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#2494245 Detroit D performance

Posted by TheDetroitRedWings on 11 March 2014 - 02:17 PM


I think the fact that you're comparing scoring between Ericsson and Quincey just shows the ridiculousness of this argument. 


It should be obvious at this point that neither player is relied on for the offensive production so I'm not sure why we're using that as a measuring point for their value to the team.

It's a measuring point for Quincey because that's suppose to be the type of D-man he is. He's never been a shut-down or stay-at-home defenseman. So if he's bringing almost no offense to the table, he better be stepping it up big time on the defensive end. And so far he has barely showed up on the scoresheet and has been mediocre on the defensive end at best. If he were a high-level shut-down defenseman you would definitely have a point. But he's not (or even close to it). And the almost every game bonehead penalties seem to be the most consistent part of his game. So basically that's why people find it laughable that he is our 2nd highest paid D-man, and makes more $ than Jonathan Ericsson.

#2494219 Detroit D performance

Posted by haroldsnepsts on 11 March 2014 - 11:27 AM

As hard as I am on Kindl I always forget about his contract, which actually makes it worse.  $2.4 million through 2017 for a guy who can't crack the lineup half the time.  


I'm surprised he's not the subject of more buyout discussion. 

#2485945 USA-Canada Thread

Posted by TheDetroitRedWings on 21 February 2014 - 04:06 PM

Ya ok, the US fans were bragging for the last few weeks relentlessly about how they were winning the gold this year, and Canada has no chance and blah blah blah, I'm just doing my due diligence now.

Absolutely NO ONE said that Canada "had no chance." In fact, most of us said that they had every chance in the world. Just that some of us were confident that team USA had enough to bring home the Gold (especially the way the tourney had been going). But of course we can't be confident in a gold without it somehow being viewed as a personal attack to certain Canadian fans here. NOW GO SWEDEN FOR THE GOLD!!!

#2484924 Official 2014 Olympic Hockey Thread (Admin warning #316)

Posted by TheDetroitRedWings on 18 February 2014 - 04:43 PM

Lol of course... USA has a pretty easy matchup against Czech, they'll be pretty tired on top of that. USA should have absolutely no problem rolling past them

Of course what? The Czechs are a much more formidable opponent than Slovenia or Latvia. Any team with several NHL players will be a tough test. Is there really any question about that? I should be the one saying "of course." Of course some Canadian would try and downplay the toughness of team USA's matchup, while their team gets yet another non-NHL caliber team to play (aside from playing Finland).

It's not like I was singling Canada out. I said Sweden and Canada both have very easy matchups, while the Russians and Americans will both have tougher tests. And that's 100% true.

#2483882 Official 2014 Olympic Hockey Thread (Admin warning #316)

Posted by TheDetroitRedWings on 14 February 2014 - 02:00 PM

Is TSN creating their own way to show the Olympic medal count so Canada ranks higher?



I noticed that too! At first I thought they were going alphabetically back when Canada was tied with Norway for medals. But now it's pretty obvious they're just keeping Canada as #3 regardless of the medal count. Ridiculous. Inferiority complex much? lol

#2483886 Official 2014 Olympic Hockey Thread (Admin warning #316)

Posted by TheDetroitRedWings on 14 February 2014 - 02:13 PM

Also playing weaker teams off the start is not an advantage for a team like Canada.  If anything it's the opposite.  

I couldn't disagree more... Playing weaker teams in the beginning gives them more slack to build up chemistry and have less pressure overall and gives them more time to get their stuff together when they finally do play a medal contender.

Apparently TSN/CBC gives more weight to a gold medal?  The have Slovakia with 1 Gold ranked above Sweden with 5 Silvers and 2 Bronze?  Retarded.



Yeah and they're tied with USA, Norway and Netherlands for Gold, yet they rank themselves above all 3 despite the fact that all 3 have the same amount of Gold and MORE overall medals. SMH

#2438607 Detroit would like to welcome the Eastern Conference

Posted by TheDetroitRedWings on 23 September 2013 - 07:07 PM

Can't taunt the entire east with our cup count, cause Montreal and toronto have more, so how about a 3d image of murphy eating $1 hotdogs :)


Yeah, but all their cups were won many decades ago (the most current one being Montreal's '93 Cup title). Since the mid 90's the Red Wings have been leaps and bounds better and more consistent than either of those teams. Heck, in that time span we've almost won more Cups than either team has playoff appearances. And i'll take boasting about recent championships, over Cups won back in the black-and-white TV era any day. Any Habs or Leafs fans still bragging about ancient championships just proves how inept and inconsistent their teams have been in this modern era of hockey. We are the new crown jewels of the eastern conference. Oh and I almost forgot, LETS GO RED WINGS!!!!!

