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#2206887 McCrimmon, Salei on board Russian plane crash

Posted by sleepwalker on 08 September 2011 - 10:52 AM

I want to just say how sad this made me.
Especially for the nearly newborn child of Ruslan. That is awful how that child will never know their parent.

I also wish the headline for this thread was about the team tragedy and not the few people that we are supposed to care about. It implies that we wouldn't care about it unless there were former Wings on the plane. That irks me a little. Not to cause a big to do, I just want to remind people that there are 38 families that will suffer in this. As well as one BIG hockey family.

I agree, but on that note, lets not forget about the flight crew members as well. There were 44 or 45 people total onboard I beleive, not just the 38 from Lokomotiv. The crew members families are suffering just as much I'm sure...

#2206809 McCrimmon, Salei on board Russian plane crash

Posted by sleepwalker on 07 September 2011 - 09:58 PM

Cmon guys, this isn't the time or place for a religious arguement.

Everyone mourns in their own way be it having a few beers with friends and reliving memories, being alone for a while to reflect, or saying prayers.

We should put any differences we might have aside at a times like this.

#2206574 Byfuglien Arrested for Drunken Boating

Posted by sleepwalker on 07 September 2011 - 10:30 AM

Here's a problem with being fat that affects everyone: It is gluttonous. Fat people don't need all that food. There are billions of people on this planet starving, and being fat and eating more than you need not only steals a meal off a starving child's plate in Africa or India, but indirectly raises food prices domestically. If you think that is ok, then you need a lesson in ethics.

How big is your house or apartment? I assume not more than a max of 150 square feet, evevn that seems a bit excessive, no? Do you own more than a couple very basic outfits of clothing? I assume you also don't own a car either, correct? Wait...why are you on the internet right now?

My point? Shut the f*** up you hypocrite. You live a gluttonous life of essentially unnessessary excess, just like the rest of us. Dumbass.

#2206196 Red Wings Sponsor?

Posted by sleepwalker on 04 September 2011 - 07:26 PM

Martyr...You seem to honestly beleive in Amway an support it 100%. Your choice, obviously.

BUT, that fact that you are literally the only person on this entire thread that feels that way has to tell you something. Every single person that has posted about this topic here is 100% against Amway sponsoring the Wings, and as pointed out multiple times, it has absolutely nothing to do with the Wings having corporate sponsership, but the fact that they chose Amway.

Amway is a scam pyramid sceme. That is an undisputed FACT. They are predatory scumbags. FACT.

The fact that they are now aligned with the most respected team in the NHL, if not one of the most respected teams in all professional sports, quite literally disgusts most of us to our very core. This is like making a deal with the devil...quite literally.

My Escobar analogy earlier in the thread that you hated and took offense to so much was 100% accurate, regardless of how you personally feel about it.

Its a deal with the devil. And the fact the the Wings are not even close to being in financial trouble makes it all the worse. This is Tom, money hungry scumbag f***, Wilsons baby. Almost all Detroit Red Wings fans absolutely HATE him for making this deal.

#2206103 Byfuglien Arrested for Drunken Boating

Posted by sleepwalker on 03 September 2011 - 02:41 PM

Posted Image

The League just loves off-season headshots.

I like the rolls of fat on the back of his neck.


#2206029 Red Wings Sponsor?

Posted by sleepwalker on 02 September 2011 - 06:24 PM

Honestly, I don't think many people would have been nearly upset if it had been Belle tire, or GM, or any other Detroit based business that brings pride. I think what bugs people is they went with a shady pyramid scheme company. Plus, the article posted earlier made a great point. Promoting a pyramid scheme into a severely economically depressed area, it's like throwing a wolf in with some sheep.

THIS is exactly the point.

People aren't upset about corporate sponsorship, as that was inevitable. People are upset because its Amway. Amway is a shadyf****** pyramid scheme. They are scumbags that prey on the vulnerable.

And to the guy who keeps saying the Amway helped out their local community. So what? I know its an extreme example, but so did Pablo Escobar. He was considered a saint in his community and helped everyone out, built up neighborhoods, built schools, etc. But in the bigger scheme of things, he was a total monster. Much like Amway.

