need more goals.  Shoot the puck at the net more.  And don't miss the net.  We get power plays and put on a "pass around the perimeter" exhibition.  Get the puck towards the net, collapse towards the net, wait for the puck to squirt out somewhere and get some dirty (not pretty) goals.  

2) Petr is very good and at times outstanding...but sometimes he is not positionally sound.  Watch video of Lundquist and Price and be a bit more compact, positionally sound, and conserve movement.  On Buffalo's first goal, Petr's stick has wandered off the ice and the puck squirts thru the five hole.  Stick down and blocking the five hole and the puck is stopped.  When you wander out of the crease too far, you have less time to react to tips and redirections.  Cutting down the angle by coming out of the net too far is a bit overrated.  Just my observation.

3) Blash whatever you are telling our guys to do in the 3rd is not working.  We are playing afraid when we have a one goal lead.  Instill an attitude that up by a goal is really down by a goal.  And play a bit desperate.  

4) Jurco watch some youtube highlights of yourself...and do some of that.


We are ok...we are a work in progress...but so are virtually all the other teams.  Disappointing loss though.  Standings say we are ok...

In Topic: 12/11 GDT : Red Wings at New Jersey Devils, 7:00 EST

11 December 2015 - 09:55 PM

Smith has been playing very well recently in my opinion.  Not sure the ending was really his fault.


Howie should have stayed big on the breakaway...he instead went down and then got horizontal to the ground and was flopping around like a fish.  I mean he got really small there and the goal was a gimme...not a great Jimmy Howard moment.


Also Tatar should have backed up when he saw Smith was having trouble containing his guy along the boards...but he just stood there too close to the blue line...giving Cammelleri a two stride head start and a breakaway.


Also Tats should have pulled the trigger earlier in OT when he got the feed from Nyquist on the left wing...gotta shoot there!

In Topic: 2016 NHL Outdoor Games Jerseys.

28 November 2015 - 02:37 PM

I like the Wings jersey...it's very modern looking but still classy.  I would think about getting one cause it is pretty unique.  I didn't really like the old fashioned English D on the older winter classic jersey.  These are modern and interesting.

In Topic: Bigger nets ?

27 November 2015 - 01:08 AM

I'm curious, why do you think more open ice is a better solution than making the nets bigger? If you don't want to see major changes to the way the game is played, why double the size of the ice before making the nets 5% bigger?[/quote]
1) Well I am not talking about "doubling" the size of the rink. Just tweak it up to the international or Olympic size.
2) There's already a precedent for having a larger rink ( International/Olympic).
3) it would open up the ice for more exciting play (such as what you are seeing in 3 on 3).
4) I think tweaking the net size may lead to more "garbagy" type goals. Not necessarily better play.
5) Larger rink may lead to more benefit to skilled teams ... like the Wings.
6) A bigger net may lead to a focus towards extra large goalies...or may lead to some other weird gimmicky strategy that is going to change the game in an odd way. I just find the idea to be misguided on a number of different levels.

In Topic: Bigger nets ?

26 November 2015 - 08:24 PM

Interesting article on the business aspect of the NHL and what drives the value of the franchises.  Several franchises (Montreal and Washington) are benefitting from better TV contracts.