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In Topic: 2015/2016 Around The League

28 January 2016 - 03:02 PM

There's a couple of factors that could be important from the league's perspective, I think:


Did he keep playing. If he's that out of it to make a lapse of judgement or not be aware of what he was doing then he would have need to go through the concussion protocall and possibly miss the rest of the game. From the video it looks like he just sits on the bench. Anyone know what happened afterward?


One thing that's in Wideman's favour is the fact that the play seems to be coming right at him. If he didn't go in line with the ref then it looks like he might have been hit by the nashville puck carrier. He could argue that, being out of it, he saw a quick flash of players bearing down on him and put his stick up defensively. 


All in all, I think this looks like he'll get suspended for quite a while. He doesn't just crosscheck, he kind of jumps into it as well. He looks pretty in control of it to me. I don't even think the hit on Wideman should have been a penalty and I though he's spun around, I don't think he makes head contact with the player or the boards. Could have been whiplash effect, though.

In Topic: 2016 Trade Deadline Thread

27 January 2016 - 09:43 PM


UFA's are more expensive when you're talking about top end guys.  I'm talking about bottom end players.  Role guys, depth defensemen, grinders. 


I also disagree with your characterization of Filppula and Hudler.  We didn't even try to re-sign Hudler (who signed to a very reasonable 4x4 contract), and Weiss was the much better player than Filppula (who didn't want to stay in Detroit).  We didn't play "hardball" with either of them if I recall correctly. 

From what I've read, Filppula wanted to test Free agency then came back to us to take the deal we offered, but we had already agreed with Weiss.


I think you're right on Hudler. It slipped my mind that we didn't make an offer to him.


But anyway it sounds like this is a change of argument. none of Q, E, Abby are bottom end guys. I think it would be hard to fill their shoes through free agency. Hell, we tried with Q, missed on the other options, and were stuck with him (though I like him now).


I think only Miller and smith could fit that description of bottom end, depth guys when they were signed and both were given fairly reasonable contracts and not much term. I don't it's that important to save the .6 mill in the fleishmann example. Fleismann was a professional tryout after his 4.5 mill deal this year. I do think those are good places to look for deals on players to fill out depth spots.


I think a valid criticism is term and NMCs to Abby and E and we shouldn't try to lock up these players for such a long time.

In Topic: 2016 Trade Deadline Thread

27 January 2016 - 09:06 PM

Okay kip, I thought you were thinking of prospects as the alternatives.


Then I agree to an extent except that Free agency really doesn't have as many alternatives as you suggest. The thing against your argument is that the few times when we have played hard ball with homegrown "middle of the road" type players they were Filpula and Hudler (I'm sure some will attack me for calling them such, but they were roughly around Q, Es level of importance to the team when they left). Then we did go for the alternatives in Free agency and we ended up with the Weiss debacle instead of Fil and who instead of Hudler (Sammuelson maybe?). In retrospect, I'd rather have overpayed Filpula then what happened with Weiss. That's the problem with free agency - you don't know the players as well as you're own homegrown one. Also, UFAs are usually the more expensive option and there really isn't too many alternatives to choose from. It's easy to say that you can replace Abby or Q through free agency, but I see a few players that every team bids on.

In Topic: 2016 Trade Deadline Thread

27 January 2016 - 08:21 PM

The other thing I would say is that Holland and co. need to dramatically alter their opinions on who can be moved, and who deserves to stay and get a raise. Going forward we cannot continue to eat up cap space on middling guys and "prove it contracts". I know that guys like Ericsson, Quincey, Smith, Miller, Helm, Howard, and even Abby have been good at times, and might even be good now, but most of them signed contract when they weren't appreciably better than other alternatives.

I hate to say it, but we really need to learn from teams like Chicago with regard to managing the cap. The threshold for who is replaceable needs to raise a bit in Detroit. Especially as our old guys retire and we transition toward the future.

Is there any doubt that Kenny would have moved heaven and earth to keep guys like Saad, Buf, Ladd, Versteeg, Sharp, Oduya, Stalberg, etc.when you look at what he's done to keep our mid level guys? Going forward guys need to do a little more to earn their contracts in Detroit.

Miller makes 1.35 mill. That's probably the lowerest you'll get a player for who's not a RFA. He shouldn't be on this list. He's earned his money and doesn't take up cap space.


Helm has a fair contract (2.125) I do think he was a better 3rd/4th line player than any other "alternatives" that we had at the time of his contract. We shouldn't pay up big to keep him next year, though.


I agree that E, Howard and Abby were overpaid but mostly just the term that we gave them. Would have signed them all, but not these terms or NMCs that we're locked into.


Q's different - we struck out on other Dmen and he was the last wallflower looking to dance. Did we have other alternatives? were Marchenko and XO ready 2 years ago? maybe, but Q earned his contract in retrospect though it seemed like overpayment at the time...and were not locked into that 2 year contract.

In Topic: Goalie Battle

27 January 2016 - 03:13 PM

What about Lehner? I don't really know much about him but he's still fairly young and his stats aren't really overly impressive. I'm pretty sure the Sabres have been counting on Ullmark to become their goalie of the future, but again, he's still very young so who knows how that'll turn out. I think both could learn a lot from a veteran like Howard.

The Sabres gave up a 1st rounder for Lehner. I think that points to them believing in him. During our game against the Sabres, the play-by-play guys were saying that he was brought in to "solidify the goaltending position." But that's all about intent - Of course who knows what he turns into.


I was thinking that Calgary was a good spot for Howard since Hiller has some pretty bad stats this, but I guess Ramo took over for him. Does anyone watch them enough to know if they'll likely re-sign Ramo? They were paying over 8 mill for goaltending this year so Howard would actually be a cost savings for them, haha. (also, anyone want UFA-to-be Hudler back in a possible deal, haha?)