#2205935 Red Wings Sponsor?

Posted by sleepwalker on 01 September 2011 - 11:11 PM

Afraid you may be right.

The new rink will be in the form of a giant pyramid with a golden rich doucebag looking businessman on top throwing golden dollars everywhere while laughing.

The base of the pyramid will be comprised of corroded bronze statues of poor blue collar "peons" looking disheveled as they've been bilked for all their money by the promises of the ****** on top...

#2205656 Cup dropped and dented... again...

Posted by sleepwalker on 31 August 2011 - 05:00 PM

Not nearly as bad as Leb-derps dumb drunk ass dropping it.

#2205568 Who will get the final bobblehead?

Posted by sleepwalker on 31 August 2011 - 01:10 AM

Not to offend anyone but...

Honestly...why would anyone be offended by something that is posted by another anonymous person on an internet forum? Anyone who is needs to get a life, asap. ;)

Say what you gotta say, don't worry about prefacing it with things like "not to offend". Some people live such sad pathetic lives that they just look for things to be "offended" by. I say, f*** em...

#2205423 Who will get the final bobblehead?

Posted by sleepwalker on 28 August 2011 - 06:52 PM

VOTE BOBBLETUZZI got some love frome The Malik Report! http://www.kuklaskor...of_reiteration/

Ahhh...and there it is.

I knew there had to be some organized douchebaggery or "movement" for Bertuzzi to be ahead of Kronwall in the polls. Real Wings fans voted for the obvious choice in the poll, Kronwall.

#2204346 Islanders Hosting Party to Celebrate Fight Night

Posted by sleepwalker on 18 August 2011 - 01:31 PM

Isles nix brawl game for viewing party - SI.com

"most around hockey, consider it an embarrassment"

That writer is either delusional or a moron who doesn't know a thing about hockey. The only people that felt that way were Pens fans. Most of the rest of hockey fans thought it was great that the Pens finally got a little taste of their own medicine.

#2203705 Crosby's 2012 Season now in Question

Posted by sleepwalker on 14 August 2011 - 04:21 PM

I hate Crosby and wish the league would market other stars, but it would honestly hurt the league if the same thing happens this season.

True, but the only reason this is going to hurt the league, is because, as you pointed out, they've dedicated like 90%+ of their player marketing soley to Crosby.

I've always felt this was absolutely retarded, for this exact reason. What happens if he gets seriously injured and is out for a long period of time, or worse, his career is ended early? You screwed yourself. If they had decided to market a lot of great players instead of putting all their eggs in the Crosby basket, then if one of those players gets hurt, it doesn't have as adverse of an effect on the league. Hopefully they will learn from this, but honestly, they probably won't.

#2199217 Mike Commodore: Wear Red Wings Jersey #64

Posted by sleepwalker on 19 July 2011 - 01:53 AM

Personally, I think its gimmicky and stupid.

Plus, I'm sure a lot of the main people pushing so hard for him to wear it are the people from Commodore themselves to help promote their new Commodore 64 computer, and nerds who don't give a s*** about hockey or the Wings and just think it cool that there might be a player in some sport with a "Commodore 64" jersey.

#2198094 Stamkos Re-Signs With Lightning

Posted by sleepwalker on 12 July 2011 - 11:17 AM

f*** boston

Not related to this topic at all, but I find it funny that this comment gets so many +1 votes now that its summer.

If this same comment had been made during the finals, when almost everyone here was on the "Yay! Go Boston!" bandwagon, it would have gotten like -30. :)

#2196917 Barnaby arrested

Posted by sleepwalker on 06 July 2011 - 03:32 PM

Pump the breaks people. We have no idea what happened and from ALL accounts I've read there was no physical or verbal violence. Him and his wife separated and then divorced. For all we know he was trying to see his kids and his cheating wife wouldn't let him or something.


There is no room for comments like that here, son.

You either grap a pitchfork and torch and blindly join the lynch mob, or you GTFO!!!


PS- What is verbal violence? Is that where you yell so loud that the soundwaves burst the other persons pancreas or something?