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In Topic: Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

Today, 03:46 PM

Fair enough.


So I think all the business of the offseason is done unless Kenny surprises us with a trade. This seems like the most uncertain feeling we've had going into the year. Will Nyquist and Tatar return to form? Will Blash learn from the mistakes of last year? How will Nielson (and to a lesser extent Vanek) fit into the lineup? What will the PP and PK look like with 2 new ass. coaches? Who will we lose from the D prospects? A lot of big questions and the season could end up many ways, I think. 

In Topic: Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

Today, 12:26 PM

My biggest problem with the Glendening signing is that 4th line centers of his caliber (decent speed, good on faceoffs, no offensive ability) are a dime a dozen. You shouldn't have to overpay on term or cap hit for a mediocre to bad 4th line center, and we did on both in my opinion. Yes I think Turgeon will be a better option in a few years, but let's see how his first year of pro goes first. That brings me to the next issue I have with the signing. We still had another full season to get this deal done, so why not wait to see how Glendening does this season? I highly doubt his play would demand higher than he's currently getting. We could also see how Turgeon does in his first year in Grand Rapids, as well as another season for Nosek, or even Holmstrom or Ehn overseas...

We just disagree on this part. I think Glendening is a very good 4th line center. I think his 21 points and +4 was good for the situations he's put in. Good faceoff guys alone are hard in my view.


I know there's been some anti-Glen stuff on here. For an outside perspective, Here's an article (yes it's an opinion piece) ranking him as one of the 3 best 4th liners.


In Topic: Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

Today, 02:01 AM

But see that's exactly it. Years ago when we signed Ericsson, nobody was talking about his contract blocking worthy young players. It's only now in hindsight after he's turned out to be a "Bust" (really I think he's a fine 3rd pair guy but that's my opinion). When he originally signed his extension at the age of 29 or whatever it was I was thinking exactly like you are about Helm and Glendening. 


And both of those guys have signed similar contracts as Ericsson (long term although not as long I guess). You would think that Holland would err on the side of caution after the Ericsson contract. Especially because the team has been continuing to decline. But instead he ended up re-signing the same guys that are a part of a declining team. Which I guess isn't too bad. But long term? Why not wait until next May to extend Glendening. Why hand a 4 year extension now? I personally think Holland is in a bit of a panic with the way things are going in the league and UFAs becoming harder to come by. Detroit is no longer a free agent destination it once was and Holland may be trying to protect what he's got. In the end this could work for his favor or it might not. It's risky management. If it works, then props. 


Anyways like you said, Ericsson is blocking some worthy young players. Except that he is only now blocking them. 2-3 years from now that could be Helm and Glendening blocking other worthy young players. And Frans Nielsen too. I was against 6 years for his contract. But that was inevitable. he was a 32 y/o free agent and we needed a 1st/2nd line center desperately and Larkin would not have been good enough for it yet. 

I think it's always a different situation with D compared to forwards. There's only 6 that play regularly so if one contract ends up being bad it really gets in the way of the future. The worthy players that E is blocking are Sproul and Jensen (XO will get in with injuries). Are they better than E? I don't know. They could have actually gotten a shot if we'd spread out the call up so if you look at it that way they weren't even blocked by a player - just management deemed them not worthy. 


Also, 1.8 vs. E's 4.25 are totally different. I remember when was signed people that it was a figure based on potential. I think we know what we're getting with Glendening (and Helm) and 5 more years of that seems likely from a 27 year old.


But anyway, I just can't imagine us saying in 2-3 years "our team would be so much better if we had ------ from GR on the 4th line, if only we hadn't signed Glendening." I mean, who is this 4th line center we have that's 3 years from the NHL? They would already be drafted by now. Turgeon or Ehn maybe, but they'll be other spots on the 4th line (both MIller and Ott gone next year) so prospects can go there. If they're even better than Glen at faceoffs than we move him to wing. We were fishing for a good 4th line center for a while with Emmerton and Andersson etc. Why not sign the best one of the bunch? Why keep fishing? 4 years is not even long term in my mind. And 1.8 is only slightly high. Miller's previous deal was 1.35 and no one complained. At the same time we had Eaves for 1.2 on the 4th line. Draper's caphit was as high as 2.128 as our 4th line center.


I think it's always smart to do extensions before the player has the option of testing the free market and coming back with a high offer to throw in your face. Plus. Glendening at 27 and in his 4th year is probably going to be better as he's developing and I think the improved coaching staff will help his numbers this year.


I'm trying not to turn against that Nielson deal. It's seems the most likely to get in the way to me. Helm moves around so I think he take different roles as Mantha and Svech come into the picture.

In Topic: Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

Yesterday, 11:05 PM


Miller Pulkkinen Aubrey Bertuzzi Frk Callahan and whoever else can fight for the last 3 spots. They're not going to win the Cup with what they have now, might as well let the kids play.

Okay, so you just didn't like the Helm or Neilson signings. I'm wary of the Nielson deal, but I don't know much about him so I'm waiting to see. I think Nielson is a definitely a possibility to a block against young players because I think AA could be a 2nd line center in a couple years. Helm I think will just be push down the lineup if Mantha or Jurco come in and grab a spot.


I just disagree with the narrative I've seen around that Helm, Glendening are blocking the kids. They're 29 and 27 - I think they're good pieces and they can be part of a contending team in a few years. I think Miller, Ott, Vanek, are signings that won't be part of that future and take roster spots away from Jurco, Pulkkinen Mantha(should start in GR)


I do think E is a longterm contract that has blocked some worthy young players.

In Topic: Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

Yesterday, 07:25 PM

Developing young players by giving mediocre vets long term deals and keeping them from making the NHL when they deserve a legit shot?

Who do you want on the team specifically? Mantha, then don't sign vanek. Bertuzzi? then don't sign Miller and Ott.