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In Topic: Coaching Search Thread a.k.a. the Jeff Blashill Thread

Yesterday, 10:21 AM

Any improvement the team makes will be mostly the result of the kids improving. And back tracking will be mostly the result of them regressing or stagnating. And I stand by my belief that most people drooling over Blashill will turn on him when he plays Ericsson with Kronwall and Abdelkader and Helm in scoring line roles, and doesn't give Holy Slapper 4 minutes of PP time a night.

I do think that Blashill can inject some new energy, but I agree that improvement will be from prospect coming in (Mrazek, Marchenko, Pulkkinen) and youth improvement. Getting Mule back and the possibly having Weiss make a larger impact could also make us better if either happen.


I also totally agree that those that have railed against Babcock's roster decisions will find that any new coach will do similarly. After Abdelkader's last year he should and probably will be with Datsyuk. Also, the magic man wants him there(or a similar player) so it's been a player decision as much as a coaching decision.


Big E on the top pairing is a result of lack of high end talent on D. As of today, it's probably still the best way to handle the D pairings given the personnel. We'll see if we add someone or if Marchenko or can take a huge step this year. Otherwise, there will be more complaining about E as he plays a role slightly over his skill level.


Helm will be pushed down the roster if we either: get Mule back, have Weiss take a larger role, Pulkkinen finds his NHL scoring touch, Jurco finds his offensive game (though he needs to claim a 3rd line spot first). I love Helm and don't mind him filling in on the 2nd line and like that he is basically able to move up and down the roster an fit in. It's an important aspect to have in the event of injuries or struggling chemistry.


 I think Babcock's reputation for unlikely lineup configurations is exaggerated and I think many people ignore the causes for certain decisions.  

In Topic: All Purpose Grand Rapids Griffins Thread

Yesterday, 09:31 AM

Helene St. James ‏@HeleneStJames 3m3 minutes ago

AHL suspends Utica F Brandon DeFazio (5 pts 14 gp) two games, will miss Games 3 & 4 of series against @griffinshockey (tied 1-1).


For the brutal blindside hit on Nosek

Any chance there's a vidja of said incident?

In Topic: The return of The Mule?

27 May 2015 - 11:35 AM

There was a report after the playoffs that said Franzen thought he might have played if we made it to the next round. That sounds like he'll definitely be back.


He would be a welcome addition. I feel like he is one player who would be happy Babcock is gone. It's speculation on my part, but I'm guessing that Mule was one of those players that Babs hounded - or “...I cross the line at times with a player." as Babcock said recently. I always thought that Franzen's "get back to having fun" comment was owing to some situation of him being criticized/pushed by the coach.

In Topic: Dylan Larkin turning pro... will play for GR immediately

25 May 2015 - 01:45 PM


I disagree. He won't make the team out of camp, but we might seem him join the team later in the season, possibly as a winger. He's an exceptional skater; he plays a remarkably mature, rounded 200-foot game; he's got a good frame for an 18-year-old; and his vision, smarts, hockey IQ, playmaking ability are all commendable. While NCAA hockey isn't AHL hockey, killing it as a freshman like Larkin did is extremely impressive and bodes well for his adjustment to the pro game. This is a kid who just played for the USA in the IIHF World Championship as an 18-year-old, the only other 18-year-old on the roster being Jack Eichel. This is a kid without any true holes in his game or even areas of concern. He's not a project. He has to bulk up, has to get used to the grind of the pro schedule, has to make all the necessary adjustments that every player in his situation has to make - but I don't think the adjustment period will be a long one, maybe not even a full season. This is one of the ten best NHL prospects.

I really doubt we ever move him to wing. We need him at C long term for the 1st or second line. I understand you might mean short term in his first while in the NHL. I think it's dangerous for his development to take him away from his position. Even his first game in GR we moved AA to the wing to make room for hime despite the fact that AA has played well and knows the system better. I think It  would be better to put him as the 3rd line center and have Z on either Pav or Sheahan's wing whenever he makes the jump to the NHL.  


I agree that's a ways from now, though. possibly later next year. He'll have to really impress in the Calder run to get consideration for the beginning of next year

In Topic: Players who might be available due to teams cap issues

23 May 2015 - 02:43 AM

Sharp is the odd man out ... Blackhawks won't make the same mistake we made :(

Bickell is also a UFA at the same time as Sharp. I wonder if shedding his 4 mill would be enough to keep Sharp around as well. Anyway, the sacrifice will be upfront instead of Seabrook.