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In Topic: Who has better future: Blues or Wings?

24 May 2011 - 07:23 AM

Spoke too soon, Tarasenko is now staying over in Russia for another season. That's a major setback for us, but very typical.

In Topic: Who has better future: Blues or Wings?

23 May 2011 - 10:34 PM

I don't think you're blowing smoke because I can honestly say your team has at least 5 players I'd kill to get on the Wings:

--Stewart (will only get better and power forwards don't exactly grow on trees)
--Taransekco (I was hoping he'd somehow fall to the Wings last year... now I just wish he was with our org so he'd mesh with Dats)
--Berglund (he's great and he's so damn young!)
--Alex Pietrangelo (tons of talent and room to grow his game)
--Backes (stud! imagine what he could do on Datsyuk's wing!)

Steen is another guy that the Wings would probably love to have. He's not somebody that hockey fans would instantly think is a tough player, but he's nails, and the hardest worker you will ever see.

Shattenkirk is frequently compared to Rafalski and rightfully so. I can't believe we pulled off that trade with Colorado. I might have done Johnson for him straight-up, and most certainly would have traded EJ for Stewart alone.

Let me also say that I'm shocked Rafalski is calling it quits. I have to think Lidstrom goes another year, but if he doesn't, major changes on your blue-line. Wonder how Holland addresses this?

In Topic: Who has better future: Blues or Wings?

23 May 2011 - 06:48 PM

For the Blues to take that next step and start making the playoffs they need one of their young guys to step up and become the kind of leader who scores that last second game-winning or tying goal. The kind of leader who wins that playoff deciding gaming through strength of will. If we're comparing them to a young team lead by young players I'd say Toews is the comparable. When the Hawks were missing the playoffs this year he was the player who drove them back into it.

A bunch of young, talented guys isn't worth much if there isn't enough leadership in the room. Know what I mean? I'm not a big follower of the blues so I'll ask the OP: who's that guy in St. Louis?

I would have to say Stewart will be that guy and have an absolute monster season. Stew will be to my team what Shanny was in the early 90's for us. Backes is this type of player as well, he just hasn't been surrounded by much to work with. Backes would be a monster on Detroit. Berglund probably advances to another level this season; I'm thinking 75 points.

Just to make sure you guys don't think I'm blowing smoke and pumping up the Blues with blinders on, I am not sold on Halak as a starting goalie, I think Oshie is overrated, seriously believe Perron could be finished, and am not buying into the Tarasenko hype without seeing him play in North America.

To the poster that asked about Tarasenko, it's all but certain he's here for training camp in September.

In Topic: Who has better future: Blues or Wings?

22 May 2011 - 10:31 PM

Blues took a great step in the right direction this year, that's for sure. Their drafting has been terrible, though. 5 picks in the top 45 in 2007, and they botched all of theme except Perron. They got a nice pick in Rundblad two drafts ago. Their last draft, though was probably the best they've had since 2003. Schwartz, Tarasenko look real nice. Gardiner might project to a decent player if he matures as a player over the next couple years in college. Beach has a chance of being an effective PF if he gains some muscle. The wildcard is Wannstrom, if he develops like he could, he could be a star, but he flopped this past season in his stint in the SEL. Next season will give us a great indication if he is going to step up, or step down.

As for the WIngs. They have Sheahan, Smith, Pulkkinen, Aubry, Callahan, Jarnkrok, Mursak, and the list goes on for players that are destined for the NHL.

Edit: Just realized Rundblad was traded for a mid first round pick, which turned into Teresanko. I know the Blues are D heavy, but that trade was easily won by the Sens.

First of all, I wanted to thank everyone for their time in this thread. It gets old seeing all the biased answers on Blues boards I frequent. For example, Tarasenko is the most over-hyped player I can remember in my 20 years of following the team. The guy is being seen as a savior before he has even played a game in North America.

Konnan, I have to take exception to your comment about botching the 2007 draft, Perron excluded. Taking Lars Eller 13th enabled us to acquire a starting goaltender via trade (Halak). Ian Cole was our 18th pick, and he is expected to be a very physical 3rd or 4th d-man in the Jackman mold. We took Simon Hjalmarsson 39th and he's a bust. Aaron Palushaj was the 44th selection and we flipped him for D'Agostini, who had a very good year last season (46 points in 81 games).

I don't care if the players we traded bust or not. We basically have Perron, Halak, D'Agostini, and Cole out of our top 5 picks from a draft 4 years ago. A 1st line player, starting goalie, 2nd/3rd line player, and big, physical defenseman. Not sure if much more can be asked from a draft, honestly.

I'm also curious how you declare Ottawa the winner of the Rundblad/Tarasenko swap before either has played a game?

In Topic: WCSF Game 7 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Sharks 3

12 May 2011 - 10:30 PM

Holy f***! What a backhander baby!