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28 August 2014 - 06:17 PM

I'm not okay with Abby there either. He's a 4th liner, 3rd at best. But no, Jurco isn't ready. And yes, Jurco put up a 34 point pace against much lesser competition vs abbys 33 point pace against top line competition. CLEARLY this means Jurco should be there. What was I thinking? Excuse my ignorance.

And Kip, did you watch the last few games before the olympic break when Gus and Z played together? The chemistry and puck movement was insane. Z and pav like. So why not have two extremely dunamic duos on the ice at the same time? We wouldn't need to grind it out much because we'd always have the puck.

If you want to change the dynamic of the attack, you don't do that by putting one guy thats going to go to the net on each line. You put two on one line. Franzen and Jurco can both play down low. Put them together. Putting Jurco on the top line now could actually kill that line (not to mention the kids confidence) just as much as abby has.


:lol: Abby doesn't have half the skill Jurco does, he gets goals by having pucks bounce off him. Jurco would be fine on the top line.


You think Nyquist on the top line is a good idea, I think it's as dumb as you thinking Jurco shouldn't be there.

In Topic: Lines Thread

28 August 2014 - 02:31 PM

So to understand better posters on here don't mind if Abby plays with D and Z, yet Jurco isn't ready somehow. Jurco plays bigger then Abby and has way more skill.....


Abby put up 30 points last year in 70+ games while playing with two of the best players.


Jurco put up 15 points in 36 games while playing 3rd line minutes.


Yea something doesn't make sense.

In Topic: Lines Thread

28 August 2014 - 08:09 AM

I've posted a lineup similar to this before but I would like to see something like this on opening night (October 9th) against Boston...


Zetterberg - Datsyuk - Alfredsson

Nyquist - Franzen - Tatar

Helm - Weiss - Abdelkader

Miller - Sheahan - Callahan

Cleary - Glendening


Kronwall - Ericsson

DeKeyser - Smith

Quincey - Ouellet (more likely Kindl...)



I really think that this top line would dominate. The skill across that line would match any line in the league in my opinion. The key for them would be for all three to stay healthy. I really believe that Hank will play at least 70-75 games this season and Datsyuk will play somewhere close to that as well. My only concern is Alfredsson. I hope he takes it easy and doesn't push himself too hard, especially to start the season. I think he can play somewhere around 65-70 if he is careful and listens to his body and takes a lot of "maintenance days"...


I would love to see this two kids and a Mule line as our second line. Franzen plays his best hockey when he is playing center. He is third on the team in faceoff percentage going into this season (behind Datsyuk and Zetterberg), based on last years stats of players that took at least 100 faceoffs. 225 faceoffs taken at 52.9%. I really think the two kids (Gus & Tats) would keep him energized. I've always thought that Franzen starts his floating ways when he plays on a line with Pav or Hank. It's almost like he feels that he doesn't need to work as hard with them because he knows the puck will find him and he will still produce, even at half pace. Maybe playing with the two kids, he will take on more of a leadership role and that, along with playing down the middle will light a much needed fire under his ass...


I think third line minutes is best for Weiss to start the season. Maybe promote him after 10 or so games if he looks good and hungry or if the lines aren't working out or if coach Babs just want to mix things up for some unexplainable reason... I kinda want to switch Abdelkader and Sheahan but I think Abby is better suited for the wing. With Helm's health concerns over the past few seasons I think third line wing is a great spot for him to play and hopefully stay relatively healthy. His wheels could really be put on display on the wing as well.


I think this could be a great forth line and I absolutely love the grit that Callahan would bring to the line. I would like to see Cleary rotated in to get his ten games in on this line or possibly the third line depending on how he looks in training camp. I do like Glendening but I just don't see where he fits on this team going forward...


Love that lineup, would rather have Jurco up here though but it probably won't happen. If he was this is what I would want to see.



Zetterberg - Datsyuk - Jurco

Nyquist - Franzen - Alfie

Tatar - Weiss - Sheahan

Miller - Helm - Abby

In Topic: DRW Blogs/Apps

24 August 2014 - 09:56 AM

Maybe you've already seen this, but at the top panel of this website there's a spot that says show news. It has links to recent articles on red wings blogs and news sites. Whoever runs it seems to know all the good websites and keep it up to date.




Use the RSS feeds at the top of the page. They pull information from the top 3 sites every day and publish them at the top.

In Topic: Leiweke Leaving Toronto after 1 year

23 August 2014 - 08:27 AM

No one can run MLSE, it's an entirely different beast. He has done a lot of good things for the teams in Toronto including bringing in Shanahan to run the Leafs - Nonis will probably be fired this year, fired Brian Collangelo and brought in Masai Ujiri (who got the Raptors to their first playoffs since 2008 in his first year) and brought in some euro soccer stars who helped TFC make the playoffs.


Working with Bell and Rogers is almost next to impossible. Bell and Rogers both share 50/50 of the MLSE, when Rogers bought that 5 billion dollar NHL broadcasting deal, well Bell got screwed since TSN will not be showing games anymore and I think that's where Bell got turned off by everything. They only had TSN to compete anything to do with the NHL and now that's gone. I think the only way MLSE will exist and be run properly will be if Bell was to sell their portion to Rogers, however MLSE is such a huge cash draw that they probably won't.