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In Topic: Training Camp Roll Call

12 September 2011 - 06:22 PM

If Ozzie married? If not, he has some explaining to do...

This is the second year in a row I have heard something similar. Now that you have us hooked, TELL!!!! PLEASE TELL!!!!

In Topic: Training Camp Roll Call

12 September 2011 - 06:29 AM

Hey you guys! I'm here!!! I'm late, as usual, but I am here and I am coming :cool: I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED THAT OZZIE IS THERE. This week is going to go by so slow!!!!! I've been lurking in the Hottest Red Wing forum, but I see why it's been slow - because you are all over here!! I'm staying at the state park, we will be coming in Friday afternoon/evening - leaving Ann Arbor around noon-ish, picking up the trailer we are borrowing at 2 PM in Clifford and heading up from there. I am all for a get together at the park Saturday night, I am SO excited to meet everyone! And Oh My Gosh, Konnan511, your "creepy" updates just make me laugh, so keep them coming!

I'll be lurking, I promise!

a.k.a. Michelle
@JoeyMacSuperGrl (anybody on Twitter?)

You know that Kira (Pat) is in campsite #215 right? Potluck on Saturday evening at Pat's! I am bringing s'more fixin's! LOL! Just look for the Spartan green Jeep Wrangler w/ a black cloth top w/ "I'm From Hockey Town" sticker on the left side back window and the "Arabian Sport Horse" sticker on the right hand back window. That will be us!

Maybe we can get a little group of us together and try to get our autographs on Saturday afternoon? I want to get Abby to sign a photo that hubby took and the same for Bertuzzi. I also want Abby to sign my Spartan Arabian Horse cap too! Pat is going to have Z sign the photo of our new puppy, "Hank." I can't wait! Friday afternoon can't come soon enough...

In Topic: Training Camp Roll Call

09 September 2011 - 06:59 PM

First impressions during check ins last night:

Best dressed: Alan Quine. He was super decked out.

Most confused about what was going on: Jurco. Lucky for him, Ferraro came and checked in with him, because Jurco had no idea what was going on lol.

Impromptu group leader(s): Ferraro, Smith, Mrazek. Ferraro really helped out the new guys while Smith took over as "guide" and Mrazek was the interpreter for all the over seas guys and was a HUGE help for us.

Most down to Earth: Nyquist. Those Swedish guys that rolled in with their v-neck t-shirts and skinny jeans new they were badasses, but while checkin-in Nyquist I asked him how great it was to be out of college and he was really humble about everything.

Youngest looking: Aubry. The guy is uber tall, but rail thin and he'll have a baby face for the rest of his life.

Nicest: Nyquist. Nothing but please and thank yous from this guy. Real model professional.

Biggest turd burglar award: Curt Fraser. Guy was just a giant turd.

Coolest: Nill/Holland. They are both Chatty Cathys and extremely down to Earth.

Dynamic Duo: Osgood/Bedard. Man were they hilarious together. Osgood was rooming with Maltby and asked if I would cancel his reservation or stick him with the Swedish guys. Bedard kept saying he was Ozzie's younger brother.

There were a lot more stories, and more creepy updates to come.

Thanks for the updates! Keep 'em coming!

In Topic: McCrimmon, Salei on board Russian plane crash

07 September 2011 - 04:06 PM

So tragic Hubby emailed me at work this morning to tell me - my coworkers couldn't understand why I was sniffling over a plane that went down in Russia w/ former Wings. How do you explain to non hockey and Chicago Black Hawks fans that guys you watch over the years have just died and left new babies and families behind?

The only thing I can compare this to is when one of the planes that hit the Twin Towers had Ace Bailey on it. Ace Bailey was a scout for the LA Kings. This reminds me so much of the sadness on 9/11...yes - hubby & I were driving to our first Red Wings Training Camp in Traverse City that year.

Sympathies to the families of all involved.

In Topic: Training Camp Roll Call

05 September 2011 - 12:43 PM

Dale (my hubby) and I are arriving late Friday afternoon - we are going to buy our smoked salmon at Carlson's in Leelanau, goodies from Murdick's Fudge in Sutton's Bay, and then have a relaxing dinner at Boone's. We are staying at the Sugar Beach Resort. We don't have any plans for Saturday night unless we meet at Kira's campsite so that I can roast marshmallows! LOL! We are are watching hockey on Saturday and Sunday and then have to head home on Sunday afternoon. Dale & I will be enjoying the fact that we will be child free! Our children are all 4 legged, and Hank, our new 8 week old puppy, needs to be let out several times during the night, so we are excited about not having to deal with any fur children!

Having a pot luck at Kira's campsite might be the easiest on the budgets too -