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Hartnell to Columbus for Umberger + 4th in 2015

23 June 2014 - 01:41 PM

per tsn...



Hartnell carries about the same cap hit for slightly longer term( $4.75m for 5 more years, compared to Umberger 4.6 with 3 more years). His game has dropped off a little, but he was still productive last season. Looks like Columbus may have found someone to be captain. 


Pretty good return for Columbus for someone they were ready to buy out. 

ROW vs Point based system

13 April 2014 - 11:26 PM

Going to a three point system has been mulled over for years. I think switching the qualifications to make the playoffs should be changed to the teams that have the most ROW. This eliminates the shootout as any kind of deciding factor for teams to get in, and has no effect on standings until a tie. Points would be a good secondary tiebreaker. I always thought GF was a bad tiebreaker, does't seem fair to defensive teams. I would be fine with the season series used as a tiebreaker, or even goal differential. 


For the record, I personally think shootout is better than a tie. Changing to ROW would keep anti shootout people happy, and keep the shootout in the game with less weight. 

Detroit @ Boston 10/14. 1pm start time?

05 October 2013 - 10:13 PM

They said today that 10/14 game is at 1pm, which happens to be on a Monday. What is the sense in having a game that early on a weekday? I realize it's Columbus day, but thats not exactly an observed holiday. LAME

How much do the Wings need another defenseman?

01 September 2013 - 07:03 PM

Although the D somehow came out of last year looking better than most of us had thought, I feel they absolutely must get an other top four guy by the trade deadline. Honestly, any of our 2-7 guys go down and we are not in bad shape. My main concern is if Kronwall were to miss any kind of time, especially in the playoffs. A D corps in the playoffs consisting of Ericsson or Quincey as the vets, just seems to me like it would be missing too much experience, and composure. We do have a great coaching staff that has done great work with what we have, they can only do so much though.


I honestly feel like Kindl will take a big step next year on the PP, and that he may have already taken that step from what I saw in the playoffs. The main need I feel right now is of a stay at home guy. With that said what does everyone feel here may be our best options as far as a trade goes? Also, if you had to choose one of Quincey-Lashoff-Smith to trade who would it be? At this point if we end up clearing space I wouldn't be against taking a chance with Hal Gill as the #7 guy, we'd be giving up nothing for him and always could package him at the deadline for something.


For the record I wouldn't be totally opposed to trading Smith. Those three are't that far apart in skill I feel like, and Smith's return on a trade would be the most worthy.