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In Topic: Filppula

12 January 2014 - 11:21 AM

Same could be said about Hudler also, 12 Goals 23 Assists in 44 games. Granted it's a bit deceiving considering he's getting a lot of ice time playing for calgary, but the combined 70 points could have helped out a lot so far this year for us.


I think it was a mistake letting Filpulla go and i had thought he left because we didn't think he was worth $5 million a year.  I think, in today's market, he was and is worth about that.  He was a good worker on both ends of the ice, a good puck handler/skill guy, and had a good year in 2011-12.  He took a step back last year in terms of points...for whatever reason i don't know.  But he was a top 6, "core-type" player and made some big-time plays (see his diving goal against Chicago and his slick assist against Anaheim in last years playoffs).  In addition, Fil is a player who is entering the prime/sweet-spot of his career.


I don't think Hudler is comparable to Filpulla as Hudler was too slow and one-dimensional...often disappearing in the playoffs.


I would prefer to pay a guy like Fil $5 mill than a bunch of "parts" to fill the bottom six at $2-3 mill a year (e.g Sammy, Bert, Clears, Tootoo...although i think Tootoo is pretty good and brings something unique to our team, namely grit and effort) .  Those bottom 6 guys can be replaced by low cap, hungry Grand Rapids guys without missing a beat.


I am pretty disappointed that we spent $5 mill a year on Weiss...didn't know much about him when we signed him, but now i think his success in Florida may had something to do with him being the best player on a not very competitive team and therefore racking up some points.  To sign a guy at the age of 30 to a 5 year 5 mill a year deal when he is coming off of a wrist injury seems really reckless at best and incompetent at worst.  Really makes me wonder about Kenny Holland and the odd way he runs this team.  All this "over-ripening" garbage that lets talented young guys bide time in GR while aged guys float around the ice at the Joe.  Young players will probably optimally improve their game when playing against the stiff competition in the NHL...not in GR.  They belong up here in the bottom 6 (at least) rather than GR.  

In Topic: Weiss

10 December 2013 - 10:44 PM

Weiss makes Villei Leino look like Darren Helm

In Topic: Jimmy Williams in Detroit

25 May 2013 - 10:44 PM

He actually shows us and Howard a lot of respect...he says he didn't want to face us in the first place and doesn't think his Hawks can win 3 in a row against us...

In Topic: Abby in for game 6... Who draws out?

09 May 2013 - 11:48 AM

Cleary should sit...he is always banged up and just plays through it...but now he is really banged up.  We need healthy, rested bodies in there.  I would play Tootoo over Cleary as well in game 6.

In Topic: Tatar frustrated; says he will only play in NHL when contract done

18 April 2013 - 11:21 AM

I agree with Tatar...I am disappointed too that he was sent back down to GR...really unbelievable given the problems we have had getting the puck to the net and in the net.