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In Topic: Dekeyser signed. 2 yrs $2.187 million AAV

Today, 03:46 PM


Holland has shown a history of paying for potential (See: Kronwall, Filpulla) with hopes that the player grows into the contract. This is a fact.  


Obviously the Holland haters are hoping that Kenny offered him 100 dollars/year so that they can be even angrier at the man.


But the truth of the matter is, DD's agent is most likely asking for 4M/per.


Like I said, with Holland's mostly spotless history of dealing with RFAs, ypu have to think that the friction is coming from the DeKeyser camp.

Also, Holland said in an interview recently "It takes two to make a deal." Holland rarely makes negative public comments about negotiations. It really sounds to me more like DD's agent is the one causing this delay.


But anyway, they're having the same argument we are: he's played great and been given a large role, but hasn't played that long in the league. It really is a hard negotiating situation since the are few comparables and it's hard to judge risk. Yes, he stepped in to the NHL without the usual growing pains and looks like he'll only get better, but he's dealt with some injuries and we just haven't seen all that much of him.


I'm predicting DD is there for the beginning of camp.

In Topic: Ericsson and Alfredsson not 100%

Yesterday, 09:43 PM

Alfie go out in style no need to put your body through this you've already 68 $ million in your bank account!


Sign a day contract in Ottawa and retire as a Senator don't just hang on for the sake of it like Brodeur and Jagr are doing it's just not worth it.

Jagr is still damn good. Alfie was still very good as well, when not dealing with his injuries. 


Call me naive, but these guys love the game - they not going to "just hang on for the sake of it". They'll spend the rest of their lives wishing they could still play, so why not try to play as long as it's still possible and you think you can be effective? 

In Topic: Ericsson and Alfredsson not 100%

11 September 2014 - 04:24 PM

To me this isn't really news. We knew that Alfie is questionable. It is news that he tweaked his back, but his status is still the same. Alfredsson would be great to have, but we've got Jurco/Pulkinen/Mantha fighting for that spot if he's not around so I think it's far from the end of the world if he hangs up the skates.


Ericsson says he's at camp on day one. That's great. He's not having another surgery and no new problems. It's a shattered finger that was reconstructed along with a metal plate for support - pain will be around for quite a while. It is worrisome that he couldn't train all out during the summer, but that should've been clear that would be the case.

In Topic: Rule Changes for 2014-2015 Season

11 September 2014 - 04:04 PM

They are really stretching at trying to create offense with some of the changes (e.g. having the faceoff staying in the zone almost all the time).  Same with diving to poke a puck away that results in a trip as well....looks to want to create offense by awarding PP time even if the puck is hit first.  That said, I wonder how often this will be called, for some reason, I'm thinking that the offensive player normally gets tripped by the stick, not the arm, shoulder of the defender.  In that case, there will be no change if the puck is hit first.

In terms of being suspended for interference....it's not as bad as that might sound.  My guess is that this would be for those instances where a player is absolutely destroyed by a hit that would otherwise be legal except he is nowhere near the puck, isn't looking, etc.  You really can't call that anything other than interference.  My guess is that there will be very few game misconduct penalties for interference.


I think the diving fines are pretty silly.  Is that really a deterrent?  On your 8th offense you still just pay $5K.  I think diving is a tough problem to cure because there are 2 different reasons for diving.  1 - players will dive when no real infraction occurs just to get calls....this type of diving will be hard to get rid of....then again, I really don't think many players partake in this.  2 - players dive when refs don't call hooking and holding.  It's my pet peeve when I play too....since I have better balance and don't fall down, there is no penalty even though a defender is holding me back.....what does it take to get a call?  Falling down....so that's what players end up doing...the way you get rid of that is to actually call penalties when you see them...problem there is that it might cause more of the #1 type diving.

I think that the diving fines are more of a method of public shaming. I hope that being a player who's been fined will just be incredibly embarrassing and that will be enough of a deterrent. You know fans and commentators will mock those who are fined and it will surely be the subject matter of on ice agitators.


Since diving isn't dangerous like head shots or spearing, the fines shouldn't be that big. Anyway, with the player's union involved you couldn't implement huge fines the first year this is around. Maybe if diving remains a problem they can raise the fines. Anyway, I think it's good for them to do something to get rid of the diving problem.

In Topic: Dekeyser signed. 2 yrs $2.187 million AAV

10 September 2014 - 07:11 PM

She's essentially Ken Holland, in the form of a "reporter." I can read press releases and Holland's tireless quotes if I want the organizational spin.

What in that article do you actually disagree with?


Helen called for Quincey to be traded or scratched last year. She wrote that Clearly shouldn't be brought back this summer.


She gets more flack than she deserves.