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In Topic: Darren Helm re-signed: 5 years, $3.85m AAV

02 July 2016 - 10:14 AM

I wouldn't say Kronwall is dead weight, he just needs to be counted on less at this point. He still has a lot to offer in a lesser role. 
As for Howard and Ericsson, I agree. Sadly we're stuck with Howard unless we get lucky.

Kronner is being paid 5 million a year for a job that a number of our GR guys could do (Sproul, Jensen, Oulette). Kronner has a bumb knee and really had a bad season last year. He is not worth the 5 mill and is seriously on the decline.

In Topic: Frans Nielson signs 6 year $5.25m AAV contract with Detroit

02 July 2016 - 10:07 AM

I want to answer this in a very respectful way. What bothers me, and I'm sure others, is the lack of any proactive strategy by Holland. He seems completely incapable of making any bold moves. He is entirely reactive and far too safe by only going for what is available for purchase vs. applying any creativity or risk to making deals with what we have. This is further compounded by his endless excuses and arguments that the decisions he has made were the only decisions possible. Too many of us buy into this and respond, "What else was he supposed to do?" The lack of vision goes beyond Holland to many fans. We have been duped. 
Add to this his completely outdated mindset on treating hungry young skilled players like they need to be on training wheels until they are 26 while sticking with a growing roster of underperforming and overpaid mid level veterans. I think his lack of strategic thinking and planning was illustrated most with Lidstrom. Of course you can never ever ever replace him, but where was the plan to even try and fill that massive gaping hole? The attempt to get Suter? That was it? That was the only card in his hand? A smart GM living in reality would have been developing multiple options for the inevitable retirement of #5 including combinations of draft picks, trades for players, trades of picks, free agents... all cultivated over many years. Or truly pathetic D corp is glaring evidence of KH's lack of not just "genius" but competence.
Let's now add to the mix some contracts and decisions. Weiss (while letting Flip go). Franzen over Hossa. Tootoo for how many years? Bringing back Sammy and Cleary? Erricsson? So many more... Dear God, how can anyone claim even one of those deals was the sign of genius? Oh, just wait and see where Blashill is in a year or two.
As for offense there seems to have been some planning (and luck) for the inevitable loss of Dats and Hank with Larkin, AA, Mantha and a few others, but all too little and too late by keeping most of these kids on GR training wheels so we can do what, extend the streak? You can argue about that, but there is one more thing that screams idiocy to me. What GM calls out a player like Mantha and literally insults him in the press? Even if it is true, how incredibly stupid is that? Thinking ahead, if/when KH would ever consider trading Mantha, I'd be the first GM to pull out those articles/quotes as a bargaining chip.

Was it Kenny or Devellano that ripped Mantha publicly?

We have discussed Kenny's shortcomings for years here. He has made some really bone headed moves in the past and his "overripening" nonsense is so misguided.

I am ok with this signing though (Nielsen). I think the Vanek and Ott signings were ok as well. I like that we are keeping Helm. Marchenko signing solid. So I am ok with Kenny's moves yesterday.

In Topic: Darren Helm re-signed: 5 years, $3.85m AAV

01 July 2016 - 06:53 PM

I'd Shaw any day over Helm.

Hate Shaw.

Helm is the least of our problems. He works his butt off and is fast.

I'm ok with this.

The real deadweight on this team = Erickson, Kronwall, Howard

Move some of these pieces if possible

In Topic: Frans Nielson signs 6 year $5.25m AAV contract with Detroit

01 July 2016 - 06:44 PM

On the positive side:

1) he has hands

2) term is a bit long, but probably what we needed to give to get him

3) he can get it done in the shootout. That may make the difference between making the playoffs or not

4) I prefer this guy over Lucic who I think will be on the decline.

5) he seems durable

Now, I would have preferred Backes. This is not a terrible signing

In Topic: Making a move with AUTHORITY!

26 April 2016 - 08:12 PM

Can't count on Stamkos...he has a blood clot in his arm and is on anticoagulants currently.  You want to throw 10 mill a year at that?