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In Topic: Holland signs 4 year extension with wings **MOD Warning Post 130**

18 August 2014 - 01:44 PM

I think its one thing to idly talk about tanking, but I think if we ever had a season where we tanked I think everyone be talking quite differently. I think the reaction would be: he has destroyed this proud organization, tarnished Illitch's legacy, wasted years of D and Z's career, etc. If we even missed the playoffs there would a big cry for Holland to be fired.


Other effects of tanking: Babcock would probably leave for a team trying to win. Some players would probably ask for a trade. If you're complaining about UFAs not coming now, think about what it would be like if we finished last in the East. 


So, I know a high prospect would be attractive, but would lose so much in the process and be much farther from winning than we are now. Would it really set us up to win for a while? maybe if we got McDavid, but we would have to shed half the team to be that bad. 


We've lucked out and got at least one player that should have been a top pick in Mantha. I say luck, but Holland gets credit for discounting all of Mantha's detractors and recognizing a player open to bettering himself. Dekeyser choosing us was like a free 1st rounder. If you compare what we've added to the team in the way prospects to what Buffalo has by their recent tanking, and consider that we've kept our stars, does it really look like an attractive option?

In Topic: Holland signs 4 year extension with wings **MOD Warning Post 130**

16 August 2014 - 10:54 PM

The Ehrhoff signing is almost a Hossa one and it clearly shows how the reception has changed. Back in the days top ufas wanted to come here and now the team is lucky to even be on their final lists. Nielsen has the connection yes, but the caps also presented him with an offer that was 4 million better than ours. Ehrhoff at 4 million is far from costly it's an absolute steal, Niskanen at only 5.75 or is also far from costly that guy is only getting better from now on because he is entering his prime. If a team doesn't get the top guys they need to draft top guys and develop them, the Wings for sure know how to develop players but only being good enough to just make the playoffs or missing them could easily lead to a Calgary our Buffalo situation in a few years. So the pressure for the prospects is already high and if one of the defenders turns out to be just average uuuuu...It's all I can say. Holland simple can't afford to wait and hope for the big signing anymore, as former mentioned this team isn't a premier destination anymore..So he needs to pull out some tricks o ur else this won't be far from the worst we might see. Is it fair who knows? But he is getting paid the big bucks and now has 4 years to prove he can still be the much needed mastermind behind the Wings. The whole loyalty thing is also funny, where was that when it came down to Draper, Dmac or Downey ? But given his performance since 2009 and one mistake after another it should easily be understandable why some fans are worried.

???????? Downey only played in Detroit one year (and one in GR). Loyalty goes to those have been around a while were an important part of your team at some point.


Draper and Dmac were shown great loyalty. McCarty's chance to come back in 07-09 was precisely due this loyalty. Few other organizations would have given that chance of a comeback to a 35+ character player.


Draper played 17 years for the same team and currently works for said team. How many 4th line centers can say that? You must see the loyalty in that. He was kind of forced into retirement, but he was 39 and it was pretty clear he was done. He was still offered a tryout contract. 

In Topic: Holland signs 4 year extension with wings **MOD Warning Post 130**

16 August 2014 - 04:01 PM

 I've said CENTER prospects after Pulkinnen. Larkin can play either center or left wing and till he is ready nobody will know at which position he is going to flourish.


Good god Alfie wanted to play with a bunch of Swedes - at this point in his career he is a depth player plain and simple - and thought this team would have give him a better chance than his old one, there were also reports of him being pissed about the lowball offer from the Senators.  Weiss top UFA seriously ? The guy came back after a serious injury and nobody knew if he would be fully recovered or not turns out, he wasn't. So till he shows huge improvements this season I wouldn't even call him a good signing save for a Hossa type of signing but maybe that doesdn't fit the rose colored blind thoughts of some..


As for missing out Niskanen, Ehrhoff ?! They may not be Hossa type players but both were the by far best UFAs this year and we didn't get either one, period. So a GM can't have the luxury of stating "I don't know why they aren't coming here.." because that  means this teams future would solely depend on almost every prospect reaching their expected maximum potential and how often does that happen ? (hint the number is lower than 1...)


Holland has his work cutout for him and he better figures out how to get top UFAs to sign here otherwise this will be a looooong 4 years.

Pulkinnen doesn't play center. Andreas Athanasiaou, however does.


We've got really good depth at center right now: Datsyuk, Weiss, Sheahan, Helm, Glendening, Andersson. No new centers are going to make the team for a number of years, but we've got two really good C prospects anyway: AA and Larkin. We also have a few years to draft and develop other guys before they're needed. I'd say that's a pretty situation to be in.


Alfie and Weiss definitely were top UFA. We're rebuilding and we still attracted top UFAs. Your reasons for discounting Alfie's reasons for coming here are very similar to the reasons that Hossa came here. 


Edit: I know somebody is going to my statement: "We've got really good depth at center" and say: Weiss is a big question mark. To that I say, if Weiss is a bust (and that seems unlikely) put Z as second line center. I don't really know why the team became so obsessed with playing D and Z together the past two years. Something like this would fill in that possibility. 







You could shuffle around wingers, but my point is even without Weiss I feel good about our forwards. Or just shuffle all the centers up and maybe Sheahan or Helm becomes a 2nd line center. I really don't think that's outside the realm of possibilities and it would get Helm off the 4th line where I think he is wasted. Now I've really gone off, but our situation at forward really excites me (as long as I don't mention Cleary...Damn, I did it!). 

In Topic: Kevin Hayes

15 August 2014 - 10:05 PM

I would've liked the wings to get him. Hayes> cleary and alfie

Alfie is a future hall of famer. Even at 40 he scored 18 goals and 49pts in 68 games. A player who hasn't played a game in the NHL and had 1 really good year in college hockey is better than him? That's a big leap of faith to me.

In Topic: Helmer: First one to get a herniated disc in the new Season?

13 August 2014 - 12:56 AM


I was being sarcastic. Couldn't you tell??? :w00t:


I don't think anyone seriously here believes that. The writer is just trying to drum up news in the off-season when there isn't any... and this is the best he could do.

Haha, okay. Often people's opinions on this board seem over the top so maybe my filter has been messed up. Or maybe it's just been a very long off season and I just want to debate something remotely to do with hockey........ anything..... oh, please come back, hockey! Otherwise, I'll have to start talking about politics or world events and that's a good way to get depressed.