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#2609928 It's Official: Babcock to coach Maple Leafs

Posted by Z and D for the C on 24 May 2015 - 09:33 AM

I'm honestly more upset about Hiller (our powerplay coach from last season) leaving more than Babcock leaving. Our powerplay was great last season, hopefully it stays the same.

#2610026 Things you would like to see for 2015-16 Season

Posted by krsmith17 on 25 May 2015 - 10:20 AM

I don't get why you would think that Glendening would "follow Babs"... He's under contract with the Detroit Red Wings. He can't just decide to pack up his gear and move to Toronto, nor would he even if he could. There has been a lot of joking about trading Glendening to Toronto for Kessel or a 1st round pick or whatever because of how much Babcock loves him but he isn't going anywhere. I'm sure Holland and Blashill appreciate Glendening's game just as much as Babcock. He's here to stay and for good reason, he's a great 4th line shut down center.

#2610195 WCF : (3) Chicago Blackhawks vs. (1) Anaheim Ducks

Posted by jeff48109 on 25 May 2015 - 11:05 PM

if only the Honda Center would play chelsea dagger after the OT goal

#2610164 Dylan Larkin turning pro... will play for GR immediately

Posted by Dabura on 25 May 2015 - 10:26 PM

Larkin scores his first two as a pro


Griffins won, 4-2. Larkin scored the first two Griffins goals, Pulkkinen scored the game-winner, and Bertuzzi scored the insurance goal. Series is now tied at one. Next three games are in Grand Rapids.

#2609844 It's Official: Babcock to coach Maple Leafs

Posted by sputman on 23 May 2015 - 08:22 AM

They used the happiest picture of him that they could find :P


That picture was taken during the birth of his first child.

#2609603 It's Official: Babcock to coach Maple Leafs

Posted by Wings3:16 on 22 May 2015 - 07:42 AM



From reddit..haha

#2609365 Report: Oilers hire McLellan

Posted by frankgrimes on 21 May 2015 - 11:34 AM

I'm happy for him and he basically confirmed what everyone knew oilers are going to pick McDavid . Man that franchise is the huge winner this year. So happy for Todd I think he is a great guy and will do very well there

#2609346 It's Official: Babcock to coach Maple Leafs

Posted by gcom007 on 21 May 2015 - 11:07 AM

how long until toronto fans are offering him back to us? :P


I'd say February, but if I'm being realistic, December... :lol:

#2609334 Coaching Search Thread a.k.a. the Jeff Blashill Thread

Posted by HockeytownRules19 on 21 May 2015 - 10:33 AM

Mitch Fick @MCFick 7m7 minutes ago

I asked - and he answered. Jeff Blashill just told me, "I want to be the next head coach of the Detroit Red Wings." #Blashwatch

#2609296 Coaching Search Thread a.k.a. the Jeff Blashill Thread

Posted by BBD10 on 21 May 2015 - 07:30 AM

Bylsma and Hitchcock are experienced coaches but they arent close to the level Babcock is.  I dont want Holland to go out and get a sh*ttier coach now.  If that was the plan, I am going to be pissed off because I know the Wings could afford to match the same offer babs took in Toronto.  Neither Bylsma or Hitchcock are going to get any more out of the current players we have on the roster than Babs did.


Blashill is an up and comer.  Just like a lot of the players on this team.  They are young guys who have a really bright future, like Blashill.  Blashill has the chance to be the next great for the Wings.  He has a relationship with more than half of the current players and knows what he has coming up as well.  The transition for Blashill may even be quicker than that of a completely different coach with a different style no matter how many years of experience they have.  If Blash turns into a top NHL coach, which it looks as though he definitely could, he will never leave the Wings and we will continue to be great for years to come.


Bowman came to Detroit and instilled a style of hockey that molded this franchise into one of the best in all of sports.  Babcock held the torch for 10 years and kept the Winged Wheel tradition and mentality alive.  It is time to hand it to Blashill, not settle for a mediocre coach and continue to tread water for another 5 years.

#2609287 Coaching Search Thread a.k.a. the Jeff Blashill Thread

Posted by darkmanx on 21 May 2015 - 07:13 AM


DETROIT – The list of candidates to replace Mike Babcock as the next coach of the Detroit Red Wings is a short one, according to general manager Ken Holland.

Holland said he plans to speak with only two or three candidates before deciding who will get the job and Grand Rapids Griffins coach Jeff Blashill is considered to be the leading candidate.


Blashill is no stranger to most of the players on the Red Wings roster. The veterans were around when Blashill was a Red Wings assistant coach in 2011-12 and the younger players know Blashill from his three seasons as coach of the Griffins, Detroit's top farm club.


"He's a great coach," said Red Wings forward Tomas Tatar, who spent one season with Blashill in Grand Rapids. "He's a good talker. He can motivate the players. I feel like the system and how he's willing to play with the players is really good.


"Players feel like they can talk to him. He's somebody who they can trust and feel good. He's really good with the players. I feel like the players can trust him. He's a really good coach."


Blashill led the Griffins to the AHL championshipin 2013, his first season in Grand Rapids. Tatar was the playoff MVP with 16 goals in 24 games and hasn't been back to the minors since. He led the Red Wings with 29 goals this season.


Tomas Jurco was also on the Griffins' Calder Cup team, scoring 14 goals during 74 regular-season games and then adding eight more in the playoffs. He split the following season between Grand Rapids and Detroit before spending all of last season with the Red Wings.

"I love Blash," Jurco said. "He just understands the game really well. He's a really good guy and you can talk to him and he understands you a person. Great guy, great coach, and I only have great memories of him."


Blashill communicates well with players, according to Jurco.


"Yeah, he's a really good talker and that's one of the best things about him," Jurco said. "Every time he showed me something it was like 'You are right. I can do it differently.' He just understands it so well. He knows what the players can do a little differently.

"He's a great coach."


Nobody on the Red Wings' playoff roster spent more time playing under Blashill in Grand Rapids than forward Landon Ferraro, who played 212 regular-season games with the Griffins the past three seasons.


Ferraro was one of Grand Rapids' top players this season with 27 goals before joining the Red Wings at the end of the regular season and then appearing in all seven playoff games vs. Tampa Bay.


He sees similarities between Blashill and Babcock.


"Just the attention to detail I think is the biggest part," Ferraro said. "They both are really good hockey minds and they care and they want to make sure they give their teams everything to succeed on the ice.


"With Blash, for him it's all about work and if you do your part, it's going to come together and you just got to make sure that happens and when we finally bought into that was his first year, it really turned our year around and it obviously ended up in a championship."

Ferraro, the Red Wings' second-round choice (32nd overall) in the 2009 NHL draft, struggled as a rookie with the Griffins in 2011-12 before blossoming under Blashill the following season.


He scored 24 goals during the Griffins' championship season but it was Ferraro's speed and defensive ability as much as anything that helped him land a spot on Detroit's playoff roster.


Ferraro credited Blashill with helping him develop into a regular for the Red Wings during the playoffs.


"He's taken me from a guy that had the tools to get here and get a chance to someone that's actually got here," Ferraro said. "(Blashill) made it clear that I wasn't going to make it right away as a scorer and I got to make sure I'm good defensively and I made a ton of strides with him working with me the last three years.

"I owe a lot to him and it's been good. He's a guy I would pretty much do anything for. I trust him and he's got the respect of the all the guys in Grand Rapids."

In Grand Rapids, Ferraro said Blashill knew the difference between handling younger players as opposed to veterans.


"Some of the younger guys, he's harder on them," Ferraro said. "You kind of want to break that junior mold. You can be a really good goal scorer in junior but you get into the American League and guys are good.


"He did it with Jurco. It took him until Christmas and then he turned it around and was a huge part of our team."


Blashill, 41, is a former goaltender who played four seasons at Ferris State before spending the next three as an assistant coach with the Bulldogs.

He spent six more seasons as an assistant at Miami (Ohio) University, led the USHL's Indiana Ice to a championship in the first of two seasons there and coached at Western Michigan for one year before being hired by Babcock.


In three seasons with the Griffins, Blashill has a record of 134-71-23 (.638).

This season, the Griffins won the Midwest Division championship with a 46-22-8 record and their 100 points were tied for the third-most in the 30-team AHL. They're in the Western Conference Finals.


Blashill is a Michigan native who was born in Sault Ste. Marie.





Good read.

#2608869 Babcock granted permission to talk to other teams

Posted by GoalieManPat on 20 May 2015 - 12:50 PM

Howard Berger ‏@Berger_BYTES 11m11 minutes ago

Can't confirm, but told in email from source #Leafs offered Babcock dual role of GM and coach. Why not, huh?


Lol if this is true then add it to the list of things Babcock said he wanted that ended up not being true. 

1. Biggest thing is where family wants to be. - Family wants to stay in MI

2. Money doesnt matter - Takes massive contract

3. Wants to win - Toronto is terrible

4. Is a coach and doesnt want to manage - Toronto offers coach/gm role.


Toronto it is!

#2608777 Babcock granted permission to talk to other teams

Posted by haroldsnepsts on 20 May 2015 - 11:57 AM

Reliable. He works for TSN


He's mucked some things up in the past, like Iginla to Boston (the first time).  Probably pretty reliable but I wouldn't put him equal with McKenzie.

#2608740 Babcock granted permission to talk to other teams

Posted by hillbillywingsfan on 20 May 2015 - 10:48 AM



I can see it now.... 


-babs goes to buffalo


-toronto fans try to claim they'll outbid detroit for blashill 


-blashill signs in detroit


-toronto is mathematically eliminated from the playoffs :P

hahahaha NO MORE! I almost spit out my coffee on this one. =)

#2608698 Free agents this off season

Posted by kipwinger on 20 May 2015 - 07:23 AM


didn't even realize that....


because the free agent class is so weak..? :P


That's because it's not big enough.