#2431668 It's time - to predict 2014 Team USA

Posted by TheDetroitRedWings on 27 July 2013 - 04:40 PM

Just for fun's sake, how many of USA's players could crack Canada's roster in terms of talent?  


Maybe Kane, Kessel and Parise? 

I would say Quick, Anderson, Howard, Miller, Schneider, Kane, Kessel, Parise, Ryan, Byfuglien, Suter, Yandle (and possibly Kesler with his 2-way skills) would all have a very good chance of cracking Canada's lineup. Although the great thing about the direction USA hockey is going, in another 4 years that number should grow big time. So much young American talent coming up the ranks. Hopefully most of them will develop accordingly.

#2331941 Who was the better Wing/Player? Yzerman or Lidstrom

Posted by StevieY is the captain on 17 October 2012 - 12:30 PM

Yzerman, with no doubt.
Lets say that you had to have one of these two players to bring your team out of an era of failure, which would do the better job?
Without Yzerman the Wings could very well have maintained the gold standard of fail around the league.
I love me some lids, but he could NOT have been the spark this team needed to reach success.
I draft a rookie Yzerman over a rookie Lids each and every time.

Dont forget that Yzerman was a mad mad point producer, scoring 1040 points before Bowman took over and made him a two way player. Had Yzerman remained the pure scorer he was he would have challenged many records.

10 years before 2 way play by Bowman 1040 points, After Bowman, 12 years 715 points.
Now I'm not arguing that this helped us win our first cup in forever, just that Yzerman unselfishly changed his entire game for this team, and he could have gone on to break records had he decided to not put this team first.

Yzerman is the better Wing and the better player.

#2331864 Who was the better Wing/Player? Yzerman or Lidstrom

Posted by Rivalred on 17 October 2012 - 12:27 AM

Stevie Y...

Stevie Y...

#2305450 Wings interested in Garrison

Posted by TheDetroitRedWings on 05 June 2012 - 04:40 PM

This would be a really solid move for the Wings. Spent almost 2 months of the season down in Florida for work, so I caught quite a few panther games. And all I can say is I was really impressed with what I saw on a nightly basis. He has a pretty hard shot at the point, likes to get involved with the offense, yet seems to be defensively sound. Plus he's young, and presumably we can sign him for a reasonable price.

#2274628 Quincey vs. Stuart

Posted by TheDetroitRedWings on 27 March 2012 - 07:43 PM

Well, first and foremost let's hope Lidstrom will go one more year. If he doesn't, then I think it's almost a certainty that Stuart will be re-signed. I know Brad wants to be with his family in California, but with the cap space we have I'm sure Holland will offer him more $ than any of the Cali teams. And the Red Wings 'playoff guarantee' year after year should also help sway his decision. Plus, the deal would likely be only 2-3 years tops, then he can go back to Cali.

I don't think it's really a question of Stuart or Quincey. From what I've heard Holland is definitely sticking with Quincey for the next few years. So it really just comes down to what Lidstrom does, and how much space we have. If Lidstrom does play for one more year (please hockey Gods let it happen), we still have a chance to sign Stuart, but we might not be able to overpay for him. If that happens let's just hope his desire to win more Stanley cups outweighs spending a few more months with his family for just a few more seasons.

#2271353 Crosby

Posted by CrimsonFlame on 18 March 2012 - 09:15 AM

He may have great offense, but he doesn't have the defense to warrant him as the best player in the NHL. You have to be able to do both well for me to consider you the best.

#2271356 Crosby

Posted by toby91_ca on 18 March 2012 - 09:32 AM

Crosby is arguably the best offensive player in the game right now. But He's not far and away better than others. Gotta be careful how we can get carried away with that. There are talents close to that level as well in the NHL.

With that said, I'm looking forward to him getting Kronwalled in the finals :).

If you are talking pure offensively, yes, he is far and away better. If he hadn't gotten hurt last year, he would likely have scored close to 65 goals and won the scoring title by 30+ points. If healthy this year, probably even more than that.

#2271354 Crosby

Posted by toby91_ca on 18 March 2012 - 09:24 AM

17 pts, +12 in 10 games. Pretty impressive after all the time he's missed. What he showed before getting hurt last year and in the small sample size this year, no one is even close offensively. He's good defensively as well, just not the best. Why do so many people try to argue defensive ability is so much more important than offensive when you are talking about best all-around forward? I can understand when you are talking about a one-dimensional player, but he's not.

Another point of reference....the players voted him the best a few weeks ago even though he had only played 8 games a few months before the poll.