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In Topic: Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

Yesterday, 10:06 PM

Realistically speaking PVD.. We both know Miller will be playing all 82 games. Management/coaches like him too much. It seems Jurco, Pulk, Mantha are SOL this year, perhaps even AA as well.


Unless Neilsen's PK ability makes Miller expendable. Which imo it should but might not. 


Hopefully there's a trade. 

Agreed, the silverfox will ride again. I was just saying what I'd prefer.


If you slot Miller in for Jurco, though, that is a likely roster to me:





(pulk, Jurco, Ott in GR)


Those that are saying there must be trade for a Dman in the works, I think should temper their expectations. We basically have Nielson and Vanek in for Datsyuk and Richards. Ott is an extra forward, but if Ott is only called up for injuries then there's no roster crunch. Of course there's Mantha, but I doubt he's on the opening roster.


I'd like a trade for D help though. Ny, Shea could be shed could be replaced by Mantha and Ott/Jurco. Of course, E and Howard are contracts we would like to get rid of if there was a way to put them in the deal. We would need to send out a Dman for anyone coming in.

In Topic: Alexander Radulov: Wings on short-list of desired teams

Yesterday, 08:12 PM

What the heck are you talkin about? :lol:

Sure enough you do this...but then you want as many teams as possible involved. You don't say give out a shortlist if you wanna sign with a particular team. 

You were probably just trying to make up something to defend Holland?

What did I make up?


Pierre Lebrun said Radulov always wanted to go to Montreal. I didn't say that.


I was saying that I can see many reasons for the list. I do think making a short list public shows that you have legitimate interest from others. It's like saying "everybody wants me and all this interest is too crazy i need to limit this." 


Maybe he would have actually gone to other teams on the list if they offered significantly more than than his preferred team, Montreal.


It is speculation. That's different than making something up. It's speculation based on the info given.


Your speculation or conclusion that Holland "messed this up" doesn't jive with what we know unless maybe you think we should have offered significantly more than the 5.75. 

In Topic: Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

Yesterday, 06:05 PM

I would leave Helm exposed

And Helm will be playing where?
If they don't move Nyquist/Tatar for defensive help, AA will stay down and they will keep him down for his development. Again, I'm not saying that it should be the case but re-signing Helm f***ed up everything

My bad. I didn't quite realize how congested it is. I don't how they sort things out.

I do think AA earned his spot. Helm did say he didn't mind playing on the lower lines, but I don't think the 4th line will be his spot for much time.


With what we have, I'd like to see something like:



Miller-Pulkkinen (Ott in GR until injuries)


Maybe switch Vanek and Abby to make the 2nd line better defensively. And by the end of year Larkin is 1C and maybe then you switch Tatar and Z if he does the late year lull in production that we've seen in recent years.


Edit: Or 



In Topic: Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

Yesterday, 05:34 PM

If plan is to play AA on the 4th line then for him is better to play for Grand Rapids.
I can't see Helm (almost $4M) playing on the 4th line... and people joked about paying Martin $2.5M for playing on the 4th line...

Glendening's the 4C. Guarantee AA will be on the 3rd line center or alternating center with Sheahan.

In Topic: Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

Yesterday, 05:23 PM

So ken hollad made us basically an older team... f*** holland and his love of veterans

Nielson: 32 younger than Datsyuk: 37 

Vanek: 32 younger than Richards: 36


How did we get older? Ott is 33 which isn't even that old and he won't play much. He only played 21 games last year.

Pretty much our lineup will look like this:

Larkin - Z - Abdelkader
Nyquist - Nielsen - Vanek
Helm - She - Tatar
Miller - LG - Ott
AA and Mantha = Grand Rapids

DeKe - Kronwall
Errorson - Green
Smith - Marchenko

I don't think anyone realistically thinks AA won't be on the team. I think Ott will be a GR call up.