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#2566742 Do we need a trade to get our offence going ?

Posted by krsmith17 on 29 January 2015 - 02:25 PM

If I offered you $1,000,000 today OR $0.01 today, doubling each day for 30 days... Which would you take?... 95% of LGWers take the million up front, I'm just glad Holland would take the penny...


Holland wouldn't make any combination of a deal there. Sure, making that deal makes us better today, but we take a huge hit in the future...

#2567139 Toronto's Jonathan Bernier joins the seeing-eye dog club

Posted by Jersey Wing on 30 January 2015 - 01:00 PM

Happy Birthday Oliver Ekman-Larsson



That'd be a great discussion, absolute weakest long distance goals.

#2566710 1/29 GDT - Red Wings 1 at Lightning 5

Posted by HockeytownRules19 on 29 January 2015 - 11:45 AM

High Praise from Jon Cooper


Joe Smith @TBTimes_JSmith 8m8 minutes ago

#TBLightning Cooper said the #RedWings are best team in the East. "Everything goes through them. They're the real deal."


#2566668 1/29 GDT - Red Wings 1 at Lightning 5

Posted by MabusIncarnate on 29 January 2015 - 02:13 AM


#2566106 1/27 GDT : Red Wings 5 at Panthers 4

Posted by Hockeytown0001 on 26 January 2015 - 11:35 PM


#2566103 LA puts Mike Richards on waivers

Posted by Echolalia on 26 January 2015 - 09:53 PM

#2565374 2017 Winter Classic Red wings vs. Blue Jackets?

Posted by rick zombo on 21 January 2015 - 08:51 AM

Surprisingly enough, there has not. I'd like to see that.. I don't like either team at all but I love watching them face each other. I want Philly/Pitt to be a playoff matchup every year.


Same here. I'd love to see that WC match-up...........IN A STEEL CAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#2564852 Petry next Oiler to be shopped - FTLOG Kenny, get it done!

Posted by DickieDunn on 20 January 2015 - 11:17 AM

For those who think that Petry being the best D in Edmonton means a damn thing, please remember that Quincey was a top pair D on an LA team that was better than the Oilers are now, and was the Avs top D the next year.  Being the best of crap doesn't mean you're not crap, it just means you're less smelly crap.

#2564811 1/20 GDT: Wild 4 @ Red Wings 5 (SO)

Posted by FlashyG on 20 January 2015 - 12:22 AM


#2564164 1/18 GDT : Sabres 4 at Red Wings 6 (Z w/Hat Trick)

Posted by Hockeytown0001 on 18 January 2015 - 12:45 AM


#2563757 "Subtle Interference"

Posted by Hockeytown0001 on 16 January 2015 - 11:50 AM

The official catchphrase of Eddie Blackhawks Olczyk. 

#2563340 Jimmy Howard.......All-Star!

Posted by rick zombo on 15 January 2015 - 01:59 PM

So who will be representing the Red Wings?


Maybe since Fleury's replacing Howard, they'll replace Crosby with Zetterberg :ninja:

#2562839 1/13 GDT : Red Wings 3 at Sabres 1

Posted by Vladinator16 on 13 January 2015 - 12:07 PM

Nice GDT. 


I almost bought tickets to go to this game but it should be just as fun watching it and the ceremony at home. 


Also the wings have a nice break in their schedule, no games between November and January! 


#2562219 Lines Thread

Posted by Jesusberg on 10 January 2015 - 09:41 AM

OK, which one of you asked Ansar this question. You little superstar, you.  :lol: 

Q: What exactly is it in (Kyle) Quincey's game that gets him top-four minutes? I play hockey at a very high level so I know what's going on and I 100 percent honestly don't see why Quincey continues to get top-four minutes, let alone even play every night. - Kelly

#2562006 Lines Thread

Posted by Son of a Wing on 09 January 2015 - 12:59 PM

Saw this on Reddit