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In Topic: Pittsburgh/Philly might be the best rivalry in the game now

Today, 02:46 AM

I know the Canadian teams don't get as much play here in the US but what about Edmonton/Calgary or Toronto/Ottawa?

If you're going Canadian, Habs-Leafs is the only rivalry you need to talk about. Not as heated as it's been, but deeply engrained and is always something worth watching. I mean the rivalry is on our 5 dollar bill...

In Topic: Do we need a trade to get our offence going ?

Yesterday, 01:32 PM


That's what most people would have assumed, boohoo the streak would have maybe ended but Jarnkrok had a nice value back then and maybe he could have been packaged with other prospects to land someone like Boychuck. I mean how can you not beat the offer of 2 nd rounders :(

Yeah, but The Bruins wouldn't have traded within their own division. I'm not really sure that "Jarnkrok had a nice value back then" (he and a pick did only get us a rental Legwand - which was a bit of robbery, but prices are high around the league) and what other trades were possible? It's the land of hypotheticals and hard to pin down.

In Topic: Time for Teemu?

Yesterday, 01:14 PM

who considered him a top ufa ? Actually Hossa was 29 when he signed with us https://www.toledobl...for-1-year.html Like I've said for the right return nobody should be off limits and that price will obviously ridiculously high. But do you really expect to get back a player that can help us on the backend for years by offering so so prospects ? That's not gonna happen. Pietrangelo was RFA and could have been offer sheeted just as an example. Yeah Suter signed elsewhere couldn't do anything about that but the wings could flex their financial muscle when it comes to offer sheeting other top players. So what's your solution then keep building and building till Pasha and Z can't carry the team anymore ? Even if that's your plan there isn't enough on this team for every prospect so trades need to happen might as well cash in when the value us highish

There is no financial muscle - that's the whole point of the salary cap. And I think you know how likely it is to land someone on an offer sheet. 


Solution is to build from the draft, which we've done. Try to pick up college free agents (Dekeyeser, Glendening) AND take a swing in Free agency. Alfie and Weiss were top free agents. we haven't done as badly in free agency as some suggest. If we finish where we're at in the standings now, we'll be pretty attractive as a destination.


Edit: Also, this year looks like a better crop of free agents: Green, Erhoff, and Franson, Boychuck, Marc Staal, Petry, Jackman, Martin are set to be UFAs this year. Some will get signed before then, but who knows...

In Topic: Do we need a trade to get our offence going ?

Yesterday, 03:13 AM

Hes playing on the 3rd line like you mentioned with matt Cullen and Gabriel bourque , don't think he's gonna get big numbers with those linemates .... He's still 23

I find it funny how holland is now saying he paid a heavy price considering when the trade happened he was basically trying to convince everyone jarnkrok was worthless

That didn't happen.


I don't really read it as Holland admitting a mistake. He's just saying that you can't do that every year. He defends the move saying the line carried us for a while and gave us hope, which it did. THat was the purpose - make the playoffs.


I don't think it was a mistake anyway. We made the playoffs - it was a necessary evil. There was little chance Jarnkrok would find a space on a team that has so many centers that Weiss is on 4th line wing. Jarnkrok could have been used in a trade for a long term need (RH D), but who knows if having him would make a deal happen that won't without him  

In Topic: Franzen on IR

22 January 2015 - 01:16 PM

I don't know that he'll come back from this one.  He very well could finish his career on IR.

Honestly? That's a little over the